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  1. valvorik said: Aside from 4th Ruinous power, there is the clear need to fill out the tops of the wizard and priest career progressions in order for the system to be "fully fledged". Yeah that's pretty much the only thing that would be hard to do has fan products, the rest would be easy to invent, just stronger careers and some sort of "upgrade" to rank 4 and 5
  2. WOW! If this is the end of the line, that's going to be a major fail on FFG's part. Sure the game as it's problems, but dropping it? dang! I guess it really get's down to numbers and how many WFRP products they did sell in the end. Would be kind of sad, but I guess at that point the number of fan made "products" would increase and we would keep it alive this way. But other than getting a Social Combat system in the Slaneesh expansion, there's not much that's really critical. I mean the adventure's have not been that great, they are all pretty much "monster of the week" stories and not much more than that. I guess the racial expansions would had been nice and expansions detailing various regions. Anyways, let's all hope we're panicking for nothing, and there's going to be a "shifting through shadows" after Gencon...
  3. No there is no wizard career for elves right now. It could possibly show up in a future elf expansion but that could be way far off before we see that. You can check around the forum, there's someone that did propose a system to be able to play High Elves wizard
  4. Characteristics are pretty important and they also cost a lot to raise through play compared to everything else (talents, skills, actions cards) that for the most part cost 1xp to raise. I know if I was going to be a player, I would be sinking as much of my points in the characteristics then anywhere else.
  5. Oh **** I forgot: Intermidiate, Combat, Urban, Specialist
  6. Here's my take, any opinions? Juidical Champion Strenght/Toughness Athletics, Discipline, Guile, Intimidate, Resilience, Weapon Skill Concervative: 2 Reckless: 2 Advances: Action: 1 Talent: 2 Skill: 1 Fortune: 2 Concervatice: 1 Reckless: 1 Wound: 2 Tactic x1 Reputation: x1 Ability: Add one expertise die to weapon skill when not engaged with any other opponent
  7. huummm...interesting! Thanks for the inspiration!
  8. I'm trying to think up a Juidical Champion Career up, basicly I guess I would make it similar to the pit fighter but the only thing I would need to change would be the career ability. I know it should be something more for one on one fighting since that's what they do (as opposed to the Pit fighter ability which is for fighting multiple opponents. Anybody got a great idea for this?
  9. RARodger said: sinkarna said: Huummm...true. I guess I was expecting something more than just card traits...my mistake! I'm actually pretty pleased with this. It allows flexibility... they can just be action cards, after all, but they are thematically very cool. Now I want to play a fencer/dueler. I mean, a lot. And as GM who has banged the "traits aren't restrictions" drums pretty hard, I think I'm going to strongly encourage players to stick within one style. But that being said, I'm pretty sure that left to themselves my players would drift to the one style that suits them. Not saying that it's bad thing per say, It's still in theme with the way everything in WFRP 3rd is made.
  10. Doc, the Weasel said: sinkarna said: and what about the fighting styles? How does that apply? The article was pretty informative. Huummm...true. I guess I was expecting something more than just card traits...my mistake!
  11. and what about the fighting styles? How does that apply?
  12. Hey! Thanks for your notes, it's a bit chaotic in there but you made me think of a few ways of adding to TGS! Thanks again!
  13. Emirikol said: Oh yea baby. Poison, drug and intoxication crunch and fluff would be very welcome and would probably be the highlight of usable material (other than new careers). jh Yeah I think those are the most obvious choice, with some enhanced social "combat" rules to wrap things up nicely. I doubt we will get to see halfling in that expansion since there was no new race introduced in the other 3 chaos god expansions, why would they break the "cycle" up?
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