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  1. Thanks. I probably won't be painting mine (at least not for awhile) as my painting skills are limited and my budget is tight for games (and I'd rather buy a new game than paints, lol). But I think maybe what I'll do is, at a minimum, mark the bases with colored dots to distinguish them for now. If I paint them later, I can figure out something more thematic Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing a rule about "you can't do this"
  2. I apologize if this is a dumb question, but I'm sure I'm just looking in the wrong place. Let's say I have two trooper units, a clone troop squad with 4 figures left, and another with only 2. I move them so the unit leaders are pretty close together, which means the squads are kind of "mingled" with each other. At this point, how do I differentiate which figures go with which "leader"? Obviously the ID token is used to differentiate the different leaders, but there aren't enough tokens for the individual figures. (Or are there?) Or is there a rule I'm missing that says you can't move your troops close enough together to have this be a problem in the first place?
  3. Awesome, thanks for the video! And thanks for all the responses, everyone!
  4. Is there a post somewhere that has a good demonstration on that? I mostly ask because I'm most likely to be playing this somewhat "casually" so probably won't have the budget to invest in getting multiples that are just slightly different configurations
  5. I'm looking to get this game, as my 14-year-old daughter has gotten big into Star Wars lately, and especially the Clone Wars. My local game store has a Legion Clone Wars core set on hold for me. My question is, and I hope it's OK to "hijack" this thread a little as related to the BARC Speeder: Do you have to permanently decide if the speeder will or will not have the sidecar? Or can you add/remove it easily for a particular game? (I guess the same question would apply to other figures; do you have to permanently decide what weapon they will have, if they have multiple options?)
  6. For #2, the Reanimates spawn near Graves, so removing the graves removes their spawn points.
  7. In my session last night, one of the characters was pretty badly hurt (no crits, just a lot of wound). They made their way to a city on the planet they are on, and were looking for a medical facility. I figured this city was big enough that they would have the equivalent of a medical clinic, with medical droids and bacta tanks. One wanted to spend the night in the bacta tank, and it sounded reasonable for me. What I was NOT sure about was what a fair cost would be to "use" the bacta tank? They cost 4000cr to buy, but I thought that "using" one for the night could be cheaper. I decided on 20cr. (This assumes about 200 uses to "break even" with its cost, and that seemed OK to me in my head). Does this seem like a reasonable price? Did I overcharge/undercharge them? I didn't want to strip them of all their remaining credits, but wanted them to come into the next encounter not on the verge of death, either
  8. So when I write down the slots at the beginning of combat (PC vs NPC), I should keep track of what the scores are at that point, and insert the new initiative slots in the appropriate place? (Makes sense, I just want to make sure I understand). Thanks for the quick reply!
  9. I had a couple questions about Initiative slots in combat: - As NPCs (and, I guess, PCs, though less likely) fall during combat, do you remove any NPC slots? - If the above is "no" and it's an NPC's turn, can the GM pass that slot to wait until a later slot? Or must an NPC always be picked to act (making the last slots "useless" when NPCs die). - If new NPCs appear mid-combat, how are slots affected? Do they just get added to the bottom? Do you make some kind of roll to insert them mid-stream? (This is assuming they appear between rounds, like reinforcements coming or something like that). Thanks! Still a pretty green GM but am having fun so far!
  10. That's possible, I'd just need to find a way to get them back to the planet And I guess I need to read through the adventure to see if any of the character-specific notes could still apply to them all.
  11. How easy is it to "port" the Lure of the Lost adventure to a group that isn't using the beginner game? I introduced a group to the game a few weeks ago, using the beginner game and Mountaintop Rescue, and they liked it, but they wanted to make their own characters, and didn't have interest in keeping the pre-built ones. However, the little bit I've skimmed through Lure of the Lost seems interesting, and I'd hate to have that adventure go to waste :) Obviously, I'd need some kind of tie-in to get the players to Spintir to move forward (they don't really want to do the same adventure again), but I noticed throughout Lure of the Lost were references to the pre-built characters. Can those easily be ported to other characters? Would the story lose a lot by having non-Beginner Game characters go through it? Any ideas or suggestions? (I'm a pretty green GM for the game, still learning all the rules myself, but the group was pretty eager to move beyond the limits of the Beginner game, and we'll all be learning things together).
  12. I have to admit, I'm with neosmagus on this. I do my numbering differently than he, but it's not very "user friendly" for the app to use a completely different color scheme than the game provides. It obviously won't be a problem if there's only one instance of a group, but if there are multiple groups of Stormtroopers or Officers, for instance, having to create my own hacky workaround to try and keep track of which is which makes the app a bit less "usable" (not completely UNusable, just a pain to use).
  13. Not sure if this is a "bug" per-se, and I can't remember which quest it was, but there was a quest that had the Dispossessed as an enemy, and all their cards activates require them to either get the hero token, or use it. IE, none of the actions ever let them move on their own. This kind of made that quest really easy since all we had to do is stay out of their LOS and they would just stay put forever.
  14. More a typo then a bug, but in the "Pest Control" quest, one of the tiles it tells you to set aside is #2. However, Tile #2 is not used in the quest, but instead Tile #5 is.
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