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  1. ak-73 said: MILLANDSON said: @ak-73: There is "cool", and there is what is sensible in combat. The only reason people don't wear helmets in the miniatures, and in movies, is so you know who the main character is. If you want to run around and get shot in the head because you didn't wear a helmet, go ahead, but if you were in my game, I know who the snipers would be smiling at as they spotted the squad moving through the streets below. As for the Space Marine life stuff, a fair bit of that is covered, though as with everyone, what they feel, etc, is down to the individual, what Chapter they're in, etc I aim less for realism and more for heroic, cineastic action. Especially when we're talking about a Space Marine (not to mention Deathwatch) RPG: Alex Deathwatch Space Marines still get shot in the head! I always found it odd to see Sgt. miniatures in the table top leading squads without helmets. They are usually the ones with powerfists charging into the fray to boot. Why wear so much impenetrable armor just to leave your most important feature at risk? Ps, I'm a fan of sweet helmets =p
  2. It's only officially supported for 2 players but if you do a bit of browsing on the forums and the net you will find multiplayer variants. Mechanically I think it does work, I just think it's quite difficult to recover from two other players battlefield attacks if they both happen to land on you. Stuff like "No combat for X turns" can really help stabalize everyone tho.
  3. Wytefang said: I believe it's AGoT for Dormouse. I'm glad he could finally spill the beans, I almost slipped up a couple weeks ago and gave away his big news. And yes, FFG (rather strangely) has issues with their own employees posting on their forums - some of the reasons sort of made sense to me when I was there but honestly, most did not. So we probably won't see Master Stone again in these parts. Fare thee well and VERY good luck at FFG - there are some pitfalls to employment there but I'm pretty sure you'll do just fine and have a blast (while doing great work). Your thoughts on W:I will be missed in here. But we're all very happy for your new gig. Have fun! We can get in on the discussions. I just never have anything useful to add honestly as I'm a pretty casual side-WI gamer. If anyone wants to yell at me about the graphic design you can tho =p See you soon Mr. Dosmouse it sounds like.
  4. reclaimed a battle cruiser lost in the warp for 10 years... and cleansing the warp entintity that devolved itself into a giant husk around the geller field so it could pour out it's minions from the warp. Unfortunately for the warp entity it summoned ANOTHER warp entity from the perils of the warp chart and they battle eachother like godzilla and kingkong while the crew cleaned house. Then returned the cruiser to Footfall for profit.
  5. I am similiar. I only use profit factor.. and when they happen to complete one of my baggillion open-ended quests, they will earn PF, or lose it should stuff not go their way. I have "Endeavors" only so they get an idea of the scope of the task, and can atleast have a goal... but the whole micro-management achievement system I totally ignore. It's fine for people who cannot come up with tons of content out of thin air and need pre-emptive planning. This is true for any RPG tho'... some groups like pre-made adventures, others, like myself, cannot stand them.. and opt to put in the dirty work making a living/breathing open ended sandbox. I can certainly see the merit tho, of the system.
  6. RexGator said: To Summarize, I think we all agree that what James should have said was: 1. Iron Discipline's effect only applies to card effects that result from an Action: and target the unit that has ID played on it. 2. In the specific example of Choppa being played by opponent on his unit, you could play ID as a response. If you happened to choose the opponent unit that was receiving the Choppa, ID would not cause your opponent to pay any more resources since Choppa's effect is not an Action. This is the best explanation. Plenty simple enough.
  7. They are not clones.. but rather taken from planets in the Imperium, trained, and surgically augmented with gene-therapy and organs to "grow" into Space Marines. Thus, they all look different, unique, different personalities (tho all indoctrinated and brain washed Im sure) all that jazz. The gene seed tech is what is "cloned" I reckon.. I don't know the specifics.
  8. It's my interp. that saccing the crew is part of cost, happens no matter what. It's gone and dead. Then the "ability" is floating around forcing the opponent to find something to sac... and that is what is countered by the bright wizards ability. So the wizard nukes the ability and nothing happens but a sac'd lobber crew
  9. Rogue Trader is indeed, the Sandbox. You can either build sand castles or tear down the other kids sand castles. Or you can get the other other kid to tear down the other kid's sand castle. Every RPG my group runs, even despite the GM's, has at this point.. learned to expect "Freeform" rpg sessions. They are put into the world.. few objectives in hand.. and told "Go". IMO, this is the pinnacle of advanced RPG groups. It's the next step beyond the linear directions of pre-generated adventures. Creating content on the fly is definetly reserved for experienced GM's, but something everyone should aspire too... changing things as natural to accomodate certain player playstyles.. but adherering to the philosphy of a living breathing world where anything can happen. Rogue Trader gives you the option to explore, destroy, fail, win, be forgotten or be remembered. Other factions are always on the move in the RT galaxy... not just the PC's. It's a lot to fathome and plan out... (IE my RT files are about 100+ pages of content now..) but far more rewarding. RT is "funner" when the GM puts more time into it, than required for Dark Heresy or other linear adventures.
