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    spaceratcatcher reacted to TheWorldSmith in Suvfaeras   
    Suvfaeras was bound using xenos runes and otherwise, so I find its very-likely that races previously-present in the sector could've had strong connections to The Warp, and the alien hand and black orb would support this me thinks. It's all open-ended to allow you some interpretation, but personally I like the idea that Suvfaeras is an ancient being.
    After all... The Pandemonium is getting worse... And who's to say this extinction event hasn't been brought upon the sector previously?
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    spaceratcatcher reacted to Keffisch in Anybody ever mapped Port Gyre? Or Desoleum?   
    You can always ret-con it by saying it was an Administratum error and that the signs/labels/markers/map pointers etc. have since been transferred to the correct facility and that the clerk in question has been punished in accordance with making such an error.
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    spaceratcatcher reacted to Daedalum in WFRPv3 the first RPG for dyslexia   
    Discovering this RPG was like coming home in a way you won't understand unless you have been impacted by dyslexia growing up.
    In what might appear to the non dyslexic as unnecessary excess of parts &  processes, WFRPv3 overcomes issues of short term memory, the need for haptic reinforcement and a broader language of symbols, colours, physical representations that I hit in other systems. Even simple systems like windows file system.
    As a father who is realising his own history with dyslexia through watching his daughter, I can say the impact ranges from suboptimal participation in life to a deep existential alienation from mainstream culture. After 20 years of slowly parsing rules and rulebooks not built for my learning type, this was the first time an RPG made the effort.
    This game showed me a lot of things beyond and bigger than just gaming. Im optimistic we can find more strategies and understanding for my daughter's learning than the negative labels and ignorance my generation put up with. Games will play no small part.
    Thank you FFG and J. Little
    It takes all types. And it takes all types of games.
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    spaceratcatcher reacted to gandalf9700 in Gatekeeper question (Spoilers)   
    The first adventure going to Quolos and encountering Gel Marcolf.  It didn't go anything like expected and well this is where I need help.  The encounter with Gel was roleplayed so well that Gel didn't attack, seen the light and helped to negotiate peace with the factions.  Now my question is this?
    What would you do with Gel?  I could just send him off into the galaxy never to be seen again.  I could save him to bail out the party later or what?  
    Any ideas on this subject would be very helpful.  Thanks.
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    spaceratcatcher reacted to Gregor Eisenhorn in Running Forgotten Gods   
    I'll be running Forgotten Gods at some point this November after we finish our current Only War campaign (GMed by one of my players). I've taken the group through Dark Pursuits and Desolation of the Dead and it's been interesting to say the least. I've been doing a lot of planning and prep work and I plan on sharing some of the stuff here as people might find it useful to use themselves or as a source of inspiration. Before I do that I was wondering if anyone here has run Forgotten Gods, what their experiences were and if they had any advice pertaining to the campaign in general?
    (This is a cross-post from Roll for Heresy)
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    spaceratcatcher reacted to Chyrondave in Is it what you expected?   
    I don't know about apocalyptic scenarios, but I think that there is still some room for new ideas that use this concept (simple stat set up with players acting as themselves).
    Case in point, I used the rules outlined in the series for a "ghost hunt" scenario (which I still have yet to run).
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    spaceratcatcher reacted to Tim Huckelbery in Numbers of a Spectical Nature   
    Hellos and Huzzahs to my fellow tellers of entirely factual tales! 
    The Baron has expressed his desire for his humble servant to relay information concerning the optical nature of his book. Oh, apologies, he meant the spectical nature. Drat, no, he means the specifications for the book, of which there are contained within many of his adventures across the globe, under and above the globe, and into the strato-spherical realms above.
    This new Third edition is One Hundred and Forty Four pages in length, an expansion so vast as to be incomprehensible to any but the greatest of mathemagicians, and barely enough to contain all of the New Content. 
    It is also of Full Colour, with the renowned Omar Rayyan providing glorious illustrations unseen by mortal eyes until now throughout the book. Such is the stunning nature of the artwork that it pushed aside all others, and thus the entire book is comprised of art from this wonderful personage. Ready hand-kerchiefs and tissues, ladies and gentlemen, for surely you will weep upon seeing the Baron's adventures brought to life within these pages. 
    Additionally, the Fine People who give both Imaginary Power and Aeronautical Lift to Games have assured me that there will be Miniaturized Aetheric-Electrical Representations of the Baron's image suitable for use in Forums with Series of Tubes to indicate the Belief in the Baron's Extraordinary Tales, and Willingness to attempt to craft tales of equally fantastical (though, of course, utterly factual) nature. 
    Mendace Veritas!
    — The Honourable Captain T. L. Huckelbery (ret)
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    spaceratcatcher reacted to Tim Huckelbery in A Notice of Sad Tidings...   
    It has come to the Baron’s attention, as well as to the eagled-eyes of those who scour these ætherical series of tubes connecting this Modern World, that scurrilous deeds are afoot! Someone has had the audacity to lower the already diminutive price that was being charged for this Third Edition of his Game. Alarums! 


