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  1. Well the idea of the winter choke deck is like the name indicates to set your opponents income to zero. I think the best counter is the knights of the hollow hill agenda, because it raises your income by 2 permanently and also negates the -1 gold effect from the attachment burned and pillaged which is thrice in the deck. Of course every card that removes attachments will also help to deal with the income reducer. The Greyjoy winter deck runs a lot of non- unique small cost charahcters so cards like the plot first snow of winter or the latest released plot The pale mare would help a lot. In general locations that reduce cost like e.g. the street of steel help you to still have resources to play characters once you are in the fangs of winter and choke. The maester agenda is sort of a big tool box, the major advantages are: - chains that add easy solutions for the house you choose to play like adding gold (gold link), giving some additional card draw (valyrian steel link), removing attachments (tin link), there are other abilities worth to mention i think you´ll understand when you take a closer look at the chains - a reduced card draw deck (60 cards ./. the chains placed beneath the agenda) which makes combos and the chance to draw into the cards you need more likely. Every house plays the agenda a little bit different, but i think you can really break it down to the above mentioned points. Good counters are the event nightmares, the attachment bastard to remove the chains permanently, every card which deals with the most the time low costed maester cards like first snow of winter. And it helps if you can remove the maesters with burn cards and direct kill (Stark and Targaryen). I would just rebuild a deck which can be found on fansites like cardgames.db or agotcards to train a little bit in your group against such a deck.
  2. Tomdidiot said: Right now, I need my beauty sleep.... Me too, i was staying in the room with a gang of lumberjacks i guess. They were even snoring so hard that noone except me notice dthe fire syrene in the night. Well false alarm, but still worringly in some way. ;-) I personally will not give a detailled reprot for myself, i arrived late on saturday morning, made some not so good deck changes 24 hours before the tournament and did´t play that clever to be honest. I used a Martell maester deck with basically all the maester stuff, the Martell nobles and one of the cards you would hear people talk about everywhere in the alleyways of castle Stahleck... Ghaston Grey. Burned and pillaged i think was the other card name you could hear in so many conversations in different languages there if you listened closely. I think these were the most noteable cards at the joust tournament. I can´t say much about the joust tournamnet in general since i went 3:3 (placing 45th out of 119) and so i never really saw the big highlights deck this year. I lost a mirror match badly, as well as a Targ kothh deck burned all of my charahcters and the probably best game for me at the weekened was the third game l lost against a Greyjoy choke deck, were every player had the chance to take the win - even if i had 3x burned and pillage on my locations and my tin link and the gold link got discarded asap by the raven event. Besides the joust main event the most enjoyable gaming format for me was again highlander legacy format, compared to the actual game envirorement i just have the feeling that the old cards are more powerful, but in general better balanced. It seldom happens that you don´t find answers for your opponents actions in highlander.
  3. diana olympos said: I don't read all the topic, but some french targ player use it in Targ decks... It's really cool with lot of reset. If you play Valar, it's a turn without claim 0 and only 2 gold... ~Well only a one- handed person could come to this conclusion. On the ONE HAND it´s a turn with the valar effect, but without the drawbacks of Valar (low income/no claim) if you play it intentionally on the OTHER HAND it´s a 4 gold investment which is forfeited to Valar intentionally and which might also be used against you if your opponnent plays Valar. .... so it´s a Jaime card.
  4. imrahil327 said: Speaking as a member of the Star Wars CCG Players' Committee, we do not allow self-printed versions of Decipher cards. We do have virtual cards, which are released as PDFs and go over the original cards. And even with the 7 years of Decipher cards and now 10 years of virtual cards, we still do not have any rotation. Yes, i know the whole print out system. I was just referring to one tournament i played that year and maybe it was allowed than just there - i think either Angelo (Gravityshadow) or Chris (EuroEmperor) talked about it. At least i played some kind of Watto deck which was 100 % (good) colour copies. However it doesn´t seem to make much sense if even some of the virtual cards are released with a new picture to pack the old cards behind them. To be fair on the thematic of not rotating out a single card i think it must also be mentioned that the first virtual sets (200 or so cards) were changed when they showed to be too strong. But yes, there´s still no real rotation for the game. @Luke: I would have liked the idea a lot too. But original cards and artworks are way better - at least just as long as their are available.
  5. jack merridew said: Freerider said: Honestly compared to Brotherhood cycle and the Night Watch/Wildling cycle the neutrals were much more in control here. Brotherhood was out of control? please tell me how? Lightning lord, taste for blood (x times), flaming sword and not enough cards in card pool to remove attachemnts or bounce charachters made brotherhood for a very short period really strong..
