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  1. I play a sparinly (when people have time) game of DnD, bout a Chaos Temple. Each room changes somethin bout you, whether stats or otherwise, so the gameplay can be tedious at times. Along such, I play the occasional MTG. I've also been play testin several livin card games that my friends 'n I have been developin. Outside that, from Minecraft to Guild Wars, PS3 to Wii. Mostly, survivin life.
  2. ^ Oh dear sweet lord, not that!! Anythin but that!! < Has so much awesome, he's givin it away!! v Want some awesome? It's the highest quality!
  3. Oof.. someone's been through my stuff. There's all this… dust 'n everythin collected here. I swear, it's gonna take weeks just to get this place back up 'n runnin. Now, where did I put that broom…? MY EASY CHAIR!! It makes everythin easy!! WOO!!
  4. I LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!! No, really, it took me forever to get myself outta the rubble. I am alive 'n well, all aside from the trouble of life. But truth be told, I still have my decks of winnin with me. I refuse to let them go. Heck, I refused to let any of the cards go. I've even acquired a few from some friends who said they were done. Go me!
  5. A set of steel drums, a baby grand piano, several sound recordin devices, 'n a sound room. I has much music to write 'n record, so havin what I don't have along with what I do would be awesomes!
  6. Wait.. lemme make this make sense... You're plan is to move into our households.. In cages.. With people throwin crackers at you... I think I've seen this before. Didn't Disney make a work call'd 'Aladdin' reflectin this? You're the next Iagos?
  7. I've already made a World Runnin deck which will prolly get me hit for winnin so quickly. 'N if not that, it can switch effectively to Aggro to chip away at people's HP quickly as well. These are some very fun cards, indeed!
  8. Heheheheh... What else does a Dark deck currently have? Or, what else will a Dark deck acquire? Mwahahahahahaha! I love me the last two sets!! RAWR!!!
  9. *pulls up Limewire* I'm goin to download teh British internetz right now! *clicky clicky*
  10. That's easy! I smash'd yer savin's throw with a hammer in mid throw, 'n swiped 24 of the 25 pennies that were left.
  11. Greetins. I am interestin in the aquirin of your Chip 'n Dale card, if possible. If you could email me at [e_gima@hotmail.com] (as I cannot seem to find your email) so we could discuss a trade, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you much!
  12. I'm just goin to say no. It's a magic card. It will always be a magic card. It can have support, attack, tech, friend, player, or whatever afterwards, but it will always be a magic card. 'N this is why I believe particular erratas ought be made.
  13. I just received mine today, 'n I figured out why it took so long on my behalf. When they told us to send a self address'd stamp'd envelope, they forgot to mention what exactly the proper postage would be. Mine, for example, was missin at least 20 cents worth of postage, which they included on the envelope. Needless to say, I'm happy to have them here.
  14. No worries, mate. I find it ironic that you're goin through a hardship about the same time I am. 'N I've still no words from the gents, so now I'm really worried, as it were. I'll be droppin them another email in the mornin, certainly. But do focus on schoolwork first. We're not in any rush at this moment.
  15. Querry: Has anyone check'd the rulebook on the matter? I would have to agree: FFG tried makin somethin new outta somethin original, just to stop people from addin the questions of 'can I this? Can I that?', 'n ended up screwin up another fundamental portion of the game. They are just magic cards. Nothin more, nothin less. You can add them to your attack value if you use them to challenge your opponent. Why does it say attack? How many people do we know forgot to give the rulebook a once more over just to clarify if we could use the magic cards in a challenge. I remember wonderin that myself, until I read through the rulebook, specifically around the 'magic' section. Matter of fact, I'll quote the whole magic part from the rulebook: "4. Magic Cards Magic Cards represent the magical spells the player and his/her companions may use. The Magic Value of Player Cards, Friend Cards, and Magic/Friend Cards are used to bring Magic Cards into play. Magic Cards provide a variety of benefits: Some cause damage to an opponent's cards (Magic/Attack), while others are played to recover Heart Points or alter the state of the game in some way (Magic). When playing a Magic Card, a player should place it on his/her play mat until its effects have worn off, then discard it." As you may note in the second paragraph, magic/attack cards are still classified as magic cards overall. Sea Neon will not stop these cards.
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