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  1. Darksbane said: Just had the idea pop into my head that I'd love to see a system by which we could customize the encounter deck. Kind of adding a deck building aspect to the bad guys even if you don't play them. If there was a point value on the cards to act as a guideline for what could be included (sort of like in minis games where you have a 100 point army) you could construct different versions of the encounter deck to play against without just being able to include only the most powerful cards. There are plenty custom quests for Lord of the Rings already. I don't see how they could create an official system though, as there is no easy way to systematize writing mission card text, and if you just used existing missions while changing the deck make-up, it might not make sense with the story. But who knows, FFG may have ideas they are waiting to introduce in a deluxe expansion for either game.
  2. Rogue and Operations both sound like fun... but so do they all. I'm sure I'll end up playing them all repeatedly. Lord of the Rings is pretty good, and this both a) sounds better and b) is Star Wars. The latter being what's most important. Rogue sounds like it'll be my general first choice for multiplayer. No idea how stealth will work in the game, but stealth is always cool.
  3. That is the most beautiful looking box I have ever seen. If the board looks half as good as that box, I may just have to take it out and stare it whenever I'm not playing it. Sounds like the story fit the game perfectly. From the description page, it can pretty easily be gathered which factions correspond with the old factions: Lazax: Emperor Sol: Fremen Jol-Nar: Atreides Hacan: Guild Xxcha: BG Letnev: Harkonnen I hope they focus on the changes to the game next time, though, as so far it sounds very much like they just chose different words and pictures to dress up the same game. I am glad they seem to be implementing the common house rule (or was it a revised rule in later editions?) that winning in an alliance has tougher conditions than winning solo. I hope this is received well by the Twilight Imperium community. It seems like a hopeless cause to some of the more stubborn Dune fans, but as far as I'm concerned, mix two great games and you're likely to get one even greater.
  4. Maybe the ships go recruit people. Even if a character is an influential politician, he isn't going to be able to carry a new recruit on his shoulders from one system to the other. The idea of a starship being "influential" is odd, but I won't think about it too much.
  5. Such promises have always been allowable but never enforceable. You can say that, but you are only giving your word on it. The game hears nothing.
  6. Yes, there is a rule preventing this. The rule is that each player gets one alien. Multiple powers is a house rule, so the rules aren't going to cover scenarios like this. The best thing to do is to come up with a list of aliens you think should be disallowed from combining, or just try to fairly analyze each combination before the game starts (though this would mean not playing with hidden powers ever, unfortunately).
  7. I didn't think they had the license for card games, minis, or RPGs. I have never even heard of a Hasbro RPG, not so sure about minis or card games either.
  8. He seemed to know Star Wars well enough to inform us. The set up is different. The resource system is different. The draw system is different. The zone concept is new. The space combat is obviously new. Battle resolve differently. The AI works differently. Questing's equivalent seems to work similarly but in a significantly different place in the turn order, and only against certain random zones. The enemy has a separate strategy deck. Seems pretty different to me in every way possible. But maybe not to everyone! And yea, I'd like someone else to buy the cards for me, too, haha.
  9. PWBrian said: Thanks Adam! Amazingly, once an actual description of the gameplay was available, I only saw one person on the BGG thread throwing out the ol' "This clearly just a clone of LotR" line. I know, huh. Maybe judging a game before you know hardly anything about it whatsoever isn't such a great idea after all.
  10. javascript:void(0);/*1312548499194*/ Above is a link to a review of the Gencon demo, if FFG's bizarre forum system copied my link right. There are definitely some LotR-esque rules, but the way you do everything is very different (drawing cards, gaining resources, attacking, defending, etc.). Making progress seems to work the same way but happens toward the end of the round instead of right before everything goes down, thankfully.
  11. Playing as Empire would make a terrible co-op. The only way I could see making it challenging would be if they added a realistic aiming system where all your stormtroopers had to roll a 1 on a 20-sided die to hit.
  12. The opening of Jedi is enough to make up for any amount of muppets. I'm with you.
  13. Maybe instead of a board, they could print a map on a giant card, and you could maneuver around the card using minis. That should be covered.
