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  1. If FFG's forum users would pay more attention, they'd realize this is entirely the wrong forum for these complaints.
  2. Some lucky Europeans have the game already. Quite a few spoilers over at BGG. I'd share here, but I'm not sure how FFG feels about that sort of thing since they have their own previews ongoing over here and the game isn't supposed to be released yet. I will say however that all the rule changes sound great.
  3. We are playing with core set plus the Greyjoy and Martell expansions and have found a few cards that seem grossly overpowered given our card pool and knowledge of the game. As it is, a Targaryen-only plot is the only card we can think of offhand to mess with attachments, and there don't seem to be a whole lot of ways of simply removing characters outside of Martell, so aside from relying on reset plots, I'm not sure what to do for most of our decks when cards like these come into play: * Nymeria / Lightbringer -- If you can save a character every turn with the same card, you are almost never going to lose characters except to 2-claim plots and if you block a deadly attack, which is easily avoidable. * Taste for Blood -- Getting 1 power for every lost challenge on defense wasn't enough for 1 gold, it's also non-unique and +1 strength. And as I understand it, the character doesn't even have to be in the battle to get the power. Unless you have a ton of renown, it is hard to pull past this. Is there some strategy / cards / rules we're overlooking to mitigate the power of abilities such as these, or do we just need to buy more cards to find answers? I love the game and especially my Martell deck, but I have to admit it feels cheap to win by playing Taste for Blood and sitting back to let them earn half my power for me.
  4. A flare can be used any time it says it can be used. It will mention if you can only play it as a main player. Most you can play whether you are the main player or not.
  5. Oh, and maybe you already knew, but it was remiss of me not to mention that the upcoming game Rex is a remake of a game by the makers of Cosmic Encounter and is now set in the Twilight Imperium universe. So if you're torn between one or the other, voila: compromise!
  6. I see "beer and pretzel" used to mean different things. Cosmic has a lot of strategic depth once you get used to the chaos and start to know what to expect. For me, Cosmic is a full course meal; Twilight Imperium is an all day buffet.
  7. I hope this is the boat it's on and Will chooses my system.
  8. digital said: You guys should do something like Netrunner but set in the Android universe. Maybe something like the new Star Wars card game coming out or the existing LOTR LCG/Cthulu card games. Keep up the great work! I like this idea.
  9. Ditto what the Warp said. I've played probably 50-75 games of FFG's version of Cosmic, and it's never happened for me. If it were to happen, I would say to play on like normal because it is a rare event and still not impossible for that player to win (nor is it impossible that he might regain a planet with the Genesis Bomb). I've seen many games between this set, old sets, and the online game where someone never used his alien power once and still won the game. That said, if your group somehow comes across this issue with greater than normal frequency and believe it should be ruled in light of the Entropy Beast's text, just make sure everyone knows how you're playing in advance. No game is more welcoming of house rules than Cosmic, but if you are looking for a strict by-the-book explanation of what to do, all there is to do is say, "Tough luck."
  10. Kobold Curry Chef said: Yeah, the more I think about it, the more it's an apples and oranges thing. Both are gamerly nutritious, but they taste completely different and need to be approached in different ways to enjoy them. Truly the words of a chef who knows his trade.
  11. They are not at all comparable beyond what you've already deduced: both are sci-fi games where you take the role of an alien race. If you are already familiar with Twilight Imperium, the simplest thing to do would be to look over the rules and play a game at cosmicencounter.com (it's free, though you can only play as one of six aliens in the free version, compared with the 30-something if you pay, or the 100-something the board game will have with the new expansion).
  12. The first preview reveals a few things and hints at others: 1) Double spice blows, previously an "Advanced Game" rule, is now the standard. This is interesting. I hope it doesn't mean that Advanced Game's combat rules are being used, as they'd make even less sense in this setting. 2) Emperor gets his optional ability as standard. This could indicate anything. Maybe they thought the Emperor needed more flavor. Maybe everyone is getting their optional rules standard. I hope the other factions have new abilities instead of Avalon Hill's optional abilities, as some were overpowered (Harkonnen) and some were overly complex (Bene Gesserit). 3) There's no alliance ability listed. I had hoped they'd come up with something for Emperor so he wouldn't be the only one without an ability, but this is better than listing an ability like in the original that causes mass confusion as to whether it is an ability at all. It's possible this means no one has an alliance ability, but I highly, highly doubt this. 4) An assumption: If you look at the map, five territories have a red dot and another dot (green?). They are spaced out similar to the strongholds of Dune, so they are likely the strongholds. The green dot probably means an area protected from bombardment, which informs our understanding of the rest of the map. 5) The artwork is super cool. Can't wait for the next previews, and I'm glad this is still on schedule for first quarter. While the graphic design of the map doesn't appeal to me particularly, the layout seems interesting. I'm thinking there will be more reason to actually move on the map in this game, unlike Dune where, unless you have ornithopters or are the Fremen, you pretty much ship everywhere. Fewer territories (28, I think I counted) means everything is closer together.
  13. Ditto Steve-O. Also: It says 3-6 for me. Did they change it back, or am I missing it somewhere? I checked all over the mini-site. 5-6 only wouldn't bother me if that were the case, though it would be worrisome in that it would imply they are seriously reworking the game that we're all hoping just got delayed by some small printing error.
