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  1. I noticed there are no dice in the pictures or video. i do like to roll a dice, and not one with weird symbols on either
  2. I’m quite happy with it. Sure it’s a bit on the wide side but it looks really good. The index file style on the box end is a great idea and it’ll look really good when they make more for future campaigns. Yes, they could have made tabs but future campaigns will have too many sets to make tabs practical. I don’t know the set names either but the rules tell you the names of the sets to gather up which may actually be easier than trying to figure out which symbol is which. The box had to be that big in order to fit in with future campaign boxes but they could have made the filler adjustable and included index cards for the standalone adventures to fit in the box as well. Maybe they could make thsese in the future? If the boxes have some spare space after putting the full campaigns in, I’d like them to include a section to put all the rule booklets in. Maybe even better, make a nice book to go with each campaign with some short stories and all the rules for the campaign
  3. If a card lets me discover a clue at my location, do clues on enemies at my location count as being at my location?
  4. Hi, I'm selling off both volumes of Realm of Chaos on ebay at the mo, Do a search on seller cidervampre72sp and you should find my goodies. Cheers Geoff
  5. I'm selling off the remains of my Warpstone collection to raise some much needed money http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/cidervampire72sp/m.html?item=151136132930&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Also some Doctor Who spin-off CD's and a few dresses! Bids appreciated. Geoff
  6. Hi Due to the need to raise some money to pay the vet etc I'm having to sell my 1st issue of Warpstone magazine, one of only 150 printed http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Warpstone-Magazine-Issue-1-first-issue-1-WFRP-/151091080138?pt=UK_Toys_Wargames_RL&hash=item232dbaebca Cheers Geoff
  7. After I finished converting all the 2nd and 3rd ed cards or the new version, I had a strong urge to convert all the new cards into 2nd edition and use as much of the old artwork and the old boards as I could. There is something so much more quaint about the look of the old set. The new artwork is technically better but is too small, although it did actually look ok in the original Games Workshop 4th edition though the quality of the card stock was rubbish. Ho hum Geoff
  8. I've just been checking out the tournament rules and have a few quick questions. How exactly is the winner determined if the game runs out of time? Does anyone want to buy a complete set of Talisman as I should have a spare in a few weeks time? Cheers Geoff
  9. Hopefully nobody will be using those rotten dice cups that seem popular in Germany. After playing a BloodBowl tournament there, I can confirm that they are definitely not compatible with a hangover! Looking forward to the event, should be great fun Geoff
  10. Being unable to locate Altar of Despair anywhere in the UK, I cracked and bought the Italian version. At least this will give me the components and figures o use for 2nd edition. Having never actually played 1st edition, I can't really speculate whether having the cards would make any difference or not, but after downloading the English rules from FFG I've discovered they don't include any of the quests which I'd definitely be interested in having a go at converting. Does any kind person have a spare set of the quests and/ or cards which they would be happy to sell or trade? Cheers Geoff
  11. Cool I'll give you a call when I arrive Geoff
  12. All booked in for games on Friday and Sat I'm arriving on Thursday if anyone fancies catching up Geoff
  13. I bought two of these tables and placed together they fit the board with room for 4 expansion boards round it. It does pretty much fill my sitting room once you put chairs round it though Geoff
  14. I'm still a little confused by the bit about attacking the same enemy twice.In the example I understand why Aragorn can attack the Hill Troll again as he has played a card to allow him to, but what gives Legolas the right to join in? Is it 1 Aragorn is now a legal attacker, none of Tom’s other characters can join the attack as they cannot legally be declared as attackers without using another card effect but other players characters who have Ranged are allowed to join in. 2 Legolas can join in as he previously joined in the attack against the Hill Troll but no other characters whether they have Ranged or not can join in. 3 Aragorn is now a legal attacker and any of Tom’s other characters can join in on the attack together with any other players characters with Ranged Does this example also mean that when Quick Strike is played other characters can join in or just other players characters with Ranged? Cheers Geoff
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