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  1. I have never had a problem with the Saar HS. About the only house rule my group has done is to allow the Saar to build their Hs wherever they want to as they are wanders from the start and do not care about their HS.
  2. Treguard said: I'm curious how much taller a complete stack of sleeved action cards will be My sleeved cards are kept in the Action Card box they came in as it is to tall to stand on its own.
  3. Kerrin2 said: I've never tried playing this way in a four player game. One thing it would do is speed up the game a bit since each player will have only one strategy card to execute. Something I could see happening is that the strategy cards deemed "less worth taking" by the players in the game would never be selected unless there was a situation-specific reason for someone to do so. That situation would probably be 3 or more bonus tokens on them.
  4. I have sleeved my entire game. I want to protect the investment nd it helps in the rare cases where someone has a drink with them and possibly has a mishap. I also use some variant cards and the sleeves make it so you cannot tell the difference and makes it easy to shuffle.
  5. The Bribery Action Card is the other way to so this other then bribing actual players.
  6. Dulkal said: What Steve-O said, pretty much. Looks like its gone for good. Some of the forum users have gathered at simonkamber.dk/ti3 That site as well as boardgamegeek.com I use both
  7. You do not have to use all your counters each turn and yes you will only get 2 counters back a turn. Exceptions: The only race to get more is Sol as one of their race abilities gives you an extra to place and then of course you can research the ability with tech for any race. You might want to download the recent FFG FAQ rules as well as they help answer a lot of questions as well. http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/Twilight%20Imperium%203/ti3faq2-2.pdf
  8. I put up a few PO next to the Special objectives (green) at the start of the game and still give everyone there SO to start with. This gives more Objective possibilities and for some players a quicker game. These count as regular objevtives that can be scored as normal stage 1 or 2 objectives. I will put up 3 of the easier ones and consider them Stage 0 objectives. Method 2 I have tried as well - I have also done it another way and that is to place up at the beginning of the game 1 random PO for each player in the game and it is available for anyone to accomplish immediately from the start of the game but can only be scored by one individual. That way there would be 6 PO in play in a 6 player game but it would still be a race to the easy ones and everyone still would have their SO on hand so even if you could not get one finished then you still had your SO as well. I never liked the basic rule of havig to finish your PO before getting an SO so I do not use it anymore as some PO's were much harder then others so a player might not ever get the chance of having a SO in the game. My using one of the other 2 methos I still give everyone an SO and there are just a few more starting objectives in the game.
  9. Wish I was closer but Reno, NV is a bit of a drive for me unless I took a weekend out.
  10. They can get up to 3 hits a battle round. The same is true for when you add an Admiral to a ship - it gets one more dice to use in its attack so if y ou had an Admiral on a WS it would have 4 dice to use and could hit up to 4 times in one battle round getting 4 hits and possibly taken out 4 ships (sustain notwithstanding)
  11. Probably not after the recent release of a new expansion. I also do not want to see a new edition. I like what has been done with this one and probably would not change editions if it changed to much. Like the massive change from TI2 to TI3 saw some people not change over I would stick with what I have. I would love to see a big box that contained all the expansions sold thought as it might get more people into the game anew.
  12. That is to bad. It would be nice if FFG would look into doing a proper TI3 RPG. I have the original and there is much missing from it and I would love to have a new version that took into account all the new races and proper storyline.
  13. Reno, NV Next game coming up April 9th and then May 21st. May 21st is a big weekend game I am hosting for any players to come to from anywhere. I will be hosting games all Saturday through Sunday. You can check out both times out here: 9th 21st
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