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  1. Got a copy of the second edition yesterday, and I'm very excited to get it to the table. I have no experience with the previous edition, so reading the rules has been a bit of a challenge, but the the examples are helpful in the rulebook. I'm happy the game has reference sheets that come with it, but I'm curious as to why a game that requires a minimum of 3 players, why then are there only 2 reference sheets included? None of my usual gaming friends have played either edition of the game, so it's going to be new for all of us. Why impede the flow the game by only including the 2 sheets instead of enough for the 6 players the game can handle? Just seems odd to me. I guess that's what my scanner and color printer are for.
  2. I'm sold. There's enough new content there that seems worth to shelve the old version of Pharaoh, which barely hit our table unless it was part of a scenario. With the Miskatonic Horror cards aimed at this set too that seems extra worth it since that was a guaranteed buy for me. Thanks for laying it out for us, sir.
  3. I was thinking that in general it would be pretty cool if someone came up with a good system for creating custom characters for the game, along the lines of the Strange Aeons program for Arkham Horror. There's an endless supply of fantasy figures out there that could be used for the game.
  4. A pack of new heroes would be great, but I'd also like a pack of new monsters as well. It would really be easy to do the two together too. A small sheet of tokens for the monsters, and a set of cards to be added to various decks to represent their encounters. I'm loving the game, but the lack of monster variety is a bit of a buzzkill. "Oh, another skeleton... neat." The less I see of that Golem or Demon though, the better.
  5. Managed to play a Deathmatch with the new rules yesterday. Really enjoyed how they cleaned things up, but it needs a cheatsheet in the worst way (probably something I'll hammer on for myself this week). Had a question though that I'm not sure if I just missed in the book, or maybe there can be a ruling on it... Throwing a grenade into a smoke path. Say Commando Alpha is outside the smoke-filled center paths of the Catacombs map. The Shocktruppen is inside the smoke standing on the +1 Combat circle. Sighting says they cant' see each other, but Alpha knows he's there because the Truppen has been on overwatch there for several rounds, so he hurls a grenade into the smoke... - Does the smoke blocking line of sight mean the grenade cannot be thrown in the first place? (since attacks can only be made from adjascent spaces while in the smoke) - Does the grenade's automatic successes get penalized by the smoke? (from 4 automatic down to the 2, per the smoke causing -2 to combat) - Or does the grenade do its full damage, ignoring smoke since throwing a grenade is consider an non-attack action? Inquiring (and dead) Shocktruppen want to know!
  6. blark

    Any news

    D6 Generation is reporting on their Twitter feed that FFG announced their purchase of the full IP of Tannhauser, with a cleaned up translation of the rules coming soon in PDF. I'm cautiously optimistic about this. Fingers crossed that new product is speedier than it has been for BattleLore (though that's apparently been explained today too). Toneturbo, did you get a chance to see what the contents of FFG's Daedalus will be?
  7. Monterey, CA here. Well, near enough to it at least.
  8. haslo said: If you do that, make sure to wash them really, really well with (cool) water and soap beforehand. So will a soak of the figures in the water/soap do it, or should I hand-wash each figure? I figure a soak overnight in a bucket of solution should do the trick, but am willing to be wrong on that. Thanks for the advice there.
  9. JerusalemJones said: Ha! Beat you by 1 second! Drat! That's what I get for taking a second to post it to BGG first.
  10. Find it here: http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=396 Interesting twist, clues become precious.
  11. I asked this on BGG, but figured it wouldn't hurt to throw it up here too.... I have some of the new GW washes that plan to use on the figures from some Flying Frog games, and wondered what experiences (if any) folks have had using them on the Doom figs? I'm mainly interested in bringing out some details on the figures without doing a full paint job on them or losing their plastic colors (call me crazy, I kind of like the limited and bright rainbow). Thanks.
  12. Anyone else find the tokens to be poorly cut on the sheets? I had a dickens of a time getting them out. In the end the "Magnifier" token for Zor'ka ended up splitting in half (with a little double-sided tape and an xacto knife took care of). Maybe I just got an odd set of boards, but I don't usually have this touble with FFG titles.
  13. blark

    Back in the box

    I've got the base game and expansion in the main box too. I layered all the room tiles in the bottom of the box, fitting them together like puzzle pieces (which is more fun for me to put away than it really should be). Then I line two edges of the box with the bagged tokens and pieces, with a stack of doors or cards at either end of the L-shape. The remaining space is filled with the big monsters, and then I lay a bag of the smaller monsters on top. Then the rulebooks go on top and the box is closed. Works pretty well for me, even if it takes some time to do. Makes my OCD happy though.
  14. I have a copy in my possession! Well, it's in the back of my car, and I haven't had a chance to open it yet, but still, it actually exists. I'm amazed.
  15. So sayeth today's news item. Looks like it'll have printed versions of some of the bonus tokens too, which will be nice.
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