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  1. they have a basic system that require you to be on that user's friend list. e-mail is still the best.
  2. Lunardirc said: I live in Richelieu. It's 30 minutes away from Montréal. looks like i was away of this forum for way too much time. still reading this?
  3. i should have looked here before sending an email to jaffer. ;P
  4. a bit late but i sent the e-mail. i like say, got a message to remind me to do so
  5. Come one people, we need more users!
  6. Admiral Ren


    devilmonkey said: KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN and i just watched this part of the movie hours ago (again). in awesome defenition
  7. WeirdUsername said: Kevin-Éric Bouchard. Let's all meet up on Facebook! Quebec player/collector? anyways, i may haven't been very active here, but i do collect KH cards (well, for what i can get) So, if any of you want to contact me: msn: renequished@hotmail.com aim: renequished facebook: René Cloutier skype(at your own risks ) captain_ren psn: lord_of_mudkips
  8. Nyobari said: At least we now know what Paul was looking at in Financial Troubles... Best. comment. of. the. day. i salute your genius *awesome*
  9. no more card games. ufs was the last. i'll keep playing the old and dead pirates of the spanish main. still and always fun. myabe some ufs but i can't predict the course of events.
  10. Admiral Ren


  11. WhatsaTroll said: Remember when I made Hannah Montana the #1 thread, how can anyone forget that...
  12. Homme Chapeau said: Unifiedshoe said: Also, PT team: Let's get some of these unpublished set files up so we can proxy new stuff. I don't see why Hata wouldn't clear it. At this point I doubt there'd be any problems. Hell, if they could release the files themselves it would be a nice going away present. i herd about many games did it before diying completlty (LOTR)
  13. hay dood. whats up? i saw you at can nats, remember?
  14. about those cards, how do it work for fellow canadians? too bad they are shutting this one too. there where like only 3 set left :/
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