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  1. I was hoping they'd do something to change up the X factor. The X on the old die liked me way too much. The game continues to sound great despite this.
  2. How would multiplayer even work for an asymmetrical game? Would it be teams?
  3. You could put any number of cards in your deck? Can you lose by milling, or is there a reshuffle? If there is any penalty for running out of cards and milling is a viable strategy, I could see it working in theory. I never played the game, so there's my next-to-worthless opinion. I'm curious as someone long-interested in the game how precisely it affected tournaments.
  4. I thought it was a neat preview. The action cards remind me of the Death Angel card game, though this sounds a lot better.
  5. Are you a moderator in disguise that you can say when discussion is over? I was just curious what you found vague about what I see as not an interpretation but plain enough English, not trying to irritate you or beat up your recently deceased horse (I'm sorry for your loss, by the way).
  6. I don't see what there is to interpret. The example clearly states that he dials three and has to kill only two of the mechs, not all three. If you were dialing token numbers rather than strength, the example would show all three units destroyed. This is also how it worked in Dune, for what it's worth. If you simply dialed the number of tokens used, you would immediately have problems. Normally, you reveal your battle dials simultaneously and figure out the total just from looking at the dial. If you just dial tokens used and have a five mechs and five normal units in battle then dial five, you actually have no clue what your total is when you reveal it because you still have to state which tokens are being used. This allows you to look at your opponent's revealed plan and then make decisions, something that is absolutely contrary to how Rex's battles work. The rules do not list a step for the Lazax to make this decision in battle. Only treachery is a decision slotted for after the dial reveal. As for why they gave an example where someone foolishly dialed half a mech, well, they had to explain that somewhere. Otherwise, what would happen if someone accidentally dialed 3 in such a case during a real game? Would the battle be null? There would be no rule to cover it because he obviously has enough strength to dial 3 and so it is a legitimate option, so you look at the example and see "oh, you just have to destroy two mechs and eat the loss," so to speak.
  7. Uh, no, I'm correct, and your example proves it. Read the whole example and it says that he must kill enough tokens to satisfy the strength dialed. He dialed three strength, so he has to destroy at least three strength worth of units. In this case, the only way to do that is to destroy two mechs. If you destroyed the number of tokens dialed, you would have to destroy all three since he dialed three. The only two options are that you dial your strength or you dial your tokens, and he obviously did not dial his tokens since he dialed three and destroys only two, and the example clearly states that he is destroying tokens by the strength dialed.
  8. You dial the number equal to your strength, not to the number of tokens. You would dial 8 for four mechs. Also note that you cannot dial above 20, so if you have all tokens in one territory, you cannot commit all your troops.
  9. There isn't some trick strategy. You have to beat the Sol at one of those strongholds, that's all there is to it. The Jol-Nar should know what cards are needed, so you can always ask him for advice of Sol/Hacan are such a threat that you need the rest of the players to cooperate. If someone sits like a hen, slaughter them like you would a hen, unless you're vegan, in which case I don't know what to tell you. If you guys were trying to defeat the Sol at those strongholds and failing, then either the Sol player was just really on top of his game that day, or the opposing players just need to keep pressuring him with battles every turn. No player can keep up against that every turn every game.
  10. Neither has a battle ability, so you beat them the same way you beat anyone else: challenge them in a stronghold and play the right cards with a safe leader and enough tokens to back it up. I wouldn't really even consider it a particularly strong alliance (going only by their powers, I mean, it obviously worked for you two based on your situation). The Hacan don't need to go after influence on the board due to their ability, so the Sol ally advantage doesn't help them often, and the Hacan ability is not often necessary for the Sol since they deploy free (and if you're just holing up in your alt-win territories, it's definitely useless). The only advantage they tend to give each other is Turn 8 safety. You can both stall together without worrying about the particulars of who's in what stronghold.
  11. That's fun times. How did you give him cards, though? You can only trade stuff as part of a deal while the deal is being made, and you wouldn't get a new hand till your next turn.
  12. Most people don't like Cosmic with three players. I would assume teams would make it even worse as it would essentially become a one-on-one game with alliances always being predecided.
  13. Looking at your favorite games, I understand, though if you don't sleeve your cards, maybe you could fit two LotR decks and an encounter deck? I don't know. How big is a sleeved card compared to an unsleeved card? 100 sleeved cards should mean quite a few more unsleeved ones, I'd hope. I don't sleeve anything, so I like to put multiple decks in these kinds of boxes. I really like both the token container and the glass front. Of course, their PvP games use giant boards (WH:I), giant statues (CoC) or both (GoT multiplayer), so I don't know how much I'll use this for any of the LCGs, but it would be great for CCGs. Not sure how useful it'll be for board game decks. I'd have prefered small tuck boxes for unsleeved decks for games like Cosmic. Great idea. I'll see if I can make it work somehow for something.
  14. Same here. At least Seeker is still there for all our Yes-Or-No needs.
  15. Yes, I had to pound it with my mighty fist and it went in without any damage. This is one situation where giving into anger and violence will solve all your problems, so savor the moment!
