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  1. Hockeyabe

    Location circles in Dunwich Legacy

    same response, requested as Return to dunwich, listing the three effected chapters.
  2. Hockeyabe

    Shipping Now

    I think it is a bank... I always see the authorization a few days before the charge/email notification. I assume it is so they can contact folks that have card issues. I love their service, my only issue was not their fault (under-allocation of the Deep Gate) and they went above and beyond to make it right.
  3. Hockeyabe

    Shipping Now

    As a Team Covenant Subscriber, I can confirm my card was authorized for the Circle Undone.
  4. Hockeyabe

    Arkham Novellas

    It is in stock now, and was yesterday too, I hope you get one!
  5. Hockeyabe

    Arkham Novellas

    I do use Team Covenant, but sadly they only got 30% of their allocated orders for the Deep Gate, so my order was backordered. I love their service (use it for all Arkham LCG products.) They made it right, but I had to find it on my own.
  6. Hockeyabe

    Unofficial cancellation false alarm

    And, they are gone except "Hour of the Huntress..."
  7. Hockeyabe

    Arkham Novellas

    and, they are gone except for Hour of the Huntress..
  8. Hockeyabe

    Arkham Novellas

    All in stock as of 3:30 pm CST 1-15-2019 except Dirge of Reason. I got my last two (Deep Gate and to Fight the Black Wind) and my friend got those plus "Dirge of Reason")
  9. Hockeyabe

    Unofficial cancellation false alarm

    All in stock on FFG US store except for dirge of reason as of 3:30 PM CST, 1-15-2019. I finally got the last two I needed (to Fight the Black Wind and the Deep Gate.)
  10. I am a fan of the Terrinoth games, so long as I like the system they utilize... it is a fairly vanilla fantasy theme, but because FFG own the IP I do not worry about it being suddenly discontinued like the Warhammer games. The three games I enjoy based in Terrinoth are: Runebound (both the revised 1E and 2E) Descent 2nd edition Heroes of Terrinoth. That said... had any of these launched as Middle Earth IP, I would love them even more... and would more easily get my wife to join us at the table, as Middle Earth is her favorite setting in book and on film. Also, None of these games are as steeped in narrative as Journeys in Middle Earth appears to be... In Descent, there are lieutenants that crop up each campaign, but I rarely think back on a plot when I think of the game. I hope I am correct that this will play as a slightly more tactical Mansions of Madness in Middle Earth, based on today's article.
  11. I think it is great that they are trying a new system with the LOTR property... had they applied the IA/Descent system to LOTR, I'd have been pretty excited too, but I would worry about the future of Descent if they suddenly had the shiny new toy... two fantasy games using a similar engine would reduce interest to a couple fanbases... likely limiting new explorers interested in Terrinoth. After seeing what FFG did taking pieces of the Arkham files into Arkham Horror third edition, I am very excited for this. Mansions and the Arkham LCG tell the best narrative story in the Arkham files, and they make up a blueprint for the Arkham third edition, along with the scope of Arkham 2E (city sized play area)... I see a lot of Mansions here, and some other interesting new mechanics, (exploring hexes, battling on a "zoomed in" skirmish map) and assets from the beautiful LOTR LCG.
  12. Based on FFG past digital apps, it appears that it will likely be available on Steam for your PC. They have the Imperial Assault, Descent RTL, and Mansions of Madness apps there. They do not have the XCOM app, which requires a phone or tablet... but that was also their first foray into app-implemented games. I would wait for official word though.
  13. I, too was surprised. I ordered Twilight Imperium and Arkham 3E at my FLGS, and got the collectors books for each. Maybe it will change.
  14. I am very excited for this one. I agree with Dobrobass, It seems like elements from Descent and mansions app, with modular tiles similar to Runewars, and all on Middle Earth.
  15. Hockeyabe

    Removing damage or horror from items

    I don't believe there are ways to heal items. There may be someday, but I'm not going to hold my breath. I think it would make Bulletproof Vest & Elder Sign Pendent too powerful. I would love to take Michael's burner car into the mechanic and heal damage for money, but the 5 pts of damage/3 uses is still nice. I was using it in the cults scenario to damage the cultists once they began populating on the North side of town. It would probably also be overpowered if it allowed a hybrid move/attack action, but would sure be thematic!