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  1. In the E3 video, Aqua sounds unnatural sometimes. But in general, I'm liking the voicings. But O_O Yay, a new hooded boss. Overall, I can't wait.
  2. From the battle system video, I actually think all 3 protagonists' voices fit well.
  3. I know it'll work that way, it's just my first impression was that it didn't fit. I'll probably get used to it. I just went back and replayed Days and Xion's voice doesn't sound quite as badly as it did when I first heard it.
  4. Yeah, I meant the matching up with his appearance too.
  5. I'm not liking Master Xehanort's voice...
  6. *imagines a DS pixilated version of Orre*
  7. Hm, don't like that either. Though I guess we'll have to wait until the release.
  8. Even more 3D-ish. I like the concept but I really hope they fix the sprites. I'm not particularly liking the character sprites and a lot of the scenes are looking a little empty. The battle scene we have of Rorua and Roroark looks really cool though.
  9. Trothael said: Got my Arceus from GAME today I has a happy. Can I has happy?
  10. devilmonkey said: Card_Breaker said: ...That just leaves me with the need for Arceus and Celebi. THERE'S A CELEBI?!?!?! Btw, other then the GameStop Arceus promotion that happened some time ago, has there been any other way to get Arceus in North America? For instance, has the Azure Flute been officially released yet? No Celebi yet. And don't quote me but I think there may have been an Azure Flute event, not positive.
  11. I just realized the pikachu colored Pichu is still on Wifi, so I just downloaded it. That just leaves me with the need for Arceus and Celebi.
  12. TheChampIsHere said: I regret to say I don't think I have the movie one. It would make sense if it could be activated 3 times, because there are 3 Pokemon too choose from. That's fine, I'll ask around for one. If we can trade, I'll let you use the Arceus.
  13. Cool, I just read that the Arceus event can be activated twice, once with the movie Arceus and again with the Hall of Origin Arceus. Does this mean it can be activated 3 times with the TRU Arceus in addition? Hm... I'll have to try it... Champ, which Arceuses (Arceii?) do you have? I can easily get the HoO one but I wondering if I could borrow the others.
  14. I picked Cyndaquil as always. It took me so long to find a Mareep before battling Falkner that I got it to a Quilava before the gym. And I had the right time and place where they are...luck just wasn't on my side. Now, I'm tackling Whitney (lol, normal type gym...tackle...no pun originally intended). Somehow, she KOed my Flaaffy with Judgement (stupid metronome) and I reset because I need that tiny bit of exp on it to level up and I don't feel like training. So Champ, could I borrow the events?
  15. Got my games yesterday and my friends and I have been walking around school with our Pokewalkers for the past few days. We're so cool.
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