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  1. Really glad their doing it this way or it would've taken ages to make it through all the factions while only doing one a year.
  2. I live in the Central Indy and am looking into playing more Star Wars LCG. Anyone know of any shops running tourneys or such we could start an organized play league at?
  3. ^ I REFUSE! < -prepares the Grammar Gun- V ALLITERATION ALIGNMENT ATTACK
  4. Trothael said: Oh. We also play Team Fortress 2 now. ALL THE HATS
  5. Oh wow….now if only we had the blue page forums back
  6. ^ Throws a Church at < Can't stop playing KH3d < Wishes they could play KH3d ;D
  7. Now that KH TCG is long gone, what games have you moved on to? Personally i now play a weekly DND game as well as more wargames like Warmachine and Warhammer 40k
  8. ^ ARE YOU READY?! 3..2..1!!! GO!!!!! < loves that game 8D V Fails if you don't get the reference
  9. Pssst....you guys should totally check this blog out. Its nice ^_~
  10. Are you a fan of Trading Card Games and/or Board Games? Then feel free to check out a blog with reliable information and reviews on the latest in TCGs and Board Game news. javascript:void(0);/*1266259136598*/
  11. Double Post FTL These forums really suck...thank goodness I'm done with them
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