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  1. Eddie

    Need more content

    I highly doubt the less popular part, though I have no facts to prove otherwise of course. Jabba's realm has been the most important box for skirmishes, several people buying multiple boxes for elite weequays and/or jets. Even for the casual games, I guess the rancor must be more attractive than a tank or at-dp, no?
  2. To be honest, rancors are not native to Tatooine as well, though I suspect their survival rate will be higher in those conditions compared to wampas. But I get what you are saying. Hope they fix the spawning or at the very least have a "redo random spawn button". Creating more realistic spawning should not be too hard though. Each unit can have several types (snow, forest, desert, interior and any combination of those types). Tiles have one of these types as well. When spawning, check if the unit has at least a type corresponding to any of the tiles in the mission. Anyway, extremely happy that my favorite campaign gets an app release, even more that the missions are different than the campaign from the box itself.
  3. Fear not, it was only in jest.
  4. We, people from the EU, are so poor. Please send us your monies, people from the US, so we can play regular lists and have the same meta.
  5. Eddie

    SW: IA - APP - Bug Report

    Version 1.2.1, second mission (I think). The one where you escort the 4 captives to their ship. End of round 2 got in the ship, 2 moved, everything was activated. But a new round didn't start. Save-quit and restart and a new imperial spawns, but still nothing activates. This was the round after our ally group was defeated. No way to continue, except to declare the remaining two captives as defeated, then it triggered end game.
  6. https://company-b-models-and-miniatures.myshopify.com/collections/sci-fi-decals
  7. Eddie

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    True.but that's the only thing I could think off. So I guess we don't need a second edition as long as we get new narrative campaigns 😉
  8. Eddie

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    Doesn't matter that much for the heroes. The players will always make the characters their own. I was mostly thinking about more charismatic characters for the imperial player. That way, whatever the character the players use, the world will feel more real. Adding a few more RPG elements will create a better immersion for the players instead of being a mostly tactical combat game. What would work better is having thrawn or vader woven through the story of the campaign instead of "Weiss" or "Sorin". Having more recognizable characters join the players or fight against them might go a long way.
  9. Eddie

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    A more immersive campaign. Right now, campaign play sometimes feels like going from mission to mission with little narrative or cohesion. In game narrative with NPCs and meaningfull choices for the players would also be neat.
  10. Favourite to paint: Rancor, captain terro, greedo Hard to pick, cause I loved painting most of the figures. Least favorite: Wing guards and regular officers. The sculpt of the officers is terrible. And my painting quality doesn't help here. Wing guards are very tedious to do. Give me stormtroopers instead, at least I can paint those a lot faster. Not a fan of the tuskens as well, but that is probably my fault due to priming them black.
  11. Eddie

    Total Figure Count?

    My "geek paint sheet" says there's 155 total if you have all expansions one time. I guess that would fit with a1bert 141 small, 5 1x2, 3 2x2, and 6 2x3 figures,
  12. Eddie

    Tyrants of Lothal

    That is exaggerated if you ask me. Looks like her hair in some season 4 episodes. I like the more realistic look (compared to the cartoons that is)
  13. Eddie

    Tyrants of Lothal

    Ha. Somehow I never connected the two. Now it seams so obvious that I don't know how I ever missed it. Awesome voice actor, and from now on Hondo will always be a little bit Minsc.
  14. Or are you asking for the reference to star trek? 1701 is the designation of the Enterprise.
  15. If MHD is attacking, then you're doing it wrong, or you are in a very tough spot. I think my MHD player has attacked one time if 5 or 6 games.