    The Baron weeps, for that funding was sorely needed to sally forth against the French against their latest invasion efforts. It now appears his supplies will include only three barrels of the ’77. If only he had the monetary means for even just one more barrel! 


    But you can do your part! When purchasing the book, now for only $24.95, simply post a cheque for the difference, along with any other funds laying about, to "The Baron Munchausen" (any official of letters will certainly be able to deliver your missive, and more importantly the cheque, to him, wherever he might be either on, under, or above the Earthy realms). And rest easy, knowing the Baron will certainly put it to good use. I hear the ’62 is also an excellent year. 



    Captain T. L. Huckelbery, of the Ærospatial Vessel Falcon, (RET)


    (Hey all, yes indeed the price did drop on the book)


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    spaceratcatcher got a reaction from Bojanglez in How noob friendly is this?   
    The mechanics should feel familiar for players of the Star Wars Roleplaying lines, as End of the World uses a very narrative system featuring both positive and negative dice added to a pool. Tests can inflict Stress on a character even in the case of a success. It's a much lighter system, with only two types of dice (both six-sided), and no extensive skill or talent system.
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    spaceratcatcher reacted to Sakara in If this is revolt of the machines   
    I'm thinking that is probably from the nanobot scenario; it looks like a swarm of nanobots stripped most of that area, including the deer, on the first pass. Considering those are supposed to be destroying all organic matter, it could very well be a picture of the process still in action (the fog perhaps being the swarms).
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    spaceratcatcher reacted to Sakara in How Realistic?   
    Just watch the old movie Maximum Overdrive, and as others have said turn off the logic centers of your brain. Then again, you could use that as motivation:
    Pete: "That's impossible! An electric knife couldn't chase me like this!"
    GM: "Normally you would be correct Pete, but do you really want to stop and question it?"
    Pete: "Ummm, no, I'll figure it out later!"
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    spaceratcatcher got a reaction from Popdart in A Fist With a Nurgle Twist?   
    I would think the Corrosive quality is just what the plague doctor ordered. You could simply increase its value as the power grows/awakens.
    And be sure to check out the Daemon Weapon rules in Enemies Beyond or even the Legacy Weapon rules in Tome of Blood! (Shameless plugs.)
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    spaceratcatcher got a reaction from Robin Graves in A Fist With a Nurgle Twist?   
    I would think the Corrosive quality is just what the plague doctor ordered. You could simply increase its value as the power grows/awakens.
    And be sure to check out the Daemon Weapon rules in Enemies Beyond or even the Legacy Weapon rules in Tome of Blood! (Shameless plugs.)
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    spaceratcatcher got a reaction from Magnus Grendel in A Fist With a Nurgle Twist?   
    I would think the Corrosive quality is just what the plague doctor ordered. You could simply increase its value as the power grows/awakens.
    And be sure to check out the Daemon Weapon rules in Enemies Beyond or even the Legacy Weapon rules in Tome of Blood! (Shameless plugs.)
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    spaceratcatcher got a reaction from Radwraith in A Fist With a Nurgle Twist?   
    I would think the Corrosive quality is just what the plague doctor ordered. You could simply increase its value as the power grows/awakens.
    And be sure to check out the Daemon Weapon rules in Enemies Beyond or even the Legacy Weapon rules in Tome of Blood! (Shameless plugs.)
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    spaceratcatcher reacted to Vonether in Watch our End of the World (RPG)   
    If you need a fix for EotW gaming, I'm doing a

    Enjoy it, give us feedback!

