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  1. Two weeks ago I picked a copy up at Barnes and Noble. They still had one and another Barnes and Noble had three copies on the shelf. Of course this is in the US, in Arizona.
  2. Thanks for the reply, it helps clarify. Yes it was a beginners error, since it was the first time we played. Part of the error was because it was not taken into account that the detectives can move faster than Jack, unless he has a carriage to use or alleyway.
  3. Recently bought this game and have played three times. In each turn this situation came up and wondering if I'm either reading the rules wrong, misunderstanding them, or just not quite getting the hang of Jack's responses. Let's say Jack is on crossing 48 and there are two detectives one (Blue) on 62 and one (Red) on 63. The player for Blue calls out 48 as clue, not an arrest and Jack say 'Yes', Yellow disk goes on board. Based on the past turns they know that is where he is. Does that mean Red can issue arrest right away and capture Jack? This came up after Jack's first move, in which this happened, so the game was over in one turn. I have read the rules, but can't see anything that would negate this type of action. Would be interested in other's thoughts on this. Thank you.
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