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  1. I would suggest you just contact FFG Support and they may just send you one. Just tell them it was lost during traveling - their customer support is top notch!
  2. While I would rather have had wooden pieces - at this point it is probably too late change back. Perhaps if the game sells well we can end up with "Premium" pieces sold seperately.
  3. Wytefang said: Yeah, this seems to be (imho) a very isolated incident. Sucks for whoever has the problem but FFG's Customer Support staff will take care of anyone with a problem, we all know that. No worries. I would not call this an isolated incident. The fact is - this is an ongoing trend with FFG releases. When the A Game of Thrones card game went to the LCG system - the card stock quality dropped significantly. The same thing happened with the recent Battlestar Galactica expansion. The character cards are on weaker cardstock and not cut exactly as the base game. At the end of the day there is no excuse for this problem to occur. The production values should be consistent across the board. Personally - I sleeve cards and while I am annoyed that my cards are not the same size, it will have minimal impact.
  4. Initially I'd like to see FFG put out an FAQ. I'd like to see some better descriptions of the flow of the game. The rulebook is a little vague on some points. Secondly - I would like to see published multi-player rules. This mainly because that is what my group typically plays - so we have not played very often up to this point.
  5. I've played primarily the dwarves so far - though being somewhat defensive does not fit my play style. Once they get going, they can be potent.
  6. jogo said: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=754 Looks like some Skaven cards only for chaos. And some cards for each faction. Hopefully each card is three times in a pack. But that is probably too much hope. So 3 packs for me. I'm sure it'll follow the standard they have already set with AGoT and CoC. 40 cards with a breakdown of 10x3 and 10x1. So if you want a full set of "rares" you will need to buy three packs.
  7. http://www.icv2.com/articles/news/15694.html The Skavenblight Threat Battle Pack is the first monthly expansion for Warhammer: Invasion, adding the cunning, rat-like skaven to the game. Like the expansions for Fantasy Flight’s other LCGs, each Skavenblight Threat pack contains all 20 of the new cards in the set and retails for $9.95.
  8. I purchased my copy from FFG directly at GenCon - so I would imagine they will still have to send me out the replacement figs. I have not heard back from their CS team yet though as they work through the post GenCon backlog. I had 4 broke and a few others looked like they would break eventually. Was anyone else's map boards damaged in shipping? The left map board for my copy looks like it was dropped, as the upper right hand corner is crumpled.
  9. My game group all bought the game at GenCon - so we may end up doing some event stuff in the Canton area. It'll depend on what FFG does with the game. If we do anything - it would probably be at the Keep.
  10. vermillian said: Began selling at 4pm thursday. Sold out at 4:15 friday (they may have not allowed sales of it again the second day until 4 or something... IDK) I picked up by 3rd set Saturday morning but it did sell out early that day. For multiplayer - I was thinking of trying a similiar format to LotR. So I would be able to attack the person to my left and have to defend from the person to my right. It would be a little on the simple side - since I would not have to manage my twilight pool but it might work. (Have to try it first!)
  11. My copy had a few of the miniatures broke and the left half of the game board looks like it was dropped on its' edge. It's annoying for sure but I am not worried about getting them replaced as FFG has been excellent in the past with shipping out new parts.
  12. Here is a spoiler for you all: BIG 'UNS (Orks) Cost 3 (1) 1 Power 2 Shield Battlefield. Your damaged units gain Toughness 1.
  13. I am looking forward to picking this up at GenCon. I'll demo it first to make sure I like it but sounds promising so far.
  14. I never posted very much but I was a long time lurker who discussed the game with people through PM's on the old msg boards. The meta in Canton/Massillon, Ohio died with the announcement that ITE/5k was being rotated out. Everyone was waiting (too long) for the Core set and when the older sets were dropped - we just quit playing all together. I felt particularly burned since I had bought 5k boosters the night before I saw the post by FFG. The change in format really hurt our local store as they are still sitting on product that is never going to move as it stands today. The blown release dates and constant changes to the game were a bit much for us all. Once the LCG format grows a bit and if Martin can release a book to renew interest in the setting - maybe then we will revisit the game.
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