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    spaceratcatcher got a reaction from alemander in Bodyguard & Step Aside   
    As a GM, I would probably allow it in most situations, as long as the bodyguard could conceivably push/tackle the other character out of the way. Although, I might rule that they both end up prone after.
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    spaceratcatcher reacted to Xcapobl in Transform and roll out!   
    I have seen the (proposed)cover of the book in the anouncement. There is a seemingly large sized robot in the back, next to, even towering over, the ruins of the buildings. Then It got me thinking (kind of inspired by the Transformers movies as well). What if the apocalypse wasn't a revolt of the machines against us, but two or more factions of giant, transformable robots bringing their war into our frail landscapes? May seem like a nice custom scenario (assuming this isn't in the book in one form or another already).
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    spaceratcatcher reacted to htsmithium in End of the World a Complete Fail?   
    They just announced another book today!
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    spaceratcatcher reacted to eltom13 in Trade Sable Camp Map   
    Since I am currently preparing for our next session of Forgotten Gods, I thought I'd share the following map of a possible layout of the smuggler's camp with my fellow GMs.
    (Edit: updated link)
    Maybe it is of use to some of you.
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    spaceratcatcher reacted to Gregor Eisenhorn in Forgotten Gods - Into the Wastes   
    Thanks for the write ups Elton, they're very entertaining! I hope you keep posting more in the future It's good to know that the combat encounters are a bit of a breeze for your guys, I have a similar problem with my group; a problem which will only get worse since the medic is who is pretty much good at everything is now looking for a powersword...
    On the other hand my groups subtlety is awful, so much so that combined with the fact Desoleum and Askellon in general is rife with heresy, their Inquisitor has decided his hand is forced and is in the process of setting up an Inqusitorial Bastion on Desoleum and is helping a contigent of Adeptus Soritas from Juno set up a new Order on Desoleum. Then there's the public burnings which will begin soon...
    I'm thinking that in response to this, the trade sable are going to be a lot more cautious and their operatives are going to begin packing serious heat. At the very least I'm considering giving the head of the smugglers the acolytes tail at the beginning a plasma pistol and some frag grenades to the rest. What does everyone think?
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    spaceratcatcher reacted to eltom13 in Forgotten Gods - Into the Wastes   
    Oh, boy ! So we had our "Into the Wastes" session yesterday. The warband (consisting of Cutter the telepath, Harlon the pyrokine, and Alicia the Arbitress) is pretty much ******-up. But first things first.
    They started out well enough leaving the hive and hiring D'Layne Travers and his Sand-Lynx as well as the waster-guide Lano. Because of the heat (I think the Fatigue-rules for survival in the wastes in FG are rather nice) none of the acolytes are wearing any armor anymore. The warband weathered a glass-storm and met Hashian Trels, who rather surprisingly gave them a voidsuit.
    Then Lano led them into a trap.
    The Black Reaver of Frohrn attacked coming over a sand dune out of the setting sun and ramming the Sand-Lynx in the side. The Sand-Lynx was shoved into the opposing sand dune and toppled over on the side. The Reaver set back and Gwydrae started circling the broken autocarriage with Frohrn loudly demanding the warband to come out and surrender. D'Layne had Lano's Knive in the shoulder and was unconscious. Also the traitor Lano lay forgotten in some corner of the autocarriage. Cutter could see two wasters through the top-hatch and forced one to shoot the other. The Gwydrae opened fire on the car, bullets ricocheting everywhere. A big glass-shard from Frohrn's Hand Cannon ripping through the roof and smashing against the car's floor. Miraculously none of the warband got hit. Harlon, still hanging in the safety belts on the co-driver's seat, threw an Inferno against a bunch of Gwydrae he could see through the top-hatch. One burned to ash. Alicia remembered the Hallucination Grenade she took from Jarrik Tyrnel and threw it out of the hatch. The gas spread, two Gwydrae collapsing thinking it was poison gas and they are dead, a third shooting at an imagined big worm on his leg and thereby shooting himself severely in the leg. Other Gwydrae running away to evade the supposed poison gas. Along Frohrn and his champion the shaman stood his ground and brought down the wrath of his ancestors on the Sand-Lynx, an Inferno manifesting inside the autocarriage. Cutter with his clairvoyant powers got out in time through the side-door (now on top of the wreck). Harlon spending a Fate Point on his dodge and rolling 01 also got out of the car. Alicia dove for the top-hatch, shooting out of the carriage in a flash, rolling to the ground in front of Frohrn burning (not yet in the crits). The Sand-Lynx engulfed in flames. Frohrn smashing down the pommel of his sword on the Arbitress' head (Fatigue, sweet Fatigue). Harlon shoots the champion with a molten beam, but he lives and charges at the witch! On the other end of the car the shaman strikes at Cutter with his xenos blade. Alicia, still burning, leaps up and shoots Frohrn in the face with her boltpistol. He is not down. The pyrokine bursts into flames on purpose thereby scaring away the champion. Cutter forces the shaman to attack Frohrn. Alicia finally lays down, rolling around, trying to extinguish the flames (more Fatigue and now in the