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  1. When this game was originally announced, I could have sworn that I remember it being a single player game as well as for 2+ players.. Similar to how LotR:TCG is. Looking at the box today, I see that it is now 2 player. Did something change when the overhaul was done or was I mistaken from the beginning?
  2. jhaelen said: richsabre said: unless one of the participants decided to offer them via ebay for insanely inflated prices. Like many did. Once it came out at GenCon, there were a ton of them going for up to 100 bucks. Either people who bought it were morons, had a ton of money, or really didn't know that the pack was going to be available a month or so later. When I went in to my FLGS today to pick up my copy of Rivendell, I noticed a few copies of Osgilianth sitting on the shelf, so it's not only a print on demand, but can be picked up in a store as well.
  3. I second your sentiment! Great game and hopefully more are made for the Android.
  4. Still waiting for Arkham Horror to come out for iOS and Android (preferably Android since that's what I have). With the toolkit, they have a lot of it already done.
  5. Absolutely....would love to see more AO's. Would also love to see allies added but I am not complaining. I love this game!
  6. Rodzilla68 said: I think what needs to be implemented is a quickplay option. This would be on the main screen and by choosing this, the game would play as normally, except that none of the cutscenes or transitions would be displayed. Right now, even if I choose random investigators, it takes 6 clicks to get the game started. With quickplay, one click would get you into the game (I suggest this button defaults to randomly choosing the investigators for you). While I love the music, sounds and graphics, all of the transitions (showing investigators/locations) slows the gameplay down. I can go along with this. Sounds like a great option.
  7. BPB said: I'm running it on a Nook Color with the Cyanogen 7 mod (android OS 2.3.7) and it runs great on that. I think the Android tablet platform (whether "hacked" or not) is usually always best for gaming. I run Cyanogen Android 2.3.3, and I have had nothing but great luck with anything that I have installed.
  8. First off, WP doesn't have the install base that iOS or Android has, so it doesn't make any sense for FFG to put a lot of man hours into something that quite frankly, would probably not make them not much, if any money. Being that the code base for iOS and Android are vastly different, I doubt that they want to add another dissimilar platform to the mix.
  9. Could be a network issue. Give it a couple of days and see if you still have issues with downloading the content.
  10. Thanks for the tips, Matt. I am not the greatest at this game and these tips seem to be spot on.
  11. I have a HTC EVO 4G, and the only problem that I had was once the program started downloading the extra data, I was getting some kind of "java.IOException" error. Yet, when I started playing, nothing seemed to have gone wrong and it plays perfectly. I will say...what a hell of a beautiful game. The graphics are amazing.
  12. sepayne7l said: Well, RoC, I imagine it's cuz the iOS versions (iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad) aren't too far from the MAC OS and so it's easily (cheaply) ported over. The Windows thing is probably a whole different programming issue. At least, at last, droid users will stop their unending whining. I can agree with that. I have heard that the iOS is pretty easy to work with, and that there can be issues with Android.... What I was getting at, is with Android being as HUGELY popular as it is, I would think that it wouldn't be treated as a "step child." But you have to admit, the Android users really do have a valid complaint.
  13. Frankly, I don't understand developers sometimes, and question their marketing decisions. Yes, both platforms (iOS & Android) are hugely successful, but the MAC?? Where is the Windows version? You are ONLY ostracizing yourself from over 80+% of the market.
  14. While I would love for this to be made for a computer, if FFG were to do this, they may as well just add the remaining and make it a FULL game instead of just a toolkit. Frankly, I still wonder why companies are so against fulfilling users wishes and making a computer AA game. Or a Android version for that matter.
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