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  1. Wings3d is a subdivision modeler, eh? Are you modeling hard surface, inorganic shapes in SubD or do you have some control over what is SubD and not? You'd probably need to jump into a solid modeler/CAD type program to be able to make models for manufacture. What sort of 3d print technology are you using? Personal machine or service bureau? 0.7mm minimum detail definitely ties one's hands- the fine details on the Xwing stuff is around 0.2mm. Have you thought about chopping your model into smaller parts and having someone with an SLA printer do some grows for you? (I'm thinking B9 Creator or Form 1)
  2. Wow, you put some work into that! What programs are you working in? Mesh or solid? You mentioned 3d print constraints- can you elaborate? I take it you are you going to print it?
  3. Do you mean iTunes? It's up there. We are working to get it on Netflix as well.
  4. The better Midnight Chronicles sells directly increases the possibility of more Midnight films. We would absolutely love to make more films. It's too early to say more than that right now.
  5. FFG is releasing the region 1 DVD in North America and Canada, as well as digital download on the web, in English. Other languages in other regions are up to our distribution partners in those regions. Midnight Chronicles has been released on DVD in France. -j
  6. If you haven't been there yet- the official website is www.midnight-chronicles.com. To answer a few questions- The FFG video team got its start on Midnight Chronicles. Midnight Chronicles is set in the world of the Midnight RPG- there is a new Midnight RPG adventure on the Midnight Chronicles DVD, set in the world of Midnight, with Midnight Chronicles locations and characters (which I think is pretty darn cool, I might even have to resurrect my D&D group and give 4th edition a try. Oh, and the Midnight core book is on the DVD as well.) We did indeed screen an early edit at Gencon last year and I believe we'll be screening the final edit of the movie, as well as releasing the DVD at Gencon this year. More Midnight? I can only speak for the movie- Midnight Chronicles was originaly constructed as a TV pilot and I can tell you there's a ton of stories waiting to be told in the Midnight world. (On the flip side: Midnight is but one world in the FFG universe.) Thanks to the fans of FFG for making Midnight Chronicles and further movies possible. -j
  7. I will add more preload time and see if I can't get rid of the load stutter. I do have good news- we also put the individual video files up on the support page in QuickTime format just in case there were any bugs to work out of the Flash player. -j
  8. Glad to see the positive response in spite of the flaws, thanks for the input. There were numerous discussions about what better tactics could be shown as well as other traits, keywords, etc. Ultimately we tried to keep the focus on learning the basics while giving a taste of the depth of the game (and we felt a 5 hour tutorial might intimidate someone new to AGoT, hehe). -j
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