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  1. I've been curious about the L5R setting and this review really helped me get a handle on it. Cheers!
  2. DagobahDave

    Looking for X-Wing Playmats in EU

    https://www.deepcutstudio.com/product-category/mats-size-3x3/ https://www.gamemat.eu/our-products/battle-mats/3-x3-g-mats/sk/
  3. DagobahDave

    Sharp drop in Tournament kit printing quality?

    You are probably correct that the prize kit cards are rushed -- they are printed in smaller batches on shorter notice than would make sense for the cards they include in other products. As I understand it, FFG uses its own in-house print-on-demand print shop for the prize kit cards. The rest are probably printed overseas. Different print shops means printing machinery that may use different printing processes, resulting in different color profiles. I think the cardstock used for the tournament kit cards is a little different from the standard cards as well.
  4. Fifteen seconds later, Darth Vader offers all of those bounty hunters a job.
  5. I think it's a strange decision to remove Firesprays from the Imperials while leaving Z-95s and Y-Wings on both Rebels and Scum. I would rather keep all of the cross-faction ships as they were, but as long as we're splitting things up, I'd give serious thought to making Z-95s exclusive to Scum and Y-Wings exclusive to Rebels.
  6. I don't see any issue with rolling for initiative every round, just as we roll for every attack and defense. If players have some control over their initiative roll and have to make decisions (during squadbuilding and/or at the table) that modify their chances of winning initiative, that could very well be a fun and interesting thing to add to the game. I wouldn't want round-by-round X-Wing initiative rolls to be purely random like a coin flip, but I'd prefer that to a single coin flip at the start of the game.
  7. That's really the only drawback, and it's something that players would get over. FFG should have done it.
  8. DagobahDave

    Alternative interface for 2.0 cards

    I like the design. The text is too small.
  9. DagobahDave

    Luker Gunner costs ~30 pts?

    Cutting a whole slot doesn't sound like a great solution to that problem, but with the app they could easily make Expert Handling cost 6 more points for Dash only.
  10. DagobahDave

    Suggestions for revivng an X-Wing community??

    Fun fact: DagobahDave lives in a cabin in rural Oregon, which could be mistaken for a swamp planet.
  11. DagobahDave

    Suggestions for revivng an X-Wing community??

    Yep. Make sure you have a Facebook group called "X-Wing in [Your City]". Post in the Organized Play forum that you are "Looking for X-Wing players in [Your City]". Post the same thing on Reddit and Discord. You'll probably hear from some new players in your area just from doing that.
  12. DagobahDave

    Suggestions for revivng an X-Wing community??

    What's the one thing you've neglected to mention here? It's an important thing, and I want you to figure it out before I tell you. It's the one thing that a player in your area would want to know if they were reading your posting, but you haven't provided it. What is it? Tick tock.
  13. DagobahDave

    Rebel Fleet Troopers, are they awful?

    By the time you get into the game, who knows? I expect everything currently on the table will be cycled out within a couple of years.
  14. DagobahDave

    Dagobah Dave's Trench Run: Strategy

    That's true if the attacker has the target centered in their bullseye arc before the drift. But if the bullseye arc is only catching the edge of the target to begin with, the target can drift out of that arc, space permitting. It's not meant to be a get-out-of-trouble ability. And I'm not sure that bullseye arcs are all that scary anyway -- from everything I've seen of second edition, lots of ships will be getting no benefit from their bullseye arc without paying for an upgrade.
  15. DagobahDave

    My 2.0 Epic prognostication

    Energy: I'd like to separate speed from energy production. I like the idea of each component starting with a certain number of charges, and some ability to divert power from one component to another as need arises. A small amount of energy could be regenerated each turn automatically (or by movement), but I'd like to have more of a sense that I'm a chief engineer looking for power wherever I can find it. (I'm using the terms power / charge / energy pretty interchangably here, because I don't care what it's called.) Crew: I don't think the game needs to add a "Battlestations" style floorplan with crew tokens or crew cards moving around to different departments, because I think energy tokens transferring from place to place would represent crew moving from place to place as well. This level of management isn't really something I'm looking for with Epic. Damage Decks: I would much prefer that each ship have one damage deck rather than two. If the damage would affect the front or rear differently, make the damage card big enough so that it can describe both effects. 100/6 Play: If FFG is really cool, they'll find ways to make Huge ships more relevant to standard tournament match play, like maybe adding an upgrade that lets you place a huge ship instead of standard obstacles, rather than the casual rule that exists for this currently. Maybe you can deploy any of your ships at Range 1 of your huge ship, which must be placed entirely within your starting zone.