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  1. Today I wanted to share my Painted Base Set of Mansions of Madness (First Edition). The post also reviews the game, albeit the First Edition. Take a look and let me know what you think. Happy Halloween Everyone!!! http://www.mustcontainminis.com/2016/08/review-and-showcase-mansions-of-madness.html
  2. Painted Copy of Age of Conan

    Thanks ANZAC_Trooper. It certainly makes a difference when you get the game to the table.
  3. Although it is first edition, I wanted to share a Blog post I did of my painted copy of Mansions of Madness. http://www.mustcontainminis.com/2016/08/review-and-showcase-mansions-of-madness.html
  4. Painted Copy of Age of Conan

    Many years ago I painted up my personal copy of Conan and wanted to share some pictures. Head on over to my site to check it out... http://www.mustcontainminis.com/2016/05/age-of-conan-strategy-board-game.html
  5. Comparison size shots

    Must Contain Minis posted up the Daqan scale comparison now too. The link is... http://www.mustcontainminis.com/2017/05/runewars-miniatures-game-scale.html
  6. I would love to see a new boardgame for Alien. Anything with aliens and marines in a miniature format, I am all over.
  7. anobody up for campaign rules?

    I would love to see campaign rules.
  8. Miniature storage

    Paint them and then dip them into MinWax Polyurethane solution. I use Walnut tone. After that, coat them with Varnish. After this treatment, the paint is very strong and they can be stored in your box loose without worrying about the paint flaking off or chipping.
  9. Confusing Hit+Conan result

    Then the symbol counts as just one hit rather than two.
  10. How to resolve a tie while bidding for Conan

    I kind of like the rules as they were writen in English. It makes sense that the player who's Kingdom is closest to Conan wins the tie because they have more influence on the lands where Conan would be at.
  11. Painted Conan Set

    I am almost fully done my set. Is there anyway to upload the photos to here without having a URL to another server?
  12. 4 PLAYER??

    Right now, it looks like just 2 players, but I wouldn't be surprised if an epic version comes out in the future to expand the game beyond two players. Denim Demon said: Thinking about picking this up, is there a 4 player option??
  13. DOOM 4 coming out for PC

    That is a great analysis. I think you hit the nail on the head. Unbelievable that Decsent did so much better than doom. shnar said: Considering the Holiday Sale last year, here's what I think happened: - The original Doom came out, and after some time it did indeed sell out, requiring a 2nd Printing (with better dice). - Expansion came out, and as with all expansions, it didn't sell as well (no 2nd Printing) - 2nd Printing never sold out, so FFG feels the market has pretty much been tapped. - With sales down and not really going anywhere, FFG felt there was no profit in renewing the license with Id. - 2009 Holiday Sale comes around, FFG tries to clear out their back stock, they successfully clear out the Expansions, but not all base game, however sales are not terrible, so maybe there's still a market? - 2012 comes around, Doom 4 is released, there will be some interest in creating a new license. Hard to say if there actually will be a new license or not, since the original game didn't sell through 2 printings. Descent, a larger more complex game (the general thought being that is should be a more niche market) has gone through what, 4 printings? So the execs may feel that there's not enough interest in Doom to pay for a license agreement. -shnar
  14. Will FFG reprint base game & expansions?

    caradoc said: My fingers are crossed that we will, in the coming weeks, read a preview of a Dwarf expansion to match the Horrific Hordes, and that when doing so FFG will also be forthcoming about the future of the base game. My fond hope is to log on one morning to find FFG have unveiled a Dwarf expansion, and let us know what the FFG Battlelore Base-set will look like (as well as some info on the various other expansions on the upcoming page). We shall see. It would be interesting to see FFG bring out a new base-set with two or three new races - ie: not humans, goblins and dwarves. Although I doubt this particular option (neat as it would be), I think FFG will make an announcement about this sometimes soonish... I hope! Cheers, Giles. The above idea of packaging the base set with different races not in the original would be a fantastic idea to get old fans to buy a new base set of the game while introducing new players to the system. I don't mind if the new base set is smaller, but I wouldn't want them to change the cards and tiles without changing the minis too.
  15. Absolutly awesome pictures! Thanks for showing them off.