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  1. theres a new group that meets in Berlin NJ at all things fun. check out their website.
  2. Darksbane said: Cthulhu also, you can put a card facedown under your base to provide 1 resource per card when you exhaust your base. I also thought it was funny that three zones where red, green, and blue. Darth Vader enters the Power Challenge zone.
  3. I think I heard mention that someone has been designing scenarios, do these make use of the current cards or are they creating their own cards? If they make use of the current cards I think thye would be really cool to try them out, however I don't know how to get to them (call it laziness or busy...maybe both). and was wondering if someone could point me to a website or forum post that includes them or information on them. Thanks.
  4. Hellfury said: Darksbane said: I do see this as being a problem with these types of co-op games and it does make me wonder at the long term viability of the co-op ones in an LCG format.Using LotR as an example the lack of a metagame has meant the deck construction portion ends up getting old once you get the proper deck built to combat the given scenerio. There is no one to compete against besides a fixed encounter deck run by an AI which doesn't change and so once you've found the deck which has a high win % against the encounter you are playing against that is it. Even with expansion packs every month it is like you are playing the same fairly dumb opponent for that whole time. Part of the draw of these types of games for me is the deck construction and I'm just not feeling it with LotR as much as I'd like. I am obviously biased against the new fad in co-o games, but I have played enough LotR LCG to agree with this regardless of my bias. The long term success of this game may very well be hindered by the fundamental design of the game. The highly prized SW IP can only carry a game so far before it fizzles. I do hope I am wrong though because I hate to see any design lack success as it takes hard work to design even lackluster games. See I think the Co-Op is more in tune with the stated goals and actual process of an LCG. In Game of Thrones and Warhammer Invasion there are a lot of times where I get a Chapter/adventure/force pack and use maybe one card out of it. In Lord of the Rings you use all or almost all the cards and they are resuable when you do the quest again. The fact that each chapter pack actually expands the game by adding a new quest/scenerio really makes it a living game it grows with eachpack. How many times in AGoT does a theme not really flesh out in the first chapter pack its in. So far the three adventure packs (one soon to be released) all add a different dynamic and are immediatly implemanted upon release. Furhtermore, LCG is supposed to be about getting a bunch of people together and playing every so often and less about min maxing to death a deckbuild. It doesn't take away the min/max, as nightmare mode screams for min/maxing, it just allows the game to not be defined by it. As to getting bored with deck building, well the deck building mentioned is only focusing on half the game. That stagnate AI does not have to be stagnant. Dig into those encounter cards and quests cards and see what kind of scenerios you can put together. Beat Massing at Osgl and Dol Gondor too easily? put them togther and shuffle the quests into a random order and give it a go. Or travel from one to the other in nightmare mode with stop at the carrock in between. Once you've min/maxed your deck to beat the scenerio as printed, min/max the scenerio.
  5. I've been staying away from here for the same reasons I didn't attend the NYC regional (I couldn't make the DC regional). I am very dissatisfied with the tournament environment as a whole. There is no deck I'd want to run right now, and I wouldn't even have run a deck with TLS or Heir in it at a regional without the errata. The game is being pushed in a direction that I don't find fun and challenge at the same time. So instead of dropping a big monetary and time commitment, I did something else with my saturday. Normally I go to NYC tournaments whenever I can because i really like the guys there. Sadly, I could not justify spending over $100 in total costs to watch the people i like play a game.
  6. Mathias Fricot said: 3 Westeros Bleeds Valar Wildfire Loyalty Money Can Buy That should slow down the early game a fair bit thats a solid base. Heres another option if you don't want to go so reset heavy. fear of winter and Loyalty money can buy turns 1 and 2 (any order you want) burning bridges turn 3 wildfire turn 4 (especially if you have Jhogo out [you know a 3 cost character that actually draws cards all by his lonesome]) id say targ should love that plot combo no matter the deck and no matter the opponent. It leaves you room to add in two more deck specific plots and rivals the plot deck of a lanni cities plot. heck if you wanted shadows you could go with two city plots or if you want search you could use new maester city and one of the other city control plots. bara's go no answer for that.
