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  1. Kobold Curry Chef said: This is a rare occurrence, because it requires Yellow to give up the chance to gain a foreign colony for himself.That said, if Yellow has lost his power or is afraid of losing it, or one player is ahead of the field and is likely to win soon otherwise, picking people off becomes viable.
  2. mastabou said: Any chance of a Conflict update?Yes. Need some free time first though.
  3. What are you expecting, opening a galactic cheese empire? Colonies and cards from hand are the only offereable items.
  4. Toomai

    The Genius

    There is however one case when you may have to reveal how many cards you have - when the special destiny that targets whoever has the biggest hand shows up. If you have a full hand and everyone else has like three cards it's obvious, but when it's close I don't think anyone will let you go without counting them up.
  5. Yes you played it all correctly: Disease spreads on any destiny cards (normal, special, or wild) that result with another player being the defense, on any destiny card that is drawn whether used or not, and can (just like anyone else) put retrieved ships on foreign colonies. Disease is definately a very strong power; there's a reason it's labelled as red alert. You have to not invite it on offense and really fight hard on defense to stop it getting one colony, or you may find it turns into three or four down the road.
  6. Depends on what you're comparing. First Eon box: 15 aliens, attacks and negotiates, basic artifacts. Eon + 9 expansions: 75 aliens, flares, moons, lucre, more attacks and artifacts, reverse cone. FFG base box: 50 aliens, attacks and negotiates and a morph, basic artifacts, flares, reinforcements, tech. FFG + 2 expansions: 90 aliens, reward deck (more attacks and negotiates and kickers, more artifacts, rifts), hazards. I'm probably forgetting minor other stuff.
  7. Yes, the rules think Classic Empath counts as a Hazard for some reason. 28/21 is correct.
  8. You played it right; stuff blows up when ships land on a planet for any reason.
  9. If you take all your ships off a planet, that's it, you can't put them back for any reason (unless something makes you undo the action of moving them). Even if you send your ships as an ally and then get hit with a Force Field, you can't put your ships on a planet you don't already have a colony on, even if that planet had a colony just a few seconds ago. It's mostly accepted that giving someone a Rift in a deal does not make it blow up.
  10. Adam said: I saw someone mention Lunatic in the comments, but I don't know why. You might want to read the text instead of staring at the pretty pictures then.
  11. Nope, you can only play one Kicker at a time.
  12. thanosquest said: QUESTION??? Here's the situation... During an encounter, the cone was placed on the defender's planet with two ships on it. I was attacking with 8 ships (including ally) then he used at the planning phase the Gluon Mines Tech with 6 ships. Returning them afterwards to his colonies. Now here's the catch... he (the defence) opted to return his 6 ships back on the colony wich was under attack, to increase his numer to 8 ships total. My understanding was that after the cone as been lauched and a colony/planet selected, there can be no added or substacted ships from it (other then oozing Amoeba). The defence argues that after using his Tech (Gluon Mines) e can return to any colony the remaining 6 ships, including the colony that was targeted because it is still his colony. Whose right? There is nothing wrong with returning ships to the colony that's involved in the encounter. Players cannot normally move ships around during Planning and Reveal, but if something lets them, it's okay to put them on the attacked colony. The catch is that ships in the cone do not count as colonies, so you can't finish a tech as the offense and pile ships in the cone.
  13. Against any alien that has a card-altering effect used in Planning, only the card that Chosen initially revealed is affected. Chosen would have 40 (the reversed 04) plus the 07 he drew for a total of 47.
  14. Think of it thematically. If someone takes a rift control pod away from you and you didn't want them to, you can just not give them the stabilization codes and it blows up. If you give someone a rift control pod by choice, there's probably a law in the Cosmic Code (the rules that govern interstellar interaction, such as the one that says you can't just draw all the pods you want from the Source) that makes you transfer the stabilization codes as well. If you lose a rift control pod but no one ends up owning it, you can blow it up all you want, but it won't matter.
  15. Fodder's power and reinforcements can happen in any order.
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