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  1. I think you misread your FAQ because in it the answer is No. BTW it is in the second page 10 of the FAQ since the last two page of it are both labeled as being page 10.
  2. sigmazero13 said: Although, in answer to the previous poster's question about "why would you take it if there are no objectives?", the answer is simple, really - the Secondary! The Option B of Imperial allows you to execute the secondary without spending a CC, and prevents anyone else from doing so. Thus, you'd take it if you wanted to get a "free" build that you can move right away. I don't think Imperial II would be NOT chosen very often in most games, as that power is VERY nice! It is like taking Production but forfeiting the 2 free resources to deny the secondary to all others. It is hugh, I'll take that any days. Also it is a must have strategy card in turn one to help early expansion.
  3. Québec, Québec, it is not a mistake, the capital of our province as the same name as the Province itself.
  4. The advantage in playing Age of Empire is that each of the six races can more easily use their force to follow different path in the order they choose for claiming objectives. Which make for tighter games where it is almost impossible to be left behind in the first few rounds. Remember that you cannot claim any Stage II objectives before status of round 4. It also make it easier to see who will get a chance at winning making others able to put bump in their road to victory.
  5. @Shadowplay The use of Imperial II variant card undo the take #1 then take #8 Strategy card clock you are talking about in your last reply.
  6. We have found that using SET (Simulated Early Turn) to be as long as playing the fast mostly eventless first round. And we found that using SET unbalance races penalizing big time some races (Yin, Saar, Hacan) It is not worth using for the minimal time saved. Ugluk
  7. Once you have won the space combat, you have to decide your planetary landing, as can be found in page 12 of the rules. See here: "5) PLANETARY LANDINGS After any Space Battles are completed, the active player may now commence Planetary Landings by landing Ground Force and PDS units from his Carriers onto planets in the activated system. If a system contains multiple planets, the active player may split any landing forces between them in any way he sees fit, but may not change his mind once the Invasion Combat step begins. Then if you decided to land GF(Ground Force) on more than one planet, you then initiate a invasion combat process for each of the different planet you are invading. Hope it helped. Ugluk
  8. Don't throw away your First Strike card when you are Naalu, though. They seems to attract "Cultural Crisis" on the round they are going to win, and then First Strike will make your day.
  9. Rule by Terror target the enemy fleet and not the Dreadnaught so the card is not affected by Nanotechnology.
  10. Have your friends go at this url: http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=21&esem=4 Where there is link to Pdf of the rules of Twilight, of the expansion and the FAQ It is easier to find what your not doing right, when all players had read the rules.
  11. Go at that TI3 board: http://www.ti3wiki.org/forum/YaBB.pl get registered and on that board they have a PM fonction where we could exchange our contact information. Unluckily, our last TI3 games was last November, long time ago. Some of our group member real life got in the way, recently.
  12. sigmazero13 said: I DID see one comment somewhere on why the "at any time" only partially "solves" the Winnu power. I had made a lot of comment about this. If at any time, you cannot stops Winnu from claiming spend objectives with any playing interactions. If Winnu is crushed to death, the can ditch 5, 6 AC to receive TG and found your other neighbor to war against you. Then each other round transform his 2 new ACs in TG to continue such founding. He also can exchange all his AC just before using X-89 without having to spend 6 turns in the round to do so. He can also ditch AC when he see an Agenda comming that will cause lost of ACs to all players. I had like 5 to 8 other ways that the any times could be abused.
  13. iceberg84 said: Nikas Zekeval said: PS: Where are you located Iceberg? I'm still trying to find a player group near Minneapolis Montreal, Canada unfortunately, so there's a bit of a distance there. As for the topic, personally I like getting tech, but I was reading a lot of posts on the forum where people said they thought it was a poor beginner's strategy to go for tech all the time. Maybe I misunderstood their concept of what that means though. Purchasing tech at the expense of ships can be dangerous, I'd just like some input from the community about strategy-card-strategy (which I've been getting, thanks to everyone so far). My TI3 playing group is from Montreal. I'm from Québec and travel to Montreal to play.
  14. Dayne said: Xxcha... Slow start race but if played right they are almost untouchable near the end...Start with Production and then Assembly then Diplomacy then Assembly then Diplomacy again... A very fun race to play if you just remember "to sell" the speaker token and your political capabilities...Turn the warmongers one against the other...And most of all be political... They starts so slow that the game is almost ever finish before you can catch up with more of the other races.
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