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  1. WaterlooJacob

    Imperial Assault - First Impressions

    Awesome! Thanks Majushi.
  2. WaterlooJacob

    Imperial Assault - First Impressions

    Thank you very much Angelman2. I did not realize that the set presented was more than the base set as the collection belongs to someone else. I will add that statement into the article.
  3. WaterlooJacob

    Imperial Assault - First Impressions

    Sounds like it is worth a look sometime. Thanks!
  4. WaterlooJacob

    Imperial Assault - First Impressions

    Awesome. Thanks for the tidbit!
  5. I just tried Imperial Assault for the first time and thought the game was fantastic. Check out my Battle Report and Initial Impressions Article at.... https://mustcontainminis.com/2018/11/first-impressions-of-imperial-assault-and-battle-report.html
  6. Below is my second Battle Report from when I was testing out Runewars. https://mustcontainminis.com/2017/07/runewars-battle-report-in-wasteland.html
  7. WaterlooJacob

    My First Game

    I wrote a Battle Report of my first game at... https://mustcontainminis.com/2017/06/runewars-battle-report-in-snowfield.html
  8. I wrote up two scale comparison articles of Runewars vs other Manufacturers on my website. You can check these stories out at... Part One - Daqan https://mustcontainminis.com/2017/04/runewars-miniatures-game-scale-2.html Part Two - Waiqar https://mustcontainminis.com/2017/05/runewars-miniatures-game-scale.html
  9. WaterlooJacob

    Painted Copy of Age of Conan

    Thanks Muaaz. The site is a labour of love. Please share it with your friends as I want to grow it as much as I can.
  10. Today I wanted to share my Painted Base Set of Mansions of Madness (First Edition). The post also reviews the game, albeit the First Edition. Take a look and let me know what you think. Happy Halloween Everyone!!! http://www.mustcontainminis.com/2016/08/review-and-showcase-mansions-of-madness.html
  11. WaterlooJacob

    Painted Copy of Age of Conan

    Thanks ANZAC_Trooper. It certainly makes a difference when you get the game to the table.
  12. Although it is first edition, I wanted to share a Blog post I did of my painted copy of Mansions of Madness. http://www.mustcontainminis.com/2016/08/review-and-showcase-mansions-of-madness.html
  13. WaterlooJacob

    Painted Copy of Age of Conan

    Many years ago I painted up my personal copy of Conan and wanted to share some pictures. Head on over to my site to check it out... http://www.mustcontainminis.com/2016/05/age-of-conan-strategy-board-game.html
  14. WaterlooJacob

    Comparison size shots

    Must Contain Minis posted up the Daqan scale comparison now too. The link is... http://www.mustcontainminis.com/2017/05/runewars-miniatures-game-scale.html
  15. I would love to see a new boardgame for Alien. Anything with aliens and marines in a miniature format, I am all over.