  14. I didn't catch that, about the Imperial starting cards. That would be interesting. I think it mentions the Imperial fleet gradually amassing though. I read it this afternoon and have been in a Star Wars dreamland ever since, so I could be imagining things. Or maybe that is just an abstract concept, a fleet gradually amassing around the base but basically just a timer in the game. They show us multiple cards and several paragraphs, but there's way too many details for me to guess how the enemy might work. Can't wait to find out.
  15. Agreed. I like all the LCGs, but given the opportunity, I'll pick Cosmic Encounter over any of them any time, and by the end of the year I'm sure I'll say the same for Game of Thrones.
  16. This egotistical player is not so relevant if you play closed-hands as any of these games will tell you to. No one can take charge of what I do if they don't know what I CAN do. Sounds like more a problem with your own play group, no offense. My group works together very well... well, "well" as in we all give equal input and decide things together for overall strategy while taking our own turns. Not "well" as in winning... ever. Sigh. Lord of the Rings and Pandemic are too hard for me. This problem is also irrelevant if you play solo, which Star Wars allows. As for the AI, I kind of agree. Lord of the Rings is all over the place. One card may do nothing while another may damage every single character. It's ridiculous. I hope Star Wars is better balanced.
  17. It's mission-based. It wouldn't make sense to include prequels unless it's a separate game. The characters from those movies aren't (or aren't yet) Rebels, and Anakin would be problematic since he is not always explicitly a bad guy. And it would make even less sense for Luke to fight battle droids alongside Jar Jar. I think the prequels are awful movies but good material for games nonetheless, so I don't mean to bash them. But I'd guess if they support the game long enough and feel 4-6 has been exhausted for material, they'll have to start a separate game with a similar system to draw on 1-3.
  18. MarthWMaster said: I wonder if the game will also have a galactic scope, or if that's the angle they'll play up when they come out with Star Wars: The Board Game. The news post says they have the rights to RPGs, card games, and minis. Sadly, it does not mention board games. I'd really like to see a coffin box Star Wars game to rival TI in scope, but it seems like a pointed omission.
  19. I think people are jumping to conclusions by saying it is a LotR clone. It's a co-op LCG. Not every competitive LCG is a clone of the other. The four different zones of play alone should be enough to alert the skeptic that this is not the same game with a different coat of paint, and we know nothing of how the AI works, how missions are completed, how combat works, or what kind of resource system the game uses. It also seems to take a cue from Death Angel with event cards that one player must resolve without discussion. A thorough read of the description page did a lot to shake away my doubts. It sounds like this game may have a more involved system, and it has the better universe, so I am pretty excited and hope to replace Lord of the Rings with Star Wars. I wouldn't object to a single-deck or deck-building Star Wars game for competitive play, but this is a great start. And who knows, with luck they could pull a Ghost Stories and make an expansion that adds an Imperial Player to make the missions harder, though in my experience, there's no such thing as luck.
  20. The Empire is so much cooler... but it's not as if there aren't enough competitive Star Wars card games out there. People still play and make expansions for Decipher's Star Wars. And FFG still has more competitive LCGs than co-op. I'm sure they'll get over it soon. This game sounds like it could be more strategic than Lord of the Rings. I often feel like there is only one logical play on my turn, but the addition of various zones and a split emphasis between space combat and ground forces means I'll have a lot of flexibility for deck making and in-game decision making. (Of course, it could be that I just completely don't understand Lord of the Rings.) This was the most requested franchise I saw on the general LCG board, so I'm sure many will be happy, whether they wanted a co-op or not.
  21. This gives people time to get invested in Lord of the Rings, so it makes sense. And it gives me time to sell Lord of the RIngs for this. Perfect!
  22. I'd really like to see Expanded Universe stuff as long as it is within the time period. I'm sure many would like to see Mara Jade, but she would have to be on the Empire's side. I am ashamed to admit I still haven't read Shadows of the Empire, but I'm familiar enough with it to want to see it in the LCG if they have the rights to it.
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