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  1. I live in stein (limburg), and you?
  2. I just got mine from bol.com
  3. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/eldritch-horror/EH01%20Rulebook.pdf
  4. Thanks for all the effort, if you have problems sending it to gmail accounts could you sent it to erik_ritzen@hotmail.com instead?
  5. If you would scan it, could you sent me a copy as well? My email is e.ritzen@gmail.com My thanks!
  6. Boromir

    FAQ online

    The FAQ is online see: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=3893
  7. The FAQ is online http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=3893
  8. Lets first say that I am normally the marine player. I can count the the times that someone played tickblast against me on 1 hand throughout all the games I have played, and that are quit a few. I think the problem is you have to be very very lucky that a trite next to a marine is still lives after the marine's turn. The only other way it could be usefull is in combination with earthquake, but let's be honest, there are better ways to use earthquake. We house ruled recently that a trite may use tickblast and still move, but not in combination with it's scuttle ability.
  9. My table is 90 cm by 2 m, and I have played the game with all expansions. But still I would have liked a bigger table .
  10. My personal record is 6 investigator's devoured in one game. We played against Quachil Uttaus. At 11 doom tokens, 9 on the terror track and the deep rising track almost full. We managed to drag on the game with Arcane Insight just enough to seal the last gate. Only sister Mary manged to survive the game from the start, the other 3 player were at least devoured one's. It was my most exciting game ever.
  11. First I would like to introduce my marine team. The green marine has super skills and the other two has pretty decent skills. This is probably my best marine team ever. Green marine (killer instinct, efficient killer and lean and mean) Red marine (Alert, Prepared and Officer) Blue marine (lithe, tactician and careful) The first level of the base campaign (Knee Deep in the Dead) I finished with 5 frags. Until the room with the BFG I had only 2 frags, but I got into a rough spot in the final room. The BFG and my remaining plasma cell was divided over two marines. The game was exilerating until the end. The final attack of the invader player was deciding if I would win or lose. A great game. I finished the level with. 12 Ammo, 3 grenades and 2 plasma cells and all the marines were almost healed. And now comes the unbelievable Part..... We started the second level of the base campaign (The Shores of Hell). The green marine took out the demon and zombie commander in the first room and the red marine took out the other zombie commander, while the blue marine went and waited with an AIM order before the right door. My marines gathered all the equipment in the room, while the blue marine killed almost everything within the right room with 1 BFG shot, no ammo loss and a guard order for the last zombie commander. In the mean time the other two marine lined up for the next room. Due to darkness in the room this was the pretty tough. But after 1 turn the room was almost completely leveled, especially the blue marine with lithe came in handy. There were only two minor monsters left in the room. One memorable attack was that the blue marine took out an maggot on 3 range with an grenade, the attack was not aimed and there was no ammo loss. After this the marines went to the upper right room. The red Marine tried to take out the two demons with a grenade, but it was jammed, so he shot the bazooka, result 1 wound each. Subsequently the Green marine took out the two demon with one chaingun attack (blow-through) and with the next attack (due to killer instinct) two zombie commanders. To naturalize the thread the blue marine went to the duct and took out another zombie commander and put an dodge token on the green marine (lean and mean). The invader player decided that his best option would be to attack the green marine (the other marines were blocked), but died due to the watchful ability of the green marine. Otherwise the maggot would have died the next turn. The marines tried there way back trough the room with darkness, and the invader managed to kill the red marine with first an earthquake and a spawn card of 3. I could have prevented that, but I thought the prepared tokens come in more handy later on in the game. In no time I had slaughtered the remaining invaders and went across the room with darkness. In the next room the two mancubus were dead before they could be activated (another memorable attack: the red marine took out and macubus with a grenade on 4 range) and my marines stayed nicely out of range of the hellkight. The next turn the hellkight was a prey of the green marine, he killed a tride and did one wound to the hell kight with his first attack (chain-saw) and with his next shotgun blast (due to killer instinct) he killed the hell kinght. It took little time gather all the resources and we went to the room with the red key. The red marine took out 2 cherubs and received a guard order, the green marine tried to take out an archville, but the invader player dodged, to finish it off the blue marine came trough the duct and took out the other two cherubs and placed an guard order on the green marine. It was simple for the green marine to take out the wounded archville, it was more of an challege for the red marine. The archville wanted to attack the red marine on 7 range, but with an aimed interrupted attack I managed to kill the archville without ammo loss. The remaining hellkight would like to fire a soul fire but I cancelled that with prepared token, and the third archville did minor damage, they both died in the next turn. At this point the invader player shake my hand and congratulated me with my victory. To finish, we did an experiment. He put down a cyberdemon and attack my marines, it resulted in a minor 2 damage to the green marine, the red marine attack back, result 1 wound, than the green marine attack with the chaingun, resulting in 1 wound with every blow-through attack. So 3 additional wounds which killed the cyberdemon with 1 marine to spare. To summ it up, the invader player threw a miss result about 30 time through the level and I only about 5 times. Talk about luck. The only ammo that I lost trough-out the level was 1 grenade, and that was the time the invader player wanted to dud my grenade. I have never played a doom session were the marines have so dominated the invader player. Have any of you on the forum similar experiences, or was the greatest game ever for the marines?????
  12. Boromir

