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  1. Well, I canceled my Amazon order and got it from Nobel Knights instead, which lists it as in stock, cheaper than MSRP (not as cheap as Amazon though), and was a pretty good experience overall. I should get it in 2-3 days from tomorrow. Of course, I fully expect Amazon to start shipping tomorrow just to spite me.
  2. Ah, thanks for the explanation. I had a complete Eon set once upon a time that only got played on a handful of occasions, but poor grad students can't be collectors. Had to dump it to pay for the new set, which looks to be well worth it, especially if expansions are of the same quality.
  3. Any idea if you can cancel an Amazon preorder without being charged for it? At this point, I just want the game. The savings certainly aren't worth the uncertainty. I'm going to give it until tomorrow at least since they may have only just gotten the games in yesterday.
  4. He can? Does FFG clarify this? I always assumed Healer and Void activated at the same time and used the timing conflict resolution rules. And, while I know this is means nothing in relation to the FFG game, I think Void precedes Healer in the online game, but I'm not completely sure. I personally like it that way so Void isn't so crippled.
  5. I assumed (who knows why) that the power was not in effect on Tick Tock's turn. In light of that correction, I'm not sure I follow why the amount of players in the game matters either, but even if it does somehow affect Tick Tock's power, I'm fine with him being extra powerful.
  6. That may concern some, but to me that's what Cosmic is about. You have to alter your play style to accomodate the subtleties of each power like Tick-Tock as the Cosmic climate changes. Maybe he will be overpowered when six or more players are added; we'll just have to gang up on him then, won't we?
  7. The defensive rewards issue always seemed like an uncalled for complaint, but since Asassin / Shadow effectively makes Macron a non-entity, and there may be more powers that affect individual ships for all I know, I'd say it's certainly a worthwhile change.
  8. "Hello from Amazon.com. We're writing about the order you placed on October 18 2008 07:56 PDT (Order# --------------------------). Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below has changed, and we need to provide you with a new delivery estimate based on the new release date: Kevin Wilson (Author) "Cosmic Encounter" [Hardcover] Estimated arrival date: 12/24/2008"
  9. They have to save something for expansions. We may see negatives yet.
  10. Well, the rulebook does actually give a short background story that isn't too bad. At least, I certainly could imagine nothing better for Cosmic Encounter, which is absolutely not a story-driven game.
  11. I seem to recall a designer's comment on Board Game Geek that the lowest would be 1, but I could have imagined this... or it could have changed between then (not long after the announcement of the game) and now. That's not really helpful, I know, but who can say no to a bit of rumor and hearsay?
  12. I fully intend to place 8 tokens on the first tech card I get no matter what it is just to make everyone think I have something that will absolutely destroy them. Other than bluffing, I'm not sure why. As you can tell in the rules for the Morph card, the rules were written with the intention of catching any and all possibilities that might arise from unexpected uses of powers or from expansions. While my example of bluffing may have been the reason they noted being able to place more ships on a card, I think it's probably just an example of forward thinking in case there is an expansion with weird tech cards or tech-related aliens.
  13. I am definitely guilty of thinking Empath a weaker Pacifist my first time playing it. But the ability to gain a colony on defense and offense with your power, not to mention the fact that most players underestimate the Empath player, I'd say it earns its keep. Definitely a good decision to keep the two aliens apart in the base set though. Newcomers would probably rarely choose it under the impression it is a weak Pacifist, and they're definitely different shades of the same power. Better to go for variety at first. On an unrelated note, I remember on the old Cosmic Encounter Online forum a member who was a very prolific alien creator (if not always the best) posted an alien called Countdown. I wonder if it has any relation to this new Tick-Tock, but I don't remember what Countdown did. Ah, I miss that forum.
  14. Some Cosmic Online players have compared it (very generally) to poker. Your hand is completely random (unless you're the Aristocrat), but so is your opponent's. As cards are revealed, you can rule out certain possibilities and play the odds. If someone plays a Negotiate, does this mean his hand is bad, or is he holding out on a better card? Reading your opponents and bluffing can play a huge part in the game. I for one play it more as a strategy game and not get caught up in "Is he bluffing or is he not?" Others don't care if they win or lose but just like to see what interesting situations can arise and like to talk in character. The great thing about Cosmic is that all these different approaches work, and they can co-exist harmoniously in the same match. Perhaps the biggest overriding factor for luck, even more than the alien powers themselves, is the social dynamic. While Cosmic works technically with 3, it is best with 4 or more. The silver tongue will definitely have an advantage if he can convince the other players that the Virus has too good of a hand and shouldn't be invited to ally, etc. A good hand can only take you so far if the other players recognize you have a good hand and co-operate. Reading the rules is a good start, but unless you have the aliens in front of you, you don't really know what the game is because all the aliens break the rules in some way. The way I got a group of my friends interested in the game was I briefly described the rules as The Warp has in the post above, but after every single rule add "Except the [alien name]". If it's destiny, there's Dictator and Will. If it's drawing a new hand, it's Mutant. If it's pod discard, it's Filch or Clone. Ships going to warp, Healer or Zombie. Etc. Every single rule has some alien who completely disregards it, and this changes the game drastically. The rulebook is just a general framework for a game, with the game itself being dictated by the aliens drawn for one match. Cosmic allows for a lot of possibilities because of its inherent randomness, but this just informs what kind of game you will be playing because even if by an extremely odd chance you get all the same aliens twice in a row (never happened for me after many, many games), you will still have very different hands, you'll attack different players, and you'll get invited into different alliances. There are lots of factors that prevent this randomness from being pure chaos, and this is what makes it a game worth playing again and again. "No two games are alike" has become an almost necessary description in the gaming world to interest players, but this is the game that started it all -- and still the game that does it best. If you want to get a good idea of what the game is like, your best option is to go to cosmicencounter.com and play a few rounds. If the six free aliens aren't enough variety for you, a day pass with all the member aliens (35 of them at the moment, I believe) is just 99 cents and should give you a good idea of how the game is, though the FFG version will of course have more aliens, more cards, and slightly different rules.
  15. I don't think Shadow is "brand spanking new" but just a renamed alien. The instructions refer to him as an alien that does something to the tokens of the player drawn by destiny, so I think it is just a renamed Asassin from the original game. Back when there was a planned Xbox Live Arcade version of Cosmic Encounter (it's in "development hell" right now, poor soul), designer Peter Olotka posted a list of all the aliens intended for that version, and several were renamed classics. Terrorist became "Booby," and there were one or two others made more politically neutral. I know Asassin was renamed, but I can't remember if his name was Shadow. Another interesting hilight for me was the new alien distribution model. The classic rule of completely random draw has been replaced by draw two, choose one. I personally like random draw because it virtually guarantees no alien will ever be left out, even if it happens to be one or two players' least favorite. It helps streamline the flare rule though where you just insert all flares drawn into the deck rather than having to draw again after, not that it's a big deal either way, but sometimes I forget. Reading the rules makes me feel like it is already here. Cosmic cannot arrive too soon!
  16. Melonball said: Are you for real? CE would have made a great Live game. Are there plans for any other FF game to be released on XBL? Just to be clear: this is not a deal between FF and Microsoft. The original creators of Cosmic Encounter, Eon, had a separate deal with an XBox 360 developer. As far as we know, FF hasn't been involved with Microsoft, but they could be.
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    It wasn't like Cosmic had all that many posts yet. I'm just happy to see all the new art decorating the Cosmic site. The forum looks pretty fancy, too.
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