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  1. This almost seems backwards. The tyranids are the ones who take over other races via spores and inbreeding. When have the Necrons ever allied with anyone? For example it was with Blood Angels, I think it was against Tyranids. Courtesy of Matt Ward. The context of that "alliance" would assist. It would not have helped either side (Marines or Necrons) to fight each other in the face of an immense army (Tyranids). They merely ceased hostilities and fought against the swarms, not stupidly shooting at each other while they were run over with bio-constructs. The Necrons leaving without engaging the marines makes complete sense given the (improved) Necron's personalities. In the old days they were faceless, Cthulhu-like machines without character.
  2. XiMao626 said: I wouldn't say that the Dark Eldar will stoop to working with anyone when the chips are down. They'll work with anyone as long as it benefits them. In the latest DE codex there is a story about how Dark Eldar allied with Tau to fight against the Tyranids and they asked for a 'Cultural Exchange Delegation' in return...which they turned into Grotesques and other Fleshcrafted beasts of war. When the Tau found out and tried to counter attack, the Dark Eldar vanished, led a full scale planetary raid on the equivalent of a Paradise world, and left laughing all the way home with their new slaves... Or the time the Dark Eldar assisted Craftworld Iyanden when it was attacked by a massive Ork fleet. They only helped their craftworld cousins because they liked their forays into the Infinity Circuit.
  3. By the way, shouldn't it say "Writ of Execution:" and not "Write"? I am mistaken somehow?
  4. Polaria said: Neither really. You asked why Necrons? I suggested it might be because FFG and GW are cooperating and aiming to release Black Crusade and Codex Necrons near to each other and include common elements in both. Thanks for clearing it up. I was not sure, that's all.
  5. Polaria said: Because the new Tabletop Codex: Necrons is very likely coming out on October/November slot this year? Not sure if you are disagreeing with me or not.
  6. Frostfire said: Yeah. Everybody's seen it. Doesn't mean it's not funny and applicable. Actually, that is the first time that I have seen it. That made me laugh out loud.
  7. Sister Callidia said: I must say that Chaos forces fighting against Necros appeals more to me then big bad deamon blessed servant killing helpless humans. Given that Necrons, or specifically the C'Tan, are opposed to the Immaterium, it makes sense that they will be opponents of Chaos followers in the game.
  8. Bleached Lizard said: spirit said: Sweeeeet. Wonder when the UK will get it. It's available in the UK this Wednesday (2nd March). Brilliant, so it will be released in Australia in two weeks.
  9. Cifer said: Huh. I thought the Screaming Vortex would be some reference to the Eye of Terror. I'd say "good catch", but... That reminds me: An interesting question might not only be "where" but "when". There are two pictures with Necron elements (a scarab and a lord). Either they wake up a little sooner in the Vortex than in the rest of the galaxy (and for some reason, Chaos isn't interested in telling the Imperium) or FFG advances the timeline. There is nothing to say that the Necrons cannot awake before the incident at Sanctuary 101. You could argue previous sightings were unreported. Besides, as I have always said, the Deceiver has been active for a long time and there are Necrons who have infiltrated the Imperium. I guess then that we would have some active tombs already.
  10. Zamnil Blackaxe said: It could just be art from the book guys. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. But why? Given that Necrons have not really been mentioned - apart from that one Deathwatch adventure - including them just for design purposes seems awfully odd.
  11. N0-1_H3r3 said: Peacekeeper_b said: Meaning, will it be a bunch of reprinted material from Disciples of the Dark God's, The Radical's Handbook and various entries from Rogue Trader and Deathwatch? We can assume at least 50-60 pages will be "rule" "repeats" and probably 50-80 pages of character classes, origins, skills and talents. I can't go into any detail - NDAs and all that - but I can assure you that I wouldn't have spent a significant amount of time and effort on this book if the intent was just to cobble it together from scraps and reprints. Though I may be considered a biased source, I feel that the work I did on Black Crusade is some of my best, that the team that wrote this book is in my opinion the best writing team that FFG have assembled for a 40kRP book yet, and that the material produced is top-notch. I am extremely proud to have worked on it. Well, I am feeling confident about the book. Cheers for that
  12. Toqtamish said: An Eldar RPG would be very exciting to see. Agreed. I would be extremely pleased by that.
  13. Santiago said: I think Malal has been pretty much been written out of the setting by GW... Correct. GW lost the rights to using Malal when one of the developers left the company. I think that's why they created Zuvassin and Necoho in the Enemy Within campaign. A shame, because I like Malal.
  14. I'm suspicious we will see rules for the Necrons in Black Crusade. Go to the BC main page and scroll down; you will see a Necron Lord.
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