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  1. They'll make them if there is enough interest? Really? They couldn't hardly keep the 1E extra dice in stock and with the changes in 2E everyone will be rolling the blue attack dice. And they wonder if there will be demand for extra dice? Sounds like a delaying tactic until they get the base game in stock. How can they not make extra sets available? Oh, I will be buying at least 2 sets of extra dice, maybe more.
  2. TeufelHund said: Don't you have enough of my money already FFG? No. No we don't. What's your checking account number? (Note: Not a FFG employee.)
  3. This is pure speculation on my part... One would think that with a reprint of the base game on the Upcoming page, that would be a real good time to have the manufacturer make up a bunch of extra dice to restock the store.
  4. CanadianPittbull said: So anyone else get this fig yet or what? Post some pics of your painted critter! I have the first wave of SoB Lt figs but it will be a bit before I can paint them. A new job, year end school stuff and other kids activities are just eating my time these days.
  5. It sounds like you know that the dice (when in stock) are available from the FFG store at store.fantasyflightgames.com/showproducts.cfm I believe that FFG knows that the extra dice are popular. Each batch they gets does sell out rather quickly. (However, recently they did not sell out in a week. The last batch was available for at least a month, probably at least two months.) Given that the base game continues to sell out and the reprint is on the Upcoming Games page, one could assume that FFG probably knows there is still a demand for the extra dice. Since FFG seems to be fairly well run as a company, producing more extra dice for the game is on their To Do list. I would probably guess that since the base game is being reprinted, that would be a very good time to have the dice supplier make the extra dice.
  6. Zozimus said: Thanks for the quick response! I always have such a hard time finding anything in that rulebook. It could really use an index, IMHO. Download the PDF versions of the rules available in the support section here. Then you can search key words and find things much quicker.
  7. shnar said: Shades? Unlikely. Shades have Fly, why would they need swim?
  8. kdurrf said: I just open my SoB expansion, and found out that some stat cards for monsters are missing, for Medusa, Lava Beetle, Wendigo, Ice Wyrm and Shades i know that the stat are teh same as in RtL, but wicth of them have swim ? The cards came with Tomb of Ice, not RtL.
  9. Off the cuff I was going to say that the party just needed to leave the last level and say they were done. However, going back and reading the rules, it clearly states (in both the RtL and SoB rules) that the party must exit the third level via the portal. So, I would have to say officially that the party must exit the third level via the portal if they want to stay at that location on the overland map. If one or more of the party left via a glyph and healed up, then the party "fled" the dungeon and therefore must start the next week at Tamalir. (Note: I'm not sure I have actually played that way in my campaigns, but that's what the rules seem to imply.)
  10. Take your pick: 1) It's a different game with different rules. Just like Undying has been tweeked and the monsters have different stats. 2) The dungeons are smaller and the glyphs tend to be closer together. 3) Ask Kevin Wilson next time you see him.
  11. Jonny WS said: The other thing, it is supposed to be released in the summer....I am still waiting for the SoB LT's to arrive, and they were posted back in December and have a spring '10 release. Last time I looked, they are still at the printer. Actually, the first three SoB LT figures are now listed as "Shipping Now".
  12. Big Remy said: I am really curious to know how many of those were printed and how many are unsold. I'm sure it's a safe bet that we will never know. Game companies tend not to publish sales volumes unless they are touting how well something is doing. It will be interesting to see if the Compendium shows up on the FFG year-end clearance sale. That would be telling.
  13. Why ask us? Why not ask the developer? A quick google search finds: http://members.cox.net/shawnriordan/tilesystem.htm
  14. Yes, lieutenants may fortify the Overlord's keep as it is still a dungeon. The only exceptions noted in the rulebook are that Lts may not fortify Legendary dungeons and Secret Master areas. (However, I don't see how/why a Lt would fortify a Secret Master area since there are no dungeons there.)
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