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  1. Yep done..as I surmised after GenCon. No elves or anything else.
  2. Sorry Julia but dominion is a different beast than Battlelore. Donald communicates with the community of Dominion and yes he had said Dark Ages was the last one. Then released the others with much fanfare,etc. Sometimes one needs to take a break and recharge and I think that is what Donald needed. Sadly FFG rarely communicates with fans. They never declare a line "dead" officially or not. Sadly they "abused" Mr. Borg by attaching Battlelore name to Westeros. It had very little to do with Battlelore other than to have a defined line of families/races. And then release 2nd Battlelore edition..again other than Mr. Borg a small piece of the game. As anyone that knows Richard, he likes to meet and play with fans. Sadly FFG has moved him to just be just a name on a box. He has lots of ideas to use and has run quite a lot of test runs with other races (applies to both 1st and 2nd editions). Sadly DoW sold the game since it was losing money and FFG took it and did what I stated above. And one doesn't think elves are not ready for 2nd Battlelore to even mention as possible expansion in the state of the game by FFG when numerous places and folks have mention them?? Everyone expected them to mentioned and they weren't. Again another drop by FFG to keep the line going on. All one has to do it go back to the undead release when people were saying it was undead or elf race to be released when the undead was released. And FFG mentions nothing today for what benefit...other than to disappoint BL fans again. gen con is a big event to do these announcements for maximum effect. When nothing is said it speaks volumes.... Sadly Battlelore doesn't have anything to do with Star Wars or other "hot" commodities but it does have quite a few dedicated fans. Obviously the sales numbers were not good enough to warrant expansion. Sure there might be news later on but why not announce it at one of the bigger gaming events?!? Big miss by FFG..since if memory serves the past 2 Battlelore announcements where at Gen Con the last 2 years. So BL players expected it to get some mention/announcement.
  3. Sadly I think the game is done, without any announcements FFG has put a fork in it. Elves were suppose to be released and weren't. This was how the first one died and now it seems the 2nd is dying the same death. Shouldn't take a whole year or more to release the elves which I know have been in the works for some time. If FFG can't even make a small announcement about something that is complete (and one doesn't need to put much research in regards to elves - lots to go off), that should speak volumes of where BL is heading, sadly. And no I won't release my source..but pretty sad that FFG can't even say anything about Battlelore. C&C is quite popular so it can't be because of it. Maybe the numbers are not there for fantasy....sigh! And without the 4th army, basically no organized play since that was what needed to be done. So any hopes have been dashed as well....very sad FFG!
  4. So thus when will the inflight report be announced ? Never mind,.1 pm today. Not sure if that is eastern or central time though. I live in the mountain time zone where EVERYTHING (including the opening Olympic Games..ugh) are 1 hour delay..stupid!
  5. In regards to question #2, there is also another solution/answer. If the skeleton animates had suffered a loss prior to combat, you can change the sword from 1 damage to them to 1 more unit in the animates army. (max of 3 if I remember correctly).
  6. Definitely would be nice if FFG did produce the play mats for the public. They are much better than the board plus can place the various helper cards. So hopefully this might come about!!
  7. Runatyr, Sadly there is no list of stores that are running it. I have reached out to FFG and they said they will publish a list.
  8. Roughly how often the games are...plus do you consider where a person lives initially for first round opponents?? In regards to the army...is that static or can you change it during rounds? Thanks!
  9. Also goes back to the initial issue of retreat. I think that if the unit wasn't supported initially, the retreat should occur. Since you could devise various scenarios with flying units of getting support after retreating less hexes than required. So I think a good answer about situations like this would be good. Obviously won't cover every situation but a good majority. And also the fact that a flying unit has to land...I think there were issues with dragons in 1st edition Battlelore and support. But sounds like they didn't get resolved either when moved to 2nd edition. If memory serves there, you could selectively had support or not....but don't hold me to that since it has been 3 years since I last played 1st edition. I know..don't introduce flying and everything else is easier!! Sigh!
  10. Same as I have. Pretty sad that FFG doesn't even has a store location where their product is sold.
  11. Y Again, another reason to know which stores got them. Would make for some good publicity plus the folks who like Battlelore will have a chance for this artwork too.
  12. Sure would be nice to know which stores order any promo kit. Sadly have contacted quite a few and lots of NO!!
  13. With August only about one week away, this would be nice to have.Although I have yet to see any published info about elves or any other "new" army to being released. I suspected there would be more and do hope other type of armies are being developed since I know the designer had quite a few planned for BL 1st version.
  14. Is there painting guide that one could print out? I just prefer that vs watching a video.
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