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  1. I believe you are all missing this prior discussion which included the answers you crave via Ravage Magazine: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=196&efcid=1&efidt=620785
  2. In all honesty, the Facebook page has everyone talking and sharing projects hourly. Sign up and only be a part of that group. I promise you'll be able to geek out in a manner you won't find anyplace else on the web. And with their settings (FB), you can be on there and no one may never know.
  3. Anyone else just notice that the Prinzluther/Sturmprinz, just like the new SSU Heavies, also come with a bonus tank commander?
  4. Good eye, Dakkon. I neglected to assimilate the carry capacity rules with the pilot rules, looking into the whole activating together + pilot doesn't add to the capacity of carriers. Just making easy rules unnecessarily harder.
  5. From the DT FB Fan Page: Koshka, piloting Gran'ma, activate together and perform the first of a Move+Move. A Ludwig destroys Gran'ma via Reactive Fire between the Move+Move activation. Koshka ejects. Can Koshka now continue with the activation and make a second Move as planned?
  6. See? This is honestly what comes to my mind when I read about the Cobra and Rattler. For the unknowing, this is a pic of a Cobra Rattler from GI Joe, circa 1985.
  7. [please excuse the following comment] ...and then they could do a WWII 28mm game called "Warfare" since Tide of Iron doesn't receive as much love...
  8. Thank you guys so much for the inside-info at this time. Short of sharing army lists, are there much of differences between the platoon structures aside from a special ability? For example, the Allied Combat Platoon does not allow for the Hell Boys so I would assume they would be a section option for the Assault platoon. Also, are there platoons that certain leaders can/cannot join? I noticed in the Bell of Lost Souls preview that Bazooka Joe can only lead a Combat platoon; would this infer that he cannot be a leader in an Elite platoon but become a squad member instead? As for individual squads, the Gunners can be upgraded into a Bot Hunters hybrid. Are there other squads (such as the Axis equivalent Battle Grenadiers) that can be upgraded as well?
  9. What is the Hero Limit of a force? I'm assuming one per platoon?
  10. I'm game for helping picking/suggesting best scenarios on that. Some of my picks: 1. Tiger Hunt by Mike Z. (still the best introductory scenario IMHO) 2. Pavel's Ardennes Campaign 3. (If I recall this is the one with a bridge printout) A Bridge Too Far by Cyrumsiant (sp?) 4. The Pavlov's House one (can't recall the name or who made it) 5. Shane Meehan had some good ones 6. Chris Montgomery had some good ones 7. Brummbar's Moselle 8. Klaus could edit the whole thing and add all of his Last Place. 7times7is49's Bloody Valley (blood bath i love to this day and my own shameless plug) I'll have some better ideas when I can access my laptop (currently in salvage)was always great to have sitting in the player area with the pdfs from headlesshollow, the official books and the scenrios open in tab formcuts down on the whole "where's that frakking playaid with the brits? where's that black & white scenario printout?" Definitely cut down game time by 10 minutes. Doesn't help we scrutinize the hell out of the rules like a nuremberg trial.
  11. I would love official rules on RECON specialization die-rolling to uncover concealed units. Assault Rifle figures. A set of Division Cards for each nationality (20 divisions a piece? 300+ for germany alone? lol). The list is endless...
  12. I'm sure the experts will become the new high priority infantry target depending on the squads used. Can finally play up the Rangers/Commandos/Brandenbrugers/etc. like I've always wanted. I fear the possibility that saboteur may have split camps. I agree the HE seems overpowered... I'm not a big fan of the armor/building destruction rules... I hope the ammo doesn't swamp the existing rules when in use.
  13. With all the new bits and rules as well as the playtesting that must have gone into the new additions and the stuff that didn't make it into the box... definitely understand the length of time involved on this expansion. FFG definitely pulled out the stops on this one... almost wish they made this a base set... If I had the dough (or a day job), I'd pick this up. Maybe start a kickstarter campaign on facebook for me to pick this up. ALL WE NEED NOW IS A NEW SCENARIO EDITOR!!!! And then I'll quit playing M'44 online and pledge allegiance to the FFG... again.
  14. FFG--do the premium painted unit expansion boxes contain the Panzer Killers or Bot Hunters cards as well as the extra minis?
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