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  1. Thanks again. I had a look at Eliza's surge and unfortunately, it wouldn't help in this case (she would need to attack to recover hits). To address your points... 1) Legacies did nor persist from round to round, but must be chosen each round by the heroes. Correct. But they can choose any one Legacy at the start of the round...if they have the Blue one, they can cause Eliza to suffer 2 hits each round. After so many rounds, she would be dead and the heroes would win. They wouldn't even need to fight her directly...or even leave the first tile if they wish. 2) Whether the OL could prevent any legacy from being chosen. Didn't see anything to that effect. It would be ideal if Eliza were simply excluded from the Legacy effects...that would solve the problem and we might have to house rule it.
  2. Hmmm...thanks for the reply, but technically two could be used in a round (Eliza fails her test). Again...if they can be used every round, why wouldn't the heroes simply use the Blue Legacy to inflict 2 hits on Eliza? They would then win in less time than the hits can accumulate on Tyrus. There must be more to this or it's broken.
  3. Encounter 3, can the Legacies be used every round? Nothing says to discard them...but they seem pretty powerful otherwise. ...in fact, if they stay in play, the Blue one could simply kill Eliza for the win (2 hits against her each round).
  4. Just to let fans know, there is another solid contribution of a scenario this time from Ray Trochim. He combines the Normandy expansion and Fury of the Bear. Visit my site to grab it - http://www.brummbar44.com Enjoy!
  5. Hello comrades, Yet another Fury of the Bear scenario this time from Klaus Fritsch. Looks like Klaus has made a classic, looking forward to trying it out. Enjoy.
  6. Gladly Klaus! email sent…looking forward to hearing from you.
  7. Aussie_Digger said: Don't worry about the scenarios that came with FotB, If you are enjoying the fan created (and your own) ones you will be disapointed by the ones you had to buy. I found with most that after playing we were left with a feeling that there were gaps in the scenarios (many with errors that can be seen without even playing). The most frustrating thing is playing the scenarios and discovering the errors that are not noticable at first glance, its just a waste spending an evening of gaming trying to get through an unplaytested scenario. I really want to get back into ToI so that I can get back to finishing the scenarios I was working on, But 3 things have made this avery slow process. 1. I have lost motivation with ToI, other games I play have so much more support and the designers are always involved with them (even years after the release). 2. I really only have 1 other person who I can playtest with face to face. 3. My wife recently gave birth to twins, so when I do get the time I would rather enjoy playing agame not playtesting. I have to admit, I haven't gotten into FotB because of the feedback it received from the community. While I don't mind playtesting, you are all quite correct in saying that you shouldn't feel you are playtesting a purchased product. I know ToI scenarios can be difficult to design (unlike M'44, which is easy peasy) but that is no excuse. I'm still working toward getting something off the ground. I think FFG has a great opportunity here to make use of a great product with solid fan support with little effort required by the company. Fingers crossed we can move forward. Congrats on the twins…you are likely lost to us for a few years now…but two more will eventually spring up to add to your support! LOL!
  8. I'm happy to announce a new scenario but this time, from another author other than myself. Boersma8 has created an epic Fury of the Bear scenario called Stalingrad Factory Fortress. You can find it at www.burmmbar44.com. I haven't even had a chance to play any of the Fury expansion, but this one looks like it will be on my must play list.
  9. Thanks for the feedback volks, glad you enjoyed!
  10. Grand Stone said: Last action of first round: run, run, run, flame! First action of round two: flame, run, run, run Killed a great portion of the enemies infanteri. And the +1 command gained was indeed usefull. To allow the british to do that move was one of the mistake germans did I guess, which in the end tipt the balance. Great description of the Mad Flamethrower! LOL! Glad you enjoyed and thanks for sharing. Cheers!
  11. Ray Guns at BGG had some good points on the scenario so I thought I would make some mention of those here with my clarifications. Concealed - The 88mm can be concealed as long as it is in the same hex as the squad with the concealed marker (see my Bridgehead Bretteville scenario for details). I had planned to include a Haus rules in the campaign this scenario was supposed to come out with….this would have been included. German Reinforcements - Should their entry hexes be blocked, they may enter on any hex adjacent to the entry hex. Find the scenario too easy as the Allies? Give the Axis the starting initiative. Thanks again to Ray Guns at BGG for bringing these points up.
  12. Hit and run flamethrower…sounds dangerous! Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it.
  13. Thanks. I enjoyed putting it together. I would refine the format were it a commercial product…but wanted a quick easy to print one for these purposes.
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