  10. LeBlanc13 said: Kanluwen said: Yes. Sisters of Battle are the *only dedicated militaristic order* that has females with Power Armor. There are no female Space Marines, there never has been, and if they alter the background to suddenly accommodate themthey'll be selling out to the seemingly endless legion of basement dwellers who seem obsessed with superhuman female killing machines(that somehow are still pretty! hurp!). Deal with it. Did you say that when the Necrons were released? How about the Tau? None of these races existed before their army books came out, but no one ever complained about that. Why couldn't there be a female chapter of space marines? The fluff doesn't condemn it... It just uses male chapters as an example. Wny can't geneseed be implanted into women? "Deal with it." - Nice open minded coment Can you point to something in the the current rulebooks that states women can't be space marines? It's not addressed because, so far we've only been shown male dominated chapters. I've read no where that geneseed couldn't be implanted into females. In fact, when Sisters of Battle came out, I know a ton of people that started playing them as an all female codex chapter of space marines. SoB were GW's attempt to make female space marines... they have the same armor values in the TT, and same WS (I think?).... why a need for female space marines when you have a perfectly viable (and cute) branch of them already.
  11. Artemesia said: As for those who can't get over the idea: Ponytails? Nah... would be shaved or close cropped just like the rest of the marines (if female SM's existed). It definetly wouldn't be cute! I like the XP'd up Sisters of Battle idea. They made the Sister's very feminine to include the female gender crowd IMO. Being Deathwatch, and working usually under high ranking Xeno-Inquisitors and the likes, tagging along another member of the Ecclesiarch certainly is plausible.
  12. Normanrezza said: Clamatius said: Question: I have a question that in this case is for Iron Discipline, although there are a few other similar cards that may be affected. #45 Empire Tactic - Iron Discipline - 0R/1L - "ACTION: Target one unit. Until the end of the turn, cancel any other action that targets this unit unless the action's controller pays an additional 4 resources (per action)." What counts as "any other action" for this purpose? For example, can I play Iron Discipline on an opposing unit in response to a Choppa being attached to prevent the Choppa being attached if the opponent chooses not to pay the 4? If so, does the Choppa go to the discard? Official answer from James: Any other action for the purposes of this ability means any other cards with the bolded "Action:" before the ability (I say for the purposes of this ability because playing a unit/support card from your hand is also an action with restrictions, but does not apply in this specific case). For your example, Iron Discipline could not be played in response to Choppa being attached because the "Attach to a target unit in your battlefield" is not an action. Iron Discipline's effect also does not interact with "Attach to a target unit in your battlefield" for that same reason. Hope this helps. so iron discipline wont stop a unit from being targeted by cards with forced effects, at the beginning of the turn effects? for e.g. Fester Nurglings Forced: After this unit enters play, corrupt one target unit in any player's corresponding zone. Bule, Lord of Pus Forced: At the beginning of your turn, corrupt one target unit. Cloud of Flies Attach to a target unit you control. At the beginning of your turn, you may deal 1 uncancellable damage to this unit and to one target unit. I assume this card only protects the target unit from ACTION: abilities. Forced effects are not actions IMO, they are.. forced effects. < is only the graphic designer so my word isn't law here... but that's how I intrepret the card (whilst being a player of the game).
  13. One thing I have learned... Learn to say no =p Another solution is to cycle players out. If it's once a week type thing, have 4ish players on a rotating schedule (the ones who will tend to out or be to busy to commit to every session to begin with). This game is very easy to compensate why someone isn't present currently and why another one just showed up. They have less burden to commit (once every other week is easier than once a week) and keeps your group fun.
  14. Iffo said: It's not you - some of the boards are not wrapped perfectly. I guess that's problem with games being printed in China... well, at least it's much cheaper than any TCG! Anyway once you start playing you'll stop noticing - the game is just great! efidm's got the truth of the matter.
  15. It may be easier to call them faction symbols (which they are), and rely on the fact that they also happen to award loyalty for being permanents when they stick around. You also never know when mechanically the Dev's may want to leave room for something zany like when a tactic remains in play (and becomes a permanent) for whatever reason down the road.