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  1. Hockeyabe

    What heros are you playing thru the app with?

    Hi all, I am very excited to try the app tonight. I am going to use two heroes, base set only. I am not particularly good at this type of game (Descent app has humbled me after initially falling in love with the tutorial.) I have fared better with Mansions of Madness, but that is a far different beast as it really is not tactical. Any suggestions for me as to which two characters to use, or any I should not even consider? I do not want to steamroll the imperials, but also want a fighting chance to succeed on a few missions. Thank you!
  2. Hockeyabe

    Found a new copy at FLGS, missing component.

    Phew! And it shipped. This weekend we're gonna party like it's 1986!
  3. Hockeyabe

    How well does the app scale with # of heroes?

    Two is the minimum heroes in all current campaigns and also in the Delve. Solo, you would need to run two heroes. You lose the bonus attack if you play three or four.
  4. Good morning, Anyone gotten replacement bits for this game since the Asmodee management came to be? I have gotten a broken Imperial Assault figure, and a misprinted LCG card replaced with no issue. I opened a ticket as one of my helicoptors came with no blue rotors (top piece you snap to base.) I am more concerned as this seems to be oop.
  5. Hockeyabe

    Where the fluffin muffins are the expantions?

    And all POD material for Warhammer Quest Card Game, Space Hulk, and Talisman now "Not Available." I never got this, as I have StarCraft and rarely got that to the table, but am sad to see the writing on the wall.
  6. Hockeyabe

    In App Purchases Across Platforms??

    If they have a user log-in, tied to an account on an FFG platform, it is possible (not that it will necessarily happen.) I play Star Realms and Cthulhu Realms, and on those, I created an account with my email. I can play on iOs, Android, and steam, and by logging in I click that "I confirm I am the owner of this account" and it unlocks paid dlc across platforms. It is the exception to the norm though, usually you have to buy separately on each. This is the case with FFG's Elder Sign Omens, I have the base app on both and am deciding where to buy the add-ons as I am only willing to buy once. We will have to wait for them to release anything I suppose, I personally will likely buy on iOs as that is my tablet and preferred virtual keeper.
  7. Nice Avatar huud! We play two investigators. We have been using the app to select the monster, and if it is the same monster to test against for both investigators, we roll for the single test provided. Not sure if it is correct, but if we selected who took the test, it seems we could cheat the system and pick the best investigator suited for the tests.
  8. Hockeyabe

    Should you buy this game?

    Eldritch plays very much like Arkham Horror, though on a global scale. MOM is not as tactical as something like FFG's Descent or Imperial assault, but you have a similar scale being your investigators and their immediate surroundings, and elements for gamers that enjoy RPGs. I believe Mansions tells the best story. Arkham LCG will be fun, I watched a playthrough of the game on youtube and will preorder. It is a card game, so mechanically very different.
  9. Hockeyabe

    Doors vs doorways for range

    Hi Julia, Thank you! We all know HP Lovecraft had a curiosity about odd angles. As for the doors, I do not have the game in front of me... Do the guns say they may be fired through doors on the cards? we have yet to have a gun, only 2X4, brass knuckles, and a crowbar. Only range came up during abilities and monsters... you said you can shoot through a door, but that contradicts the rest of your explanation. Thank you for the clarification!
  10. Hello fellow investigators... When it comes to Range, does a doorway block? It says range cannot be traced through doors, but as there are no doors on the board as they are in the form of explore tokens, I assume range must be in the same room and that the doorway blocks it? I know it can be counted in a hall, to a connected room with no door. Here are two examples, one where it is beneficial to the investigators, and one where it isn't. 1) I am in a hall and a monster is in the library in the very next space, I assume they are not in range as the door blocks it? I is investigator, : is doorway, M is monster. I : M 2) I am in a library and an investigator in the next space is in the lounge. She has an ability to allow any investigator one reroll per round. I could not benefit from this as we are not in the same room? I : I This is how we played it, so it balanced out as we used our understanding of the rule in both cases. And if range is three spaces, can it go around corners? This did not come up, but it could. Is the top M and bottom I in range of each other, assuming there is no door? X are empty spaces. X M X I There are no rules like line of sight as it is meant to be less tactical.
  11. I do not have the game here, but you need 24 bases, 2 large for the star spawn, 2 medium for the riots, and 20 small for everything else.
  12. I had one single bug in playing MOM so far of two games. Scenario - Cycle of Eternity Phase - Mythos Action - Cultist attack. The cultist attacked my investigator. The test result was a success for me, and I reversed the attack and did one damage to the cultist. This was the final wound, so the cultist was destroyed on its own activation. When we clicked the end round button, rather than end mythos phase, it said end investigator phase. The result was had to take two back to back mythos phases before our investigation phase came around.
  13. I am running it on an Ipad mini (first incarnation) as well as on my Android Galaxy 4S (though I would not recommend it on a phone.)
  14. I just hope they do not add stuff to these that isn't in the conversion kit, I already have the whole shebang and would hate to buy this for 2 monsters or an investigator.
  15. Hockeyabe

    1E investigators

    I have not seen a travel event with "elvish speakers," but I did have one that needed a mage with a familiar.