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  1. Ronnyknox


    I'm going to have to second this Citadels is a favorite with my gaming group, and we'd love to see more. Not sure what kind of mechanic would be neat to include. Maybe a community building in the center that you earn extra points for contributing to?
  2. I have a quick question on the score a room/5 scoring cards rules. When I play a Score a Room card, and it is the fifth card in the score the board discard pile, the room I Score a Room'd is counted twice, correct? Let's say I have my thief and a dwarf in a five point room. There are no other figures in the room (lucky me!). I play a Score a Room card, and gain 10 points for scoring that room. Then, the whole board is scored, and I get to include that room (10 more points) again? I was told by another player that he felt that that was overpowered. It seems like it follows the rules to me, but I want to be sure. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out
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