  7. mathlete said: I still think The Laughing Storm with Threat From the East is stupid! The Laughing Storm is a ridiculous card. Wanna bet that 75% of Regional decks plan Baratheon? wanna bet that those decks still lose 75% (or more) of the time to stark, martell, targ, or lanni?
  8. FATMOUSE said: Much of the show just felt very disconnected. Instead of slowly developing the characters, it rushed to explain everything as once. If I hadn't read the books, I probably would have been confused or at least had difficulty following and processing everything. Considering HBO was showing the show 3-4x back to back, I don't see why they couldn't have made a longer episode. 15 extra minutes or so would have probably done a lot. Maybe I'm biased because I know what happens in the books, but putting aside the show's physical quality (i.e. sets, costumes, etc.) I thought it could have been told in a much more cohesive and coherent manner. I'm right here with you. Lots of spots where I was like oh thats good, but if i didn;t know the books I would have been like What? As a for instance when Ned fist said Winter is coming, my girlfriend was like What the hell does that mean? THere were a few spots were I just paused to give a brief background most notable when robert was blubbering over a statue and when danny and vis first show up.
  9. The 2011 AGOT Delaware Regional Championship will be held on Saturday, May 14 at Between Books in Claymont, Delaware. Between Books 2703 Philadelphia Pike Claymont, Delaware 19703 (302)798-3378 BetweenBooks@Verizon.net The tournament will be joust format with four rounds of Swiss with a cut to the Final Four. If a surprising number of people show up we may add a fifth round of swiss. This will be determined before the first round begins. Each round will be 50 minutes 10:00 AM - Registration Begins 10:30 AM - First Round Begins 3:00 PM - Final Four Begins we should be completely done before 6:00 PM The TO will not be participating in the tournament except to play the person with the bye if there is one, but that won't be an official game. All Standard FFG Tournament rules will be enforced. Deck lists are required. You can email them to the address below at any time prior to the tournament. Or you can provide a printed or handwritten list before the tournament starts. Deck List Forms will NOT be provided so please make your own arrangements. Newly released products must be available at Between Books before May 1, 2011 to be eligible in this tournament. I will send out an update after May 1, 2011 to list which new products are eligible and which are not eligible. There is no tournament fee. We would like to have a Kingsmoot Melee Tournament as a side event assuming there is enough interest to justify holding it. The top 4 finishers at the Kingsmoot event at GenCon 2010 were all from the Claymont meta so come test your Kingsmoot mettle against the reigning champs of this format. Anyone foolish enough to point out that only 5 people participated in the GenCon 2010 Kingsmoot event will be immediately disqualified. The details for this side event will be determined the day of the event to allow maximum flexibility. please email Jeff Peterson with any questions or requests darthjeff@comcast.net
  10. Gualdo said: jmccarthy said: Maybe I'm nuts, but I think Daven Lannister could be amazing. You'd have to build around him, but he could jump you from 8 power to 16, and infamy has the added bonus of protection from power challenges... I can't wait to try him. I think condition on winning dominance by 4 or more limite him a lot... but of course this is noly my thought... a non-lannister player thought ;-) save 4 gold to use for him....thats probably the win domience by 4 str right there....and its not like lanni needs to work hard to save 4 gold
  11. Twn2dn said: Going forward, if someone chooses the Fury plot for the occasional response effect, it will be a sign of skill...since they will have factored in the statistical advantage of Fury over other cards. If this is the only real consequence of putting the Fury plots on the list, and 90% of players just swap Fury out for Song of Summer, I'll be more than satisfied. really? why would stark, bara, or greyjoy take the furies out of their deck right now? it doesn't solve the (somewhat mystical) coin flip problem of stark v gj and it doesn't stop bara from having a weapon (no i wont call it an edge when the two houses it hits are control houses) against 2 house? heck through martells fury in if they don't want val (which they don't need to draw gobs of cards).
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