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  1. Oh, actually, Paolo Parente credited Yokoyama for general inspiration long ago. I'll count this one as an homage. "Dust-War: What was your inspiration for the Dust world? Paolo Parente: Dust is truly a dream come true. It started as a compilation of pictures, drawings and converted model-kits that I developed many years ago as “personal project” intended to become the setting for a series of comic books and (in my dreams) a miniature game. Model-kits and miniature wargaming have been my hobby since childhood. The main inspiration is WW2, especially the late years and all those German projects that go under the name of Paper Tanks, and then you need to add the Japanese Mangas from Makoto Kobajashi, the models from Kow Yokoyama, Kondo and the Indiana Jones movies. A pinch of Hugo Pratt, Gary Gianni, Mignola, Dave Stevens… Shake it well … and DUST, here it is."
  2. The Horten flying wing lacks nozzles under the wings for VTOL. Also skids for landing gear. Also, like, the names. I'll grant that both SF3d and Dust are going for the high-tech but plausible WWII aesthetic, there is bound to be some overlap. I actually think its kinda cool. SF3d has always encouraged people to modify and make their own contributions to the genre.
  3. Has anyone commented on the striking resemblance between the Fledermaus and the scratchbuilt design of Kow Yokohama, also called the Feldermaus, for SF3D and Maschinen Kreiger? javascript:void(0);/*1350571410837*/
  4. Is there a general answer to the issue of why amazon gets Rogue trader and other FFG releases so late?
  5. like Joe Pesci tagging along with a squad of marines. I can imagine it already.
  6. I've seen this in stores now, but I just got a message that my Amazon preordered book is going to be delayed in shipping, from May (original estimate) to June 14. Wow. Amazon is weird.
  7. One of my disappointments is that FFG never (seemed? unless I missed it) to release a Deluxe Edition (4 planes, all damage decks, etc). Since I like to game with the minis, it never seems to make any sense to me to buy anything like the "watch your back expansion", (I bought Famous Aces when that was all there was) if I could get more planes AND the other damage deck. Anyway, apparently Nexus is releasing "a revised Deluxe Edition with four exclusive models and everything needed to start to play, and two new airplanes series." Is FFG going to follow suit this time? (maybe that's the as yet unexplained 'small box' game still coming from FFG)
  8. Would the Sister of Sigmar Augur from Mordhem fit the bill? http://www.coolminiornot.com/8434
  9. pduggan


    I wonder if things could be dealt with by explictly handling a mechanic for abandonment. Like "you can flee from a fight and leave you buddies to die, but you loose 1 or all fate points and they gain yours" Would make acting in character an interesting RP strategy choice.
  10. They're from Privateer Press. Sorry, forgot to say whose they were
  11. These look like they would be good to convert for Rogue Trader character miniatures
  12. vogue69 said: are there rules for mass combat? e.g. 100'000 people vs 100'000 xenos? Yes, Epic 40K
  13. Were there any other official Apocrypha (oxymoron!) documents from Black Library? The cover text implies there were other alternate rules out/coming out.
  14. And yet again, no budge for a while. SHOULD I expect a budge for posting? 1 per post? only if someone "replies"?
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