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  1. In your area maybe. Over here, x-wing is dead with the arrival of 2e. Not saying the same will happen with IA of course, certainly cause most consider the game dead already.
  2. Alternatively, buy everything you can before they stop reprinting. Game being "canceled" (if you call not creating new physical content canceled) does not mean you can't play it anymore.
  3. Maybe I'm thick, but I don't get the master thief on campaign 4-LOM. Why does it add strain to a crate? If you do this to track which crates have been used for this ability, maybe it should be clarified as such or removed (i.e. Hondo doesn't have this). Or is there another reason?
  4. I think it would help if the exhausted unit cost for TI would be 6+ or something like that
  5. IA can learn to stick to dice combat which is way better. IA can learn that grinding the same enemies over and over again sucks and you should be able to select your units in a mission. IA can learn to have interesting encounters during a mission. Oh wait, IA does all of that which Gloomhaven does not. I guess best thing IA can learn from Gloomhaves is to stay away from it as far as possible. Yes, I do not like Gloomhaven at all.
  6. Painted everything for Imperial Assault. Certainly not wasted time and I'll continue playing campaign for as long as I want. Now if only they'd do a smart move and include IA deployment cards in the legion boxes. It's the only way they'd make me buy legion releases.
  7. Dual rangers or saboteurs can be useful, not sure. To be honest I primarily play campaign mode.
  8. Well, as I'm not happy with the paint job of my hired guns, you probably sold me on an extra blister.
  9. I have two Jawa packs, cause that is a unit where I sometimes want to use a regular and elite at the same time. I've thought about a second hired guns or ISB infiltrator pack, but I never had the need to field two of those units at the same time.
  10. I use feldherr. Cheaper than battlefoam and they have foam that fit boxes or bags. https://www.feldherr.net/for/star-wars-imperial-assault/
  11. I'm voting Yes. How can you have a complete star wars game without one of the most iconic characters, even if it is for only one mission? If they are not afraid to release Greedo, the inquisitor and obi-wan, surely they can release Yoda as well.
  12. Turn the burn to 11! No, I like the idea. Mustafar - Scarif with flametroopers and shoretroopers please. (and feel free to include Dr Aphra, some rogue one characters, Cad Bane, Aurra Sing and Asajj Ventress as well). Not sure on the scum part though, the Mustafar natives don't fit on Scarif, though it would make for some awesome creatures.
  13. No, Slow on the Draw is resolved before Greedo's attack resolves.
  14. Lava or Magma troopers? But mixing with Scarif and having Shoretroopers would be nice as well. Flametroopers might work for both tile types and could use the new burning condition... Except why would you bring fire to a lava planet...
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