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  1. Not easily. You can download your own copy of the sheet and un-hide the leftmost "Timestamp" column from the Submissions tab. I leave it hidden so that the spreadsheet doesn't take up unneeded screen space, which can be especially annoying for mobile users. Back when I started this spreadsheet, Google Docs was much more limited on the number of total cells and data size. I backed up and archived the first 10,000 entries and planned to do it for every 10,000. Since then, Google Drive has become much more accommodating so I haven't bothered. I'm going to guess that you have 12 archived submissions.
  2. Hi RushSecond and WisdomLS. Both your games have now been corrected.
  3. Wow, highest congrats. That is an immense feat. One time I deliberately set up the game to include all expansion boards and the Hypnos Guardian to maximize my chances, and I came close over the course of a few attempts, but never.... sealed the deal. Last time I was up against A-N we had Jacqueline Fine, and she wound up getting the ally that let her spend one clue for free per turn: her ability to re-draw the Mythos card now cost only one clue. Someone got the benefit card that let us trade skills. Someone else obtained Mythos Lore, and so traded it to her: it now cost her ZERO clues to re-draw the Mythos card! We were gonna do it this time for sure! And immediately after she got that skill card, a gate opened on her. The lurker Devouring gate. Amazing.
  4. What's up, you fine folks. Julia was cool enough to send me the deets of the most recent expansion, so I've added their components to the form. Happy gaming!
  5. Seems they couldn't keep the name of "Personal Missions" consistent in the rules. These Personal Story/Mission cards seem like they're conceptually identical to those in Arkham Horror. In AH I simply left a checkbox for whether everyone completed or failed theirs. Unless a Mission does something particularly radical, I don't think this is worth tracking. But I will open up the Stats to allow you to check multiple preludes. I'll have to think about how to present prelude stats though.
  6. I'm not sure I'd know how. I need to know more about what campaign play is and how it affects ordinary gameplay. To me, the major purpose of these stats reports is to figure out which AO is the hardest. Once you start playing multiple games that all interrelate, that muddies things slightly. But I'm not opposed to the idea.
  7. Wow, thanks again @Runko. What would I do without you? Also... Calvin Wright?? There's a name I didn't think I would see again.
  8. You're absolutely right. I was going to mention how the difficulties and effectiveness scores are all hopelessly correlated, but when you use the word "stochastic," I know that you know already. I'm not so sure about the self-fulfilling prophecy, though. Perhaps the only players crazy enough to try this combo are the really experienced ones, so they'll bias the results towards victory. I've seen this on the Arkham Horror stats sheet: three Ancient Ones got official revisions, and in two of these cases the AO functions exactly the same except with an added penalty or other ability. However, the stats sheet showed that the objectively harder AO had a lower failure percentage for a time, probably because more dedicated players went up against it.
  9. Perhaps! Though if I were to do this, I'd also use a "starting rumor" and the new reference cards since as I understand it, they're supposed to be a better-balanced replacement and not a variant simply for the sake of shaking things up.
  10. Wow, I don't know, maybe! So far as I know, I can't get Spreadsheets to automatically cull entries. With Arkