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  1. The power is not from making multiple tactical actions. Not by a long shot. The power is combining it with Warfare, Diplomacy, or especially Imperial. It's pretty nuts. I like the tech, and I like that it exists, but I think should have at least switched the prereqs with Light/Wave. And for the record I think Hacan's racial that lets him swap strategy cards should never have been conceived. I almost flipped the table when I saw it for the first time in the steaming pile of excrement known as the Shards of the Throne expansion. The only redeeming fact is that it's going to tricky for Hacan to have both that AND Fleet Logistics at the same time, even by end game, unless they skip a lot of other important things, like ship upgrades.
  2. Instead of hinging their entire gameplay around Mecatol Rex, I would have liked to see a race of movers and shakers... a motivated, cunning people who have their hands in everything and make things happen, politically or otherwise. A nice ability to reflect that would be not having to spend a Command Token to perform secondary abilities (or being able to spend an Action Card to do it, or something). Powerful, yes, but could be balanced with the right effort. Might have to design my own race.
  3. Just finished the "Learn to Play" rules. Have only skimmed the reference book, as it's getting late, but I did not find any reference to transfer actions. As far as I can tell, they just don't exist in this edition. And that is utter B.S. I'm very disappointed. One of the hallmarks of a good player is how often (and well) they use transfer actions. Back in the day, people developed very well-thought-out house rules that allowed further use of transfer actions. I believe they were called Simultaneous Actions. Transfer actions, even the vanilla, non-homebrewed variety, were one of the more complex aspects of the game, but absolutely worth mastering. I'm liking some of the new things that I'm seeing in this edition, but if I'm right and they axed transfer actions, that's a BIG strike against this new edition. Guess what my first house rule's going to be? Oh, and the second one is going to be allowing ships in an activated system to leave that system (to pick up other units) as long as they end their movement in the activated system. The way I read that clause in the rulebook, that's still not allowed. Come on, FFG, almost *everybody* in the hardcore community made that a house rule, and it still doesn't make it into the next edition??
  4. No time limits is definitely the simplest solution, but it won't work in tournaments. Can't have the entire floor of people waiting around for that the people to finish that game that's gone on for 3 hours. It would be nice to eliminate games where somebody gets in some lucky hits then runs away for the rest of the match, but I just don't see how that could work in a tournament setting. Unless you work in some variation of a "final salvo"-type deal for games with surviving ships at the end of the match, where you are FORCED to shoot each other until one side prevails. I still say just divide ship hit points (shields and hull) and assign each hp a MOV value. Tally up the total damage dealt by the end of the game to determine a winner. Sure, ships can regenerate shields or repair hull and therefore recover MOV points. So what. Make regen abilities more expensive if necessary.
  5. I've played with it a couple of time and so far the named pilots are hot steaming poop, complete with circling flies... at least with the loadout I used (Synched Turrets). Haven't tried the generics but I imagine they're ok with TLT.
  6. I saw a suggestion somewhere on these forums to change things so that crit results require two evade results to cancel. This would allow 2-dice ships to occasionally cut through solid defense. I liked the idea.
  7. I simultaneously would love to see a 2.0 version of the game, and yet understand that it will just make a whole bunch of new errors, and will also probably retain plenty from 1.0. The designers consistently demonstrate that they still haven't learned some lessons that they should have by now. (Example, TIE Aggressor second-tier generic not getting an EPT).
  8. You poor thing, having to expend effort on a forum designed for discussion.
  9. I tried the binder approach for all of a week. Couldn't stand it. Boxes with dividers are, for me, much faster to find cards, both when you're looking for them, and when you're putting them back. You can grab a stack, which you have ordered the cards alphabetically, leaf through it in just a few seconds, find as many copies as you want of the card you're looking for, then put the stack back in its spot. Compare to having to leave through pages of a binder, get each card out of its sleeve, and then do the reverse after the game. The worst part about binders, though, is having to reorder everything when you get new cards. It also takes up more space, I think. Binders might be better for looking through your collection (highly debatable) but since I build my lists with a squad builder anyway, it's not an issue. Really, whatever suits you is best though. Some people swear by their binders and if it works for them, great.
  10. Expertise is stress-free and works for both shots. K4 is "free" as long as you're doing a green. Unihinged gives you the greens you need for K4, and more greens is just nice. That way you can focus for both attacks, get a target lock for one of them, and can still perform a different action (defensive focus, reposition), all with zero stress and an open dial. I don't think there's anything wrong with LW+Overclocked, though, especially if you're short on points. The reroll on defense is especially nice.
  11. I think it would be a pain in the *** if every time you bumped, you had to lift up/proxy the ship you overlapped, to put a template down underneath them, so that you could figure out what facing you should have on the other side. Now, on the other hand, if they loosened the restrictions on where the ship was placed on the other side, that would be brilliant. With that version, you might not have to fuss around with templates and proxies at ALL, if the rules are written well. You might just place your ship touching one of the other side. As long as it's not possible to abuse somehow, that could be very nice.
  12. If this were chess, you might have a point about forcing your opponent to split fire. But there's so much luck with the dice that you can fly like a bonobo and have crazy things like my 5-striker example happen. Frequently. And besides, it is equally fair to argue that doing 15 damage across 5 ships (who got lucky with a defense roll here and there) deserves more MOV than doing a grand total of 4 damage to a single ship but otherwise being beaten like a red-headed stepchild. There's an assumption that a score should reflect a fight to the death because I want to play X-Wing, not "Run Away Wing." Chasing a 1-health ship around all over the mat trying to get some credit for the work I've done while my opponent runs out the clock is not my idea of a fun time, and that is made even worse by the arbitrary nature of which ships give half points and which don't.
  13. This. I knew there's a reason I've been saving all those **** proofs of purchase!!
  14. To add to my argument, I was on both sides of this last weekend. My opponent in my first game got screwed out of 41 MOV and was one hp away from 28 more because there's no half-point rule for small ships. In the next game, I missed 4 (count 'em, FOUR) range-1 shots with Dengar+Expertise (and target locks on 2 of those shots) against a 1-hp Vader, due to bad rolls on my part combined with orgasmically good rolls on his. Those were shots I could have spent getting points on the other two enemy ships in the list while vader ran away. Both scenarios were absolute bull, and really cut into my enjoyment of the championship.
  15. I don't think I'm underestimating anything. I know it would be a big change. I just think it would be a good one. To answer your question, if it's early to mid-game, I would shoot Fenn to remove him as a threat. If it's the last turn of the game (or late game and I don't think I can get more shots off), I would shoot Asajj to maximize my points. One could argue that adding decisions like that to the game is a good thing. If I have 5 enemy Strikers and I've done three out of four damage to all five, with today's rules I'd get 0 MOV. With the per-HP rule I'd get 75, which is a much more accurate representation of what was accomplished during the match. You might say that killing a ship outright is more important (or indicative of skill/success) than damaging a bunch of them, but I think that would be a pretty hard stance to argue objectively. After all, let's suppose I fly well and do a ton of damage to absolutely everybody (but no kills). Is it fair that just because the dice skewed a little unfavorably on my kill shots, I get no points? Is it more fair that if I'm on the other side of the battle and I squeak by with no deaths even though I got absolutely pummeled, I should get off scot-free because I did a good job running away and avoiding near the end of the match? Avoiding death takes skill too. You can argue either side.
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