crits). Frohrn wants to finish her off, but is struck by his shaman in the back, grunting angrily. Harlon has mercy on his colleague and manipulates the flames on Alicia to go out. Cutter forces Frohrn to shoot at his champion who is just turning around and taking aim at Harlon. The champion is hit, looses both legs and goes down screaming. Alicia runs for the doubtful safety of the wreck. Harlon throws another Inferno at Frohrn and his shaman. The shaman goes down burning. Meanwhile Cutter notices that the previously fled Gwydrae have taken the Reaver and are training one of the big cannons at them. He forces the driver to accelerate and turn away from them at full throttle. The cannon's shot goes wide. Frohrn looking at his three opponents, his dead champion, the burning shaman on the ground, and his retreating Reaver takes to his heels after the Viator. Harlon mercilessly hits him with Assail, throwing him through the air, ripping free his arm, and Frohrn goes down screaming in a spray of blood and gore. Alicia shoots at the retreating Reaver with her boltpistol only hitting solid armor. Cutter starts running after the transport waving his arms and daring them to stop. Finally, Harlon lands a very lucky Flamebreath hit on one of the back-tires causing it to catch fire and break. The Reaver gets out of control ramming a sand dune and the warband can defeat the rest of the Gwydrae and take over the Reaver. Of course, their own transport, containing their driver and almost all of their gear and supplies is still on fire. In the middle of the Wastes. At Nightfall.
    Looks like a great opportunity to bring in the Kreaytex ...
    Next time ...
    I almost forgot the most important thing: Fury Road Soundtrack was playing in the background all the time. Nice!
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    spaceratcatcher reacted to eltom13 in Forgotten Gods - Into the Wastes   
    Hi Gregor! So far it was pretty much fun. My warband values high subtlety (or that's what they claim, anyway) and so they decided to forge oath-cogs to appear as a Consortium Special Investigation Task Force (in fact they already created this cover during Desolation of the Dead). They first visited their old "friend" Oath-Captain Nils in the Purity Gate and had the Necropsy with Sanctionary-Medicae Tomas Scarun. Of course they were expecting something bad to happen and so were not very surprised by the seemingly dead mutant getting up and attacking Tomas. Well, all members of our warband have Jaded or better and pretty high Willpower, so it is not so easy to shock them anymore. They disposed of the mutant quickly and our team's telepath erased Nil's and Scarun's memories of the incident. After that they went on to the actual crime scene. Although they have two psykers in the team they did not manage to find the psychic trail and so ended up following the blood and the silicate footsteps out into the surrounding area. They did some inquiring on local dregs and neighbors to keep the right direction. In a dark alley they were jumped by four Mournful Songers and forced to take cover because of the suppressing fire. Unfortunately (for the Songers) the pyrokine was not pinned because of his Adamantium Faith and grilled two of the attackers in a fireball (Inferno I think). The other two were taken alive by the rest of the warband after the telepath "convinced" them to throw away their weapons. The Interrogation was a lot of fun, the cultists pretty much enjoying the infliction of pain by their captors . In the end the warband could not gain much useful information out of them. On a crowded square the warband approached the Bondless Dealer (forgot the name) and got the information that the smugglers were heading to a certain lift plat. The warband arrived in time for their arbitor to get into a higher position with her long-las and the rest carefully approached the smugglers who were waiting for the descending platform and shooting the service-servitor. One of the smugglers got lucky on an Awareness test and started shooting at a member of the warband and basically into the crowd. A lot of screaming, shouting, and running away started. The telepath inflicted Hallucinations upon Jarrik Tyrnel. He started to sneak around his people completely convinced that they could not see him anymore Since our telepath is such a nondescript and unremarkable bastard the smugglers never noticed him within the moving crowd while he used several Hallucinations and mind-control (always forget the name of this power were you can issue a single telepathic command). In the meantime the sniper took them apart one by one. The warband went through the whole episode unscathed. They took Jarrik Tyrnel alive and convinced him that it was in his best interest if he cooperates with them. After the big shootout on the busy square in front of the lift plat their subtlety did drop significantly.
    Did go really well. A lot of nice rollplaying but the martial challenges were not very hard for our warband. They emerged almost unscathed.
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    spaceratcatcher got a reaction from eltom13 in Forgotten Gods - Into the Wastes   
    It is, in my opinion, always ultimately the GM's call on what abilities an NPC has, regardless of what a book says. If you feel a character should have a certain Talent, give it to them! Even if it doesn't match the authors' original vision of the character or their fighting style, what's important is that it fits your interpretation and how you plan to run the character/combat in your game.
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    spaceratcatcher reacted to eltom13 in Forgotten Gods - Into the Wastes   
    Sounds great! I also was thinking about a second vehicle to attack them from both sides simultaneously. And I really want to bring in some Fury Road style
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