  6. Rogue30 said: Old Ben said: rings said: The fact that NO successful gaming company (that I know of) has ever gone 7+ years without some sort of rotation says something. Decipher has with the SW: CCG. They had no rotation and you were able to play every card x60 in your deck. But they had teh power creep in the game and well they are history today. And people still playing, virtual sets still coming and people are still buying cards to complete their collection. That says something. Yes, but they have taken the whole step now as far as i know. They will allow (self) printed card at tournaments, since the originals can´t be any longer purchased. But i´m not 100 % sure about that, i´m usually playing a tournament a year / maybe two and than a buddy hands me over some deck and i´ll just play with a result of maybe 4:4. So nothing to write home about. ;-)
  7. rings said: The fact that NO successful gaming company (that I know of) has ever gone 7+ years without some sort of rotation says something. Decipher has with the SW: CCG. They had no rotation and you were able to play every card x60 in your deck. But they had teh power creep in the game and well they are history today.
  8. I think the variety has been there before too. It was just the few changes that evened up the chances for every deck archetype to win. I think at the moment the following decks are viable: Stark: as kotr, as tmp, or as shadow agenda and always with a lot of search Lannister: well either brotherhood & trait manipulation or classic kneel Baratheon: the usual rush stuff with out without the agenda Greyjoy: choke decks look very promising, maybe not reliable enough to actaully take the big win Targaryen: dragons and maester decks were good before the faq 3.0 and there wasn´t much changed about the way they are played in the faq Martell: still has half a dozen viable decktypes without being too much over the top at the moment Neutral faction: that tmp and archmaester wrath decks seems to be at least cool and brotehrhood could still take a surprise win against all odds of meeting gg and other bounce cards
  9. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=2712
  10. Stag Lord said: I disagree with the coventional wisdom. Four gold for a Five STr, tricon king is a good buy. You hold him unitl after Valar adn there is little drawback. Teh king trait alone can come in helpful, and since Aegon's Blade makes a lot of my decks - I use Rhaegar with the Blade as a finisher quite often. I like him and run him more often than not. YMMV. ~That´s probably the best proof that Rhaegar is not for competive play - Baratheon players like him. Enough said, i guess ... Personally i find him sometimes helpful in my decks, but he´s not the charachter which always makes the cut - e.g. like Jorah.
  11. Ahzrab said: Mighty Jim said: On a semi-related note- is there any use to Rhaegar's harp? I really like that one in a Dragon Deck, works quite well with Daenerys QoD, though the character also gets the ally/refugee trait, so I wouldn't attach it to an expensive character. But this drawback is of course another great use for the harp. Just attach the harp to an opponents charachter and use your Varys, Oakheart, Dissension, Fallen Brother, horn of dragons etc... on the charachter. And there are plenty ways to get the harp back once it´s in the discard pile.
  12. The Valyrian hatchkeeper is a nice idea. I would prefer a variant that allows only one card per challenge phase, but let´s the little hatchlings stay in play. For i fear it could otherwise be a little bit too comboliscious. Also it might be a funny variant that you need to check before putting it into play. If it´s a real dragon of str >2 the dragon is put into play and the hatchkeeper suffers from an accident in the dragonpit, if it´s not a dragon it´s just treated the way you described it.
  13. Well, i just remembered i build such a deck some time ago, so i´ve tried to do a quick update on the deck - of course no guarantee that the untested and quickly modified deck works, it´s however an alternative appproach to the one you build: House Card (1) House Stark Core Set 1 Agendas (1) The Siege of Winterfell Lords of Winter 1 Plots (7) Dry Season Called by the Conclave 1 Forgotten Plans Kings of the Storm 1 After the Mummer's Ford Kings of the Sea 1 Blockade Core Set 1 Counting Favors Core Set 1 Retaliation! A Song of Silence 1 At the Gates Gates of the Citadel 1 Characters (32) Hodor Core Set 1 Wolf Pack Lords of Winter 2 Carrion Bird The Winds of Winter 2 Osha A King in the North 1 Maester Luwin Forging the Chain 1 Riders of the Red Fork Forging the Chain 1 Direwolf Pup Core Set 2 Guard at Riverrun Lords of Winter 3 Bolton Refugee Refugees of War 3 Ser Jorah Mormont Princes of the Sun 1 The Blackfish Lords of Winter 1 Arya Stark City of Secrets 1 Guardian Wolf The Isle of Ravens 1 Hungry Mob City of Secrets 2 Sansa Stark Tales from the Red Keep 1 Reek Mountains of the Moon 1 Syrio Forel Tales from the Red Keep 2 Feral Pack Sacred Bonds 1 Varys Secrets and Spies 1 Lucas Blackwood Gates of the Citadel 1 Catelyn Stark Lords of Winter 1 Ghost The Wildling Horde 1 Eddard Stark Core Set 1 Events (10) Parting Blow Princes of the Sun 3 Direct Assault Kings of the Storm 1 The Battle of the Whispering Wood Epic Battles 3 Wolf Dreams Lords of Winter 2 Battle of Ruby Ford Battle of Ruby Ford 1 Locations (12) Narrow Sea Kings of the Storm 3 Winterfell Kennels Core Set 2 Lord Eddard's Chambers Lords of Winter 1 River Row Queen of the Dragons 1 Great Keep Lords of Winter 3 Northern Fiefdoms Lords of Winter 1 Street of Steel Lords of Winter 1 Attachments (6) Grey Wind Lords of Winter 1 Shaggydog Lords of Winter 1 Nymeria Core Set 1 Frozen Solid Lords of Winter 3 61st card is Val as the restriced card.
