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  1. I love the way you paint. Somehow your colors seem soft, en yet still bright. Your detail work like the faces is awesome. Keep posting!
  2. Eddie

    Your History with IA

    Noticed the game when they announced it at gencon. I immediately thought the game would be perfect for me as I always wanted to play descent, but didn't care for traditional fantasy themes. My closet was overflowing with games though, and I refused to let myself slip into a game that I knew would have hundreds of expansions. I made up my mind to never buy it. A friend of mine bought it, and we started playing the campaign. And as expected I loved it right away. Still refused to buy it, cause why would you buy it if you can play someone else's copy, right? At the time that Twin Shadows was released, another friend was selling his copy. It had a great foamcore insert as well, everything for 65 dollars. As the above campaign was going very slow (1 game every 2-3 months), and the guy we played with refused to buy any expansions, I decided to go for it and be the imperial player for a different group of friends. Purchased Twin Shadows with Boba and the droids afterwards, then Solo and Chewy. Can't have the game without the most iconic figures, right? One problem with my friends copy that I purchased was that he painted the AT-ST, and all stormtroopers where primed and one was painted. So I started painting the rest of the primed stormtroopers. Then the droids. Then the Royal Guards. Down the rabbit hole I went. Purchased everything that came out afterwards. A friend of mine commented that he was buying descent for some time, and it was hard to find some older stuff. So I decided to buy the stuff I didn't really want initially as well, to have a complete collection (Weiss, extra stormtrooper pack). Best announcement for me was Jabba's realm. I've always loved Jabba's palace and everything scum related in the Star Wars movies. So announcing Jabba, a rancor, dewback, Gammorrean and Weequays was like a dream come through. I knew the rebels series, but never heard of BT-1 and 0-0-0. So I started reading the vader comics when those figures where released. I also started watching the clone wars series at this point, getting to know more awesome characters like Cad Bane. When the app was announced, I was running my own core and hoth campaign and playing in a different core campaign. Waited for my own core campaign to finish, then started playing the app with my daughters. After that I started a Jabba campaign with a different group. I also dabbled in some skirmish games, but never played a lot due to playing other games next to Imperial Assault as well. I still have to start the Jabba app campaign, so maybe something to do these holidays with the kids. I'm also still in the process of painting everything. I've painted 160 imperial assault miniatures, so only 10 more to go (didn't paint the extra stormtroopers, but I did purchase a second Jawa and dewback). And I'm looking forward to see future releases. Still so many great star wars characters to go!
  3. Eddie

    Scum yes or no.

    No, cause then I'd be tempted to buy the game and threads like these show how inviting most players are in the scene 😉
  4. Hope this works linking these in the forum On the table: Painting in progress:
  5. I only did the obvious Jarrod Kelvin in unoriginal Wolverine... Like to keep it as depicted for the others.
  6. Eddie

    Played Jabba's Realm - got smashed

    Wait, what? No, they don't receive THEIR reward card, they do get A reward card: legendary. Same as in regular campaign play.
  7. Did my cats today as well. Most annoying part about them is the base though. Probably the first mini where I painted the base first, so I would not need to touch up the cats later. I decided to wet-blend the cats. Their markings are probably not correct, but in the end they'll be fine for gaming.
  8. Love the videos. The more laid-back attitude, the fitting star wars images (do it!). I was laughing out loud. keep 'em coming!
  9. I am assuming you photo-shopped the x-wing ghost? Or did you really create a ghost up to scale? Either way, nice work.
  10. Eddie

    Thrawn and Deathtroopers

    Yeah, whatever you do, do not put a core box officer next to a bespin wing guard. (man, the officers from the core box are terrible)
  11. No problem on my Windows, maybe it's related to unity on mac only?
  12. Did we ever get a clear answer on which version of Sabine is the correct one for campaign? The 2 move or the 4 move? I'm expecting the 4 move is correct due to the loss of mobile, but want to make sure.
  13. Eddie

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    I'd love Yoda Cad Bane Aurra Sing Asajj Ventress (merc + imperial version?) And maybe 4-LOM Zuckuss Tobias Beckett Enfys Nest + crew Though maybe some of these are better suited for box sets
  14. Nothing wrong with people per se. Prices like this are actually determined by bots.