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  1. Eddie

    Played Jabba's Realm - got smashed

    Wait, what? No, they don't receive THEIR reward card, they do get A reward card: legendary. Same as in regular campaign play.
  2. Did my cats today as well. Most annoying part about them is the base though. Probably the first mini where I painted the base first, so I would not need to touch up the cats later. I decided to wet-blend the cats. Their markings are probably not correct, but in the end they'll be fine for gaming.
  3. Love the videos. The more laid-back attitude, the fitting star wars images (do it!). I was laughing out loud. keep 'em coming!
  4. I am assuming you photo-shopped the x-wing ghost? Or did you really create a ghost up to scale? Either way, nice work.
  5. Eddie

    Thrawn and Deathtroopers

    Yeah, whatever you do, do not put a core box officer next to a bespin wing guard. (man, the officers from the core box are terrible)
  6. No problem on my Windows, maybe it's related to unity on mac only?
  7. Did we ever get a clear answer on which version of Sabine is the correct one for campaign? The 2 move or the 4 move? I'm expecting the 4 move is correct due to the loss of mobile, but want to make sure.
  8. Eddie

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    I'd love Yoda Cad Bane Aurra Sing Asajj Ventress (merc + imperial version?) And maybe 4-LOM Zuckuss Tobias Beckett Enfys Nest + crew Though maybe some of these are better suited for box sets
  9. Hence the per se.
  10. Nothing wrong with people per se. Prices like this are actually determined by bots.
  11. Except for using the correct campaign name? Played path to carcossa, not The Forgotten Age. So why wouldn't I read a spoiler for a campaign I thought I played?
  12. I guess thanks for spoiling The Forgotten Age?
  13. Eddie

    Need more content

    I highly doubt the less popular part, though I have no facts to prove otherwise of course. Jabba's realm has been the most important box for skirmishes, several people buying multiple boxes for elite weequays and/or jets. Even for the casual games, I guess the rancor must be more attractive than a tank or at-dp, no?
  14. To be honest, rancors are not native to Tatooine as well, though I suspect their survival rate will be higher in those conditions compared to wampas. But I get what you are saying. Hope they fix the spawning or at the very least have a "redo random spawn button". Creating more realistic spawning should not be too hard though. Each unit can have several types (snow, forest, desert, interior and any combination of those types). Tiles have one of these types as well. When spawning, check if the unit has at least a type corresponding to any of the tiles in the mission. Anyway, extremely happy that my favorite campaign gets an app release, even more that the missions are different than the campaign from the box itself.
  15. Fear not, it was only in jest.