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  1. Do the careers that say "any race" apply to halflings? I know they apply to ogres because they could be chosen by a human or dwarf, but it doesn't necessarily meet the rogue/menial requirement of a halfling.
  2. Can One hand orc even use the starting weapon of a berserker? It sure doesn't seem right for him to be a knight. Doesn't seem very chivalrous.
  3. I just got my conversion kit in today, so maybe things will go that way for us too. It seems like there are some very powerful new heroes.
  4. My copy of all of this is showing up today. I've been reading all these posts and it makes me wonder if you need more than one of each to get a decent squad put together. Anybody?
  5. So my pals and I just finished our first (four heroes) campaign with myself as the overlord. The first few scenarios seemed to go horribly for me. I couldn't seem to win no matter what. I was very frustrated and scoured the forums to see if I was alone. It sounded like lots of people were experiencing similar issues. Anyway, we got past the interlude (which I managed to win) and after that I never lost again. The other four players were very discouraged by the end and I might be hard-pressed to get them to play again. I think that the game is probably weighted towards the heroes in the first half and towards the Overlord in the second half. Any opinions? Also, I still have some questions on exactly how some of the mechanics work (mostly about when heroes have to declare actions and how large monster movement works).
  6. I would like to know. If I went to the world tournament for X-wing in November, would any of the tournament take place on Sunday? If so, I wouldn't come. Does anybody know?
  7. I won last night. It was essentially because the heroes got greedy and stuck around to search. I stopped the last hero from getting to the exit with a trap and then surrounded him and repeatedly pummeled him. The other heroes were either stuck behind boulders at the exit or unable to kill the guys. Lucky me.
  8. I just got the game and have played through four encounters. I tend to agree. It can be demoralizing to be the Overlord. You watch as your precious monsters get murdered easily by one knight, then if you do one wound to a hero, they go digging through the rulebook to see how you cheated. Anyway, I can definitely improve my strategies and hope to become a more successful overlord with time.
  9. I haven't gotten my Shadow and Flame in yet. What does Elrond look like? (stats and ability I mean)
  10. Thanks man. That definitely cuts some of the luck factor out.
  11. I hate to disagree, but it is definitely possible to kill the Witch King. I always do (or lose). Gimli with some wounds and a couple Khazad Khazads can do the trick pretty nicely.
  12. The new lore Aragorn is great for the Carrock. You build up an army like crazy, then when your threat is about to go to fifty, you lower it and let the trolls come. Worked for me!
  13. I've played that you can get rid of locations like this with the Northern Tracker. Is this correct? The card doesn't say that it's immune to card effects, but maybe I never notice a revision. I just figured it would let you heal him earlier without having to destroy the healing source.
  14. Yeah, I threw these in a non-secrecy deck thinking they would come in handy, but I never seem to want to waste the resources, then by the time I can play them I don't need them anymore. I guess I could get a more resource-requiring deck, but I don't really see the point.
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