    Jump the Gun

    Correct, only movement. See it as an extra movement phase for up to 3 invaders. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask.
  13. Boromir

    Not Quite

    The answer is yes. On page 4 of the rulebook the components listed and the health tokens are listed under equipment tokens.
  14. I can't wait to play your campaign. If you need any playtesters, I volunteer :-)
  15. Great idea Shnar, I like the level. Defend the position under enormous pressure while the invader tries to overrun the barricade. I can't wait to play the level. Keep up the good work, Boromir
  16. I am kind of disappointed about the new FAQ. I really hoped that there would be an official ruling about tentacles. I still have Lot's of questions on how they work??? Interaction between lieutenant and tentacles (tentacles move after the lieutenant). Can the lieutenant move more than 3 spaces away from the tentacles? And if this is possible are the tentacles dragged behind the lieutenant to a distance of 3 or do they stay behind. Tentacles can grapple heroes in the same space (in descent you attack spaces and not figures). If a hero has been grappled the other heroes have to attack them both or the grappled hero has to attack himself. tentacles attacking heroes on the revenge (max space between the lieutenant and tentacles is 3 spaces). So if the heroes stay on one site of the revenge. The tentacles cannot attack them, because the distance is 4 spaces. An official ruling would be great.
  17. Most of the times I play with all the expansions. The only time I play with less is if I introduce a new player or I play the game at someone who does not have enough table space. In my opinion dilution is not much of a problem. Everything of the expansions comes by once in a while. For me it is part of the game.
  18. No, the correct sequence would be. Upkeep Movement Arkham Encounters Other World Encounters Mythos The first player starts with the upkeep fase until the last player is done, and than the first player starts with the movement fase..... and so on. If you have any more questions. Just ask, we are happy to help :-)
  19. Contact FFG's customers support, they will send you new figuers. I had 5 broken figures, and they were all replaced. FFG customers support is excelent!!! www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_atencion.asp
  20. In the rules of Sea of Blood is mentioned that a tentacle can grapple a hero if it is in the same space. I know that in Descent you attack spaces instead of figures. Does this mean that if a grappled hero wants to kill the tentacle, he must also attack itself. Or if another hero wants to free his fellow hero, he must attack both his fellow hero and the tentacle. This would make the tentacle powerful, but I wonder if this was the intended purpose??? Any comments!!!
  21. I can't find anywhere in the rulebook that powerdice are added if the heroes fire a canon. For the monsters a special note is added on page 26 that the monsters use their trait + cannons attack dice. Sounds unfair! did I miss something???
  22. I bought sea of blood in essen last sunday. I was lucky. Now I was sorting the skills and I miss the skill riposte. I have one new skill over: counter attack. What I do know is that riposte is a feat, so probably the listed skill riposte should in fact be the skill counter attack. Comments on this??? One other comment is that the skill Spry is listed as a figthing skill, but in fact is a subterfuge skill.
  23. Roughly two Doom - the board game boxes next to each other. I am sorry but for the moment I can not be more precise.
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