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  1. Q: With the card Collateral Damage (SOR 120) can I resolve a Melee dice and a Ranged dice as part of the same action? Thank you in advance, Michael Michael, Thank you for the question. No, you must choose to either resolve melee or ranged with the card, but not both. May the Force be with you, -- Lukas Litzsinger Game Designer Fantasy Flight Games
  2. Another box added 1x U-Wing, 1x Obi-Wan, 1x Blackmail, another Chewie, another Palpatine and another Quadjumper Furelli
  3. Twelve legendarys so far 1x Riot Baton, 2x IG-88, 2x Palpatine, 2x Quadjumper, 2x Slave 1, 3x Chewie Hmmm Furelli
  4. Both Second Chance and Grievous' ability are Before effects. Both trigger on a character being defeated so the controller of the battlefield chooses the order that they resolve. If Second Chance is resolved first then the defeat is replaced and Grievous cannot steal anything. If Grievous is resolved first then one of the lightsabers is stolen, then second chance resolves and the defeat is effect is replaced. Furelli
  5. Lando Calrissian - Yellow Hero - 10HP - 12/15 1 Ranged 2Ranged/Resource 2Discard/Resource 1Resource 2Resource/Resource Blank Before you resolve this die discard the top card from your deck. If the card is Red increase the value of the die by one, if the card is Yellow you do not need to pay the Resource cost, if the card is Grey draw it to your hand. Furelli
  6. It is only abiguous outside of the confines of the rules of this game. Furelli
  7. Ooh, it could be an Upgrade - Equipment that means this character cannot be targeted with damage dice (incl. specials) but opponent can remove one of their dice showing focus to have it discarded. Furelli
  8. I am hoping for a piece of Hero equipment that lets you disguise a character as a villain a la Luke and Han in stormtrooper armour, jyn as a imperial pilot, et cetera Furelli
  9. Even if we are going to accept the conclusion that a re-roll resulting in the same face showing is not changing the game state (which I don't) you would only not get the ambush action if your opponent had passed his last turn as the round only ends with consecutive passes. Furelli
  10. With the IG-88 reveal I am thinking we will get K-2SO. I am also thinking that both these characters may be Grey in card colour (like support droid BB-8 and suspected support droid R2-D2). Then if they stay with 24 characters I am thinking that we will be down 2 blues. All speculation obviously. I am expecting non-uniques for villain and hero in minimum Red and Yellow. Furelli
  11. Yes you are right, I forgot to account for the special being guarenteed damage. The price point should be 12/16. Furelli
  12. You must do as much of an effect as you can, parts of an effect are only optional if they say may. So in the case of jetpack special you gain a shield even if you have a reason not too and must remove a melee dice from dice pools if there is one showing. Furelli
  13. Sabine Wren - 11/14 Health: 10 1 Ranged 2 Ranged 2 Disrupt 1 Resource Special Blank Special: Re-roll this die and apply damage to an opponents characters equal to the rolled value+1 distributed as you wish. Then remove this die from the pool. Furelli
  14. Aanndd now I can't find that announcement re the character numbers, I will keep looking. If Baze is in this set then the prequels will be further underrepresented - which some will say is not a bad thing - but says to me that the next set would have more of a prequel/clone wars focus. Furelli
  15. Except Lukas has said that there will be 24characters per expansion in the panel at the pre-release. The difference in Jyn to Finn can be accounted for by the removal of the starter only non-character card F11-D Rifle. Furelli
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