  14. This was never the game for you then. Dune is not even remotely fun with 2-3 players. With 4 it still doesn't compare well with most good 4 player games. It was designed to work as a six-player game, and it's fortunate it works pretty well with just five, too. The game is all about balance of power, betrayals, etc. Imagine playing Diplomacy with 3-4 players and you'll have an idea of what I mean. The rules don't change but the experience falls to pieces. That said, I don't see it as saying 5-6. Still says 3-6 for me, and who knows, maybe FFG came up with some genius idea to make it enjoyable with fewer players. I hope so for those who want it, so long as such changes wouldn't affect what made the game such a great 5-6 player game.
  15. We just played our first complete game, first quest of the base game with no expansion stuff. With three heroes and of course one overlord, it took us about six hours (though that included a smoke break). The overlord player was kind of bored, as the quest was very straightforward. He also had a hard time of it, as we had a ton of conquest tokens at the end (13, I think) and only lost any at all because of a stupid move early on when we heroes didn't know what was going on. One hero accumulated four or five armor and a shield and never took damage all game. With the Acrobat ability, I was able to run from town to a glyph, over two pits and two manticores, and shoot the boss three times in a row to kill him without the boss ever doing anything. We all greatly enjoyed it and I've been eyeing second edition because I always wanted to own a copy of the game for myself. I know no one knows how second edition will compare, but just speaking in terms of first edition, how much will the experience of the base game vary from quest 1? Are there shorter quests, or can you expect game time to be reduced significantly with experience? Will the quests get more interesting for the keeper? And can I assume that it will get to be a more balanced game later on where the heroes will have a harder time of it? None of these concerns are dealbreakers either way, but it would be nice to know. I don't mind the occasional six-hour game a couple times a year, but that game time is a bit prohibitive if we ever want to do a campaign with an expansion or second edition.
  16. Definitely. Nothing will come between me and this game. If anyone has some means of zooming in and reading the text on the cards or board, a transcription of your findings would not go unrewarded. That is, if you consider a word of thanks a reward. Thanks in advance.
  17. Not sure if I somehow missed this when the Rex page was first revealed, or if they have since updated it, but it was a pleasant surprise to find a picture of part of the board, some cards, and what may be one of the leaders on the home page for the product. That ought to sooth my delay anxieties for awhile. Not really what I was hoping for the board to look like, but it still looks fancy.
  18. It would have been changed for another country, too. Germany and Russia would have been jealous because they like being the eternal villains of military gaming.
  19. Haha. You were probably thinking that the game uses teams of 2 and most games use color to represent one team, so 8 colors, 8 teams, 16 players... and one giant Cosmic game! Or who knows, they could have done some kind of thing where you get a sort of team power in addition to your alien power and represented it with cards. I doubt Team Cosmic will last long before someone comes up with a variant like this.
  20. I didn't object. Unless by commenting on someone's objection I'm objecting, in which case you are now objecting to my objection of your objection, and I'm not objecting to your... nevermind, I lost my place. Some people have said they don't like the theme because it portrays America as a bad guy or because it seems too political. I'm just saying it seems irrelevant to me; the story FFG imagines for the game won't have any impact on the one I imagine when I play it.
  21. I'm American and find it amusing, but my principles have better things to do than object to the fluff piece for a board game. However, I think the concept of this game is really funny and perhaps better suited to a less serious story (not that I understand the need for a prescribed story at all) than the one originally posted with the announcement. The title and concept always made me think it was a parody of the way Americans supposedly see themselves in the world, and that is how I will play it no matter what the back of the box says.
  22. Always wanted to play this. Very cool concept and theme.
  23. Of course they'll say that. The customer is always right. They want people to buy their stuff, not complain about it. It doesn't mean they think anyone is right; it just means they want your money. It might have been a comment on contemporary events... but it seemed more like a cartoonish exaggeration of one perception of contemporary events. The game didn't need it though, so I don't mind its removal, personally. It works fine in this generic context.
  24. A deck for teams seems redundant. Just take two each of four destiny color cards and deal them out randomly. But this is Fantasy Flight, so who knows. There would still be no reason for 16 of them. With the current number of players through expansion 3, you would only need one card for each of the eight players to say what team each is on. If anyone (other than The Warp, of course!) is crazy enough to start a ten player game, we might see ten cards, but the game is said to be getting six expansions total, so I don't think we'll ever see more than 10 players. I suppose they could do three-player teams with a ninth color, but three-sided games of Cosmic are boring, and I don't know that teams would make up for that much since you'd always have your team mates to invite automatically (depending on how team rules interact with this), then your opponent's team would be unable to side with you (I think), leaving little in the way of alliance decisions to make. But even if they did account for this, a deck of 9-10 cards could easily have a diagonal line across it with something like 2A / 3B to indicate what team you're on if in a 2p team game or 3p. Anything's possible, but the way I see it, there's no need for a deck of more than 8-10 cards, if there's need for a deck at all. Bring on the new encounter cards! Nice find on the Horde, too. Didn't think to check the product page. Wonder what alien could possibly need so many dang tokens.
  25. I used to get the same thing with Cosmic Encounter's homebrew forum. Sometimes I'd pop it temporarily, but it would come back not long after.
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