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  1. WayToTheDawn said: I'll have my deck up tonight...I look forward to seeing what you guys think of it. It's probably really bad . Just kidding =)
  2. LOL dude just the make the ruling yourself. I mean...you do have the authority to do so
  3. WR won't be as good or competitively viable imo but no one ever agrees with me
  4. I remember those **** infernal parrots.. I have a mango trees still around just in case.
  5. don't run lvl 3 worlds...they are all bad, and they don't help against any deck...too easy to lock. 3 d. isles 3 monstro lvl 1 3 castle 3 deep jungle lvl 2 That is probably best
  6. Olympia is some of the best tech you can have in aggro mirror's. trading it with a soul eater has forced a 2v1 out of them and robbing them of their win con, basically it's a sweet combat trick. it may only stop a few cards but considering that those cards are either a decks win condition or combat tricks, then paper wise it's good. It's good synergy in aggro control with your other cards and provides...you know...control... Olympia is good at forcing your opponent to over commit or commit cards they wouldn't otherwise want to commit into the challenge. "Player 1: Challenges with oblivion/ultima Player 2: Plays olmpia ....well thats great now your tied ... player 1 can now pass and if player 2 passes then it ends in a tie and nothing happens ... or the challenge continues and player 2 adds a card..."-Vertically Challenged This hypothetical situation doesn't exactly drive your point home. if you are on the defensive, then having nothing happen is good and it buys you time so you can establish control. And again, this situation is a 2v1 in your favor. How is that bad? "Player 1: Riku 3 challenges with Sephiroth Player 2: Riku 3 add Sephiroth Player 1: Soul Eater Player: 2: Ultima Player 1: Olympia, discard ultima" This situation is another beautiful example of olympia getting a 2v1 in your favor and showing that is has offensive capabilities as well. and what if player 2 is at 2hp? then they are put into a tight situation and are forced to over commit their board. seems good to me
  7. I copulating hate these boards....no quick reply is obnoxious
  8. Vice said: Has this game become an Agro game? I say yes. After seeing the cards they've done for COTD there all Agro. No WR support. IS FFG forcing us to play Agro and trying to eliminate the WR win condition? You decide. Of coruse we cant make that desicion until the set come out but so far thats what its looking like to me and the few friends I play with. WR is a dumb win con. I agree with you.
  9. No...more money would be better LOL I like...have a life and stuff now so it's hard for me to play and keep up with this game (even though nothing has changed since I left metagame wise LOL). I've been busy with my move back to NH and trying to find a job and whatnot. I'll be going back to school in late August at a state college here for either Graphic Design or a Film major and STILL can't decide which I want to do...mprobably go graphic design though...I could end up working for WotC with kind of degree. I'll be moving into an apartment with some friends soon but I need a job bad...stupid recession... I've also been getting back into competitive magic and I do plan on playing in a bunch of the PTQ's at Gen Con to qualify for Pro-Tour Austin and magic is a worth while investment whereas this game....n-n-not so much. At least magic cards are worth something so when I buy packs I can sell cards I don't need, and it's loads of fun I also don't like coming on here because 90-95% of the people here are morons who have no idea what they are talking about so I'll just trut around every now and again.
  10. You guys are terrible... Just saying I'm terrible too so is kay.
  11. That event card is probably going to be the best card in the set.
  12. Dmal as a pseudo moogle is terrible. you have to discard a whole ton of cards just to play it and have it removed later that game or be forced to use it in a challenge, it requires other cards in play in order to play it in your friend zone in the first place, some moogle huh? Sephy is okay, it screams win more imo. Phil is good. Sebastian is okay, certainly playable. Winnie the pooh (both lvl 0 and 1) are bad. lvl 0 pooh is easily played around and easy for a good player to bait into challenges and the lvl 1 is bad because of sephiroth and monstro, and it's overall pointlessness in any deck. Sneak is pretty bad too. it's easy for wr to get rid of it with almost every single friend card in their deck (Beast herc pan Dumbo). Monstro locks dark decks incredibly well when you add simbas into the mix. Dark decks need a whole bunch of things on the field and magic in their hand in order to combat the resource base and speed that light players have, but I was saying that months ago. Mr. Dawn is right, Mickey is still the best card and will always BE the best card in the game, hands down. Top 3 best cards (imo) 1.) Mickey 2.) Destiny Islands 3.) Soul Eater The 3rd slot is really hard to fill but I think Soul Eater will be staple pretty soon. I expect WR to die.
  13. this format is fun Aerora>discard fortune to return it>aerora>Graviga/get's countered>Don lvl 4 for graviga>Graviga>Play a bunch of friends>Challenge
  14. we changed leon's wording to this: Leon is not discarded when targeted by a magic card or card ability.
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