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  1. I'm going to go way off base and say I'd rather have two Shrivelling spells anyday compared to either of the spells mentioned in this topic. Those and Whither are my preferred combat spells when I use Dexter Drake. Admittedly getting two Shrivelling spells is difficult but Drake has a better chance than anybody of getting the combo because of his special ability and the fact that he starts the game with one.
  2. .45 all the way for reasons already given. Multiple monsters have been a real issue for us on numerous occasions and the .45 is one of the most effective ways of dealing with this. Any weapon that costs money to refresh is a pain in the a** as far as I'm concerned and one-shot weapons can leave you high and dry at the most inopportune moments.
  3. White Ship is great if you have Find Gate as well - very powerful combination but difficult to achieve. The others are all great options as well but, if I had to spend gate trophies/monster trophies, I'd get Blessed all time (although I understand that that's not the comparison being made in this topic).
  4. For the first scenario we paired Calvin with Harvey. Harvey ended up with eight monster trophies and 2 gate trophies. Harvey had the Shrivelling spell and an axe which combined were plenty good enough for any critters he faced. Even the toughest monsters succumbed to Harvey's onslaughts but he did have to visit the Asylum in the end. For the next two scenarios we'll review who will benefit best from having Calvin as an ally but Harvey was definitely the right choice for us in scenario one.
  5. David Spangler is spot on with his assessment of the game. Having Conan as an unpredictable variable that can have a massive impact on the game just helps add to his aura. This game represents his impact on the Hyborian Age better than I could have hoped.
  6. JerusalemJones said: These new scenarios -- and don't get me wrong, we are enjoing them and having fun -- are less forgiving, so we have to make sacrifices in order to complete them. We are having fun, and intend to keep playing, but we just may not do as well this time around. I guess what I am enjoying about the league this time round is that there is a trade-off between winning and getting a good score. The teams with less investigators are more likely to win the early scenarios quite easily but they will struggle to get high scores. The larger teams, however, may find it a close run thing to actually get a victory but, if they succeed, are likely to have a higher score as a result.Needless to say this may change as more scenarios are published but I do like this aspect at the moment. We increased the size of out team with the intention of trying to get higher scores but we found it really difficult to get the victory we needed. For us that just adds to the fun.
  7. tamsyn said: I think it is great news that you got an old gamer back to the table, the stuff that dreams are made of! Our gaming group is an ever fluctuating thing. We have 3 games running just so we can accomodate who can turn up that session! Thanks tamsyn - I must admit it really felt good having one of the original members of the group back at the table. Our group doesn't fluctuate much, it just struggles to get everybody at the table at the same time (hence The Infrequents). I guess that's what happens as we get older and other priorities come in to our lives. We'll just do the best we can and keep trying to get our friends back to gaming whenever we can
  8. Well I've been a Robert E. Howard fan for over 30 years and, having just bought the game yesterday, I'm overjoyed at the direction FFG has taken with it's design. Anybody that says that the game isn't in keeping with the Conan setting clearly hasn't read the original books - this game is about the world in which Conan lived not Conan himself. That said I do like the mechanic FFG have used to allow Conan to influence the outcome of the game.
  9. Personally I prefer the original board more - I think it is far more atmospheric. I've never had any problems with the board staying flat on the table. If there is one criticism I have for both boards is that they are too big. A four-panel board should be made available that takes up less space on the table and allows the other expansions to fit in easier. If FFG made such a board available I'd definitely buy one. I know of two smaller boards that have been designed by other players. They can be found on BGG... Small Arkham Board Reclaim your table with this smaller game board I really like the first one - I'm going to try and make a copy for my copy of Arkham Horror.
  10. I hope LFITQ doesn't mind but I've made some very minor tweaks to the spreadsheet. It can be downloaded from the following link... AH_League_2_score_sheet_2.6.xlsx All credit must go to LFITQ for making a great game aid.
  11. Well, The Infrequents have finally got under way with a six investigator set-up this season. We've just completed Scenario 1 and will be playing Scenario 2 next weekend. Having scored 33 points in the first scenario I can now see how some of the high scores were achieved. Well done to everyone that achieved good scores and to those that didn't - do not give up! As has been said the whole idea is to have fun. We tend to only run each scenario once and live with the score; the only exception to this rule is if we lose a scenario - in that case we'll keep playing it until we win. Last season our first two scenarios were pretty low scores and things picked up towards the end. We try to get high scores but just getting together and having fun is the most important thing. We actually got a player back to our table that we haven't seen for over two years! That in itself made it all worthwhile - I must thank FFG for hosting these leagues and giving us the chance to see an old friend again!
  12. Nuts to it - I haven't heard from FFG to say no so here are the links to the chapters that I've converted in to pdf's... Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 I hope the staff at FFG are OK with me posting these links. If not I'll remove them right away.
  13. Twilight said: There really is only one solution: all scored games must be video taped and submitted for review... Good grief - can you imagine that? Instant sanity loss wihtout a save! JR would be a gibbering idiot in some far off corner of the FFG offices
  14. tamsyn said: Please can you help. We have been looking at the scores for the second scenario and are going insane trying to get close to the top score for 2 player teams. Therefore I feel we must be missing something and need help before we go to the asylum. What are we missing? Or could you do this? We've tried and failed. I have to admit to being very interested in any answers other players have to this question. I know the scores are very much dependant on the trust factor but Iwould love to know how some of the scores are achieved as well. tamsyn said: Our thinking goes as such: If the scenario ends after closing 6 gates then you can only have a max of 6 gate trophies right? 6 points. 2 for surviving. 11 max for the doom track. So we are on 19. To get a score of over 30 you would need to then kill 33 monsters to kill before he wakes up. I'm starting to question whether people are totalling the total toughness of the monsters they've killed as opposed to the total number of monster trophies. tamsyn said: Or you could seal them and reduce the doom track to get some more time, but still. Actually this wouldn't help either. The only way the Doom Track goes down when sealing a gate is by using an Elder Sign and the scoring rules state –1 per elder sign played during the game so that would actually reduce the score. Also, these scores have to take in to account the Terror Track as well.
  15. A useful spreadsheet - thanks for making it available. One thing I did notice - the formula for the Final Score is wrong. The Terror Track score is supposed to be subtracted from the Doom Track not the other way round. Hence, the formula should be... =IF(H3="Win",SUM(B18:G18)+(E3-C3),0) and the formula for the Final Score on the second sheet should be... =IF(H26="Win",SUM(B41:G41)+(E26-C26),0) Otherwise great job - I'll definitely be using it.
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