  14. So i will just add some thoughts about the cards. House (1) House Stark (Core) x1 Agenda (1) The Siege of Winterfell (LoW) x1 Character (31) Arya Stark (Core) x3 -> i would drop her x2, the stealing ability is good, but that doesn´t justify playing her x3, maybe the shadow version of Arya (city of secrets) is better, i like that she comes back from valar morghulis, wilfire assault etc. Bolton Refugee (RoW) x3 Carrion Bird (ASoS) x3 -> with the errata of the birds 2 should be enough Catelyn Stark (Core) x2 -> i like the one from the Stark expansion better, and i usually play unique charachters only x1, but if you want to keep duplicates i woudl recommend to use widow´s watch (gates of the citadel) to fidn teh duplicates, which would also help with draw Eddard Stark (LoW) x2 -> see above Hodor (Core) x1 House Tully Septon (LoW) x2 -> okay, but not the best option in my book, my usual Stark intrigue package includes e.g. Reek , Osha, Sansa Stark. Maester Vyman, Maester Luwin, especially Luwin helps you since he can search your deck for events, so he´s a must in my opinion Hungry Mob (CoS) x3 Qhorin Halfhand (LoW) x1 Ser Jorah Mormont (PotS) x1 Shaggydog (Core) x1 The Mad Mouse (MotA) x1 Vale Refugee (RoW) x2 -> i don´t think you need that kind of cannon fodder here, also too many refugees are risky if you meet a deck that is playing dissension Guard at Riverrun (LoW) x2 -> definetely x3 Robb Stark (Core) x1 -> if you play lot of matchups against Martell and Targaryen i think a 3 strength version would be the better choice (Venomous blade and burn hurts), also you may want to run Jeyne Westerling and she can find her king as well as e.g. Riders of the red fork Craster (WotN) x1 -> okay, but maybe another charahcter is more needed Old Nan (BoRF) x1 -> i would definetely keep her even with the errata of the ravens Jory Cassel (CtB) x1 -> i still think running The Blackfish is an option, since you want to win a lot of military challenges, he´s the drawing machine for you even at 4 gold -> i´m missing Syrio Forel in the deck, a lot of players using this agenda include him x2 (sometimes x3) and epic battle events to create additional military challenges Location (15) Borderland Keep (TWH) x3 -> i´m not a fan of this one, the use of it seems to be to limited Frozen Moat (BtW) x2 Frozen Outpost (LoW) x2 Lord Eddard's Chambers (Core) x1 Narrow Sea (Core) x3 Northern Fiefdoms (Core) x3 Street of Steel (Core) x1 -> like i wrote above widow´s watch is an option here, if you like to add a direwolf package to the deck winterfell kennels could help with draw too, if you liketo play a little bit risky gates of winterfell is another option Event (10) Distinct Mastery (Core) x3 -> to be a wolf x3 is better Endless Endurance (LoW) x1 Guilty! (Core) x3 Kill for Your King! (TWot5K) x2 -> i´m not a fan of the two evenst above i would rather play some more epic battle events, they help you to win faster The Battle of the Whispering Wood (EB) x1 Attachment (7) Court Advisor (PotS) x3 Seafarer's Bow (KotS) x2 -> i would replace it with frozen solid x2 Icy Catapult (TWot5K) x2 Plot (8) Fury of the Wolf (AE) x1 Assault on King's Landing (KotStorm) x1 At the Gates (GotC) x1 Battle of Oxcross (PotS) x1 Loyalty Money Can Buy (QoD) x1 Siege of Riverrun (KotS) x1 The Songs of Bael the Bard (AKitN) x1 Wildfire Assault -> well obviously one plot too much, the song bael the bard is like you wrote now obsolete, also i woudl replace battle of oxcross with either storm of swords or at th emummer´s ford (which help you to claim power) and maybe find another room for counting favors. It´s not the best plot since it also helps your opponent, but if you are in desperate need of additional cards it could be helpful, also it´s okay if your opponent has reached the draw cap anyway.
  15. Well i think it depends a lot on the deck you chose to play. - The cards already mentioned are good. But there´s also To be a wolf (super powerful with Rickon) and cards like wolfdreams or winterfell kennels. And i also like e.g. family, duty honor which is great with a lot of tully cards. If you have a serious tull y theme in your deck Ser Brynden´s guile is great too. Some Stark decks allow to run the knight of the realms agenda too. One of my latest builds is a knight of the realms deck with tullys and search cards like to be a wolf and it works just great. So what deck do you want to build exactly?
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