  16. It's not entirely random luck. The Sol player knows this can happen, so he makes his decision based on what the odds of a Ceasefire currently are and how valuable both the potential alliance and the location are. If Sol really wants both, he can just drop his troops off near the location. Then if there's no Ceasefire, he will at least be in movement range of the place he wants to be. Of course, part of the advantage of this ability is that it's a free move, which he's giving up if he plays it safe like this, but it's still an advantage because it allows him easy access to the other side of the board which he ordinarily would have to move more than once to get to. Not saying it's perfect, but it fits with the way the rest of the game works where you are constantly trying to guess at what cards in the treachery, influence, or storm decks are next, or using various abilities to peek at them and find out. Another way it could possibly be done: Any Ceasfire revealed when Sol shares a space with a non-coexisting opponent is either removed from the game without effect or is shuffled back into the deck without effect. Basically, the idea would be that you can't call for a ceasefire when troops are face to face about to fight. This would actually give Sol a little boost in control as they could purposefully prevent ceasefires with their belligerent use of the Sol Offensive. Of course, it is still dependent on an Offensive being drawn immediately before a Ceasefire, so it's not like this is something they can accomplish with any reliability.
  17. Huh! Sorry, guys, I didn't realize that's what you were getting at, and now that I have done a quick search through both Rex and Dune's rule books for "ally" and "allied," I am baffled to see no reference to the rule I was absolutely certain was there. I guess after restating myself a hundred times I should have thought to double check, and I thought I had, but I don't see it now. However, I would still contest what you mention with the Xxcha. That doesn't necessarily imply what you think, as there has never been anything wrong with an ally entering a space with coexisting tokens because coexisting tokens are treated "as if they are not even on the board," a line from both Dune and Rex. That line you reference seems to further the idea that allies are never meant to share a space as it is covering the one last means of creating a shared space outside of Sol Offensive, but I'm now forced to admit that it's not exactly certain, that's just what it seems to me they are going for. I do still think the simplest rule fix would be to say that "Alliances cannot be formed between players who share a space," and for reasons already stated I don't think this is some huge disadvantage for Sol. It would make more sense than creating a battle outside of battle round between two supposed buddies. Forcing one of them to evacuate before the round's end could also work, but it for some reason still seems a bit awkward to me.
  18. The art work in this game is wonderful. I would love to get some avatar choices from Rex. I know there's Twilight Imperium available already with the same races and such, but the art work for this game is just too good to ignore, I think.
  19. I concur with Murph on all points, for what that's worth. Any event the causes card draw is extortionable. When something says "exactly" it is just specifying a limit to the initial draw/discard effect, then the draw happens, then it's extorted. In the case of Enigma Device, Extortionist will still have to discard down to 8 per the card when his turn arrives, but he can extort players after him, too, and gain some cards. Should work out very well, actually, as it'll be an opportunity for him to dump cards he might wish he hadn't drawn. Should be a great Tech for him to use in an 8P team game, too!
  20. It's not only unpalatable but indefensible. Reveal it or don't reveal it. The card says that a player wins when they meet those conditions. The game ends win someone wins. This is not conditional on the Schizoid's revealing the card. And even if it was, what you suggest would be ridiculous. No one would play that way because it would cease to be a game if one alien automatically won (save for a zap) because he could will the game to go on until he says so.
  21. I don't see how this is a gameplay issue. It would create a gameplay issue of Schizoid DIDN'T have to announce when someone has won. The game would be completely and utterly pointless. I'm sure people will do what you suggest, and that would be a sound strategy, though achieving each of his conditions one at a time and randomly would be a slow and difficult task. You will still need to watch what he is doing and take advantage of the ability to reveal cards by defeating him. Whether you ask Schizoid every turn or only once someone achieves one of the possible conditions, the result is the same for those who know the cards, and there's no reason the cards should be secret as it only creates an artificial gap between the abilities of a new player to play well and those of a Schizoid veteran (or worse, whoever happens to own the game).
  22. That wouldn't really be a house rule. You can't do anything else in the game that would cause something illegal to happen, so there's no reason to expect an exception here. The Sol player knows that this situation is possible. If he is that whimsical and knows he would have a change of heart in the event of a ceasefire, he shouldn't make the move. You can look through the influence discard pile any time to see the odds of a ceasefire appearing, too.
  23. I have no doubt that there is a dramatic difference from four to five or six. Just saying that it is actually still fun with four, though certainly not as fun. Six-player only would definitely be inaccurate.
  24. I also think playing with multiple races per player would be cumbersome. You would still have to keep influence, cards, tokens, and leaders separate per Rex rules. For a three player game, if it isn't fun by standard rules, what you might could do would be to give each player the alliance ability of an unused race. Lazax and Letnev and Sol should be main players as their alliance abilities would do nothing (well, next to nothing for Sol, and they are kind of key to the story). So perhaps it could go like this: Lazax, ally: Xxcha Letnev, ally: Hacan Sol, ally: Jol-Nar Hacan and Jol-Nar should not go with Lazax as either would be too powerful a combination to have throughout the game. Letnev + Jol-Nar might be too good, too, as that's a whole lot of battle prowess. I think this might be the best balance, theoretically. Sol-Nar synergizes with Jol-Nar quite well, but I find the Fremen to be a bit weak in Dune and haven't noticed Sol to be a huge improvement yet, so I think that works.
  25. Seems a bit goofy thematically though for a serious game. Sure, let's be friends, but first let's make our guys here fight to the death! As allies, they probably wouldn't even make it much of a battle as they'd have every reason to arrange the whole thing so it only costs one of them. Even still, I can't imagine it being worth it, as whoever has to lose could have just moved away had they not allied. And no, there is no stronghold limit! I had to read the rules several times to make sure I hadn't missed it. It would have been nice if they'd had a "Differences from previous games using this game system" page. This is a huge change, and I haven't seen much mention of it when people discuss differences from Dune. An old popular strategy was to arrange deals with someone where you ship 1 token to their stronghold to prevent anyone else from shipping there, and in exchange they would not kill your leader. This blocking strategy was cheap and in my opinion not fun, so I'm glad to see it gone, though I suspect many are still playing with it not realizing it isn't in effect.
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