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  1. Edit to wants..............................stupid character limit
  2. Edit You guys repost your offers if you want and we'll work something.
  3. So pretty much all my cards (other than my collection is up for sale. Just ask and I will be willing to tell you if I have what you seek. if anyone wants to buy all my commons/uncommons, that too can be arranged.
  4. Eroecchi said: Heres the thread what are you thoughts Cloud & Sephy are a power house unstopable if you can get them out the King is dissapointing Yen Sid OMG, to bad hes only for Roxas Hehehe, all mine. I thought it was kinda of disappointing. It seems that everything is just geared towards Racing in this pack. In all honesty, I've really lost zeal for the game since it's hard to throw a deck together (even with the new cards).
  5. Trothael said: In plainspeak: FFG are a board games company, not a video games company. They will never produce a video game for their content. In higherspeak: Don't be stupid, there are obvious implementations as for why there never would be. In lowerspeak: runrunfleeflee You forgot to mention they'd probably screw that up too.
  6. WayToTheDawn said: You're on a lot to begin with? lol, j/k...good luck gettin' it fixed sir. Thanks. They said three week...and tomorrow is one, so we'll see. I just leave FB running on my Wii anymore..I know they'd all miss me XD
  7. Just letting you guys know I wont be on much for a while, my laptop is in the shop.
  8. lunafayt said: Interested in: Set 1: ora lvl 3, ariel lvl1 Set 3: airi lv 0, Tinkerbell lvl 0, Wendy, Jasmine Set 4: lice lvl 0, leon lvl 4, Destiny Island lvl 2 And all Promo's Wondering what you are looking for and want for Some or All. What do you have for trade?
  9. I'm interested in your Goofy lvl 4. I have Ansem and Cerberus if you're still interested.
  10. DWD, Digi, I had sent them out, we were having a post office problem, but they assured me they went out Tues or Wed. Updates.
  11. I got mine as well as. I had the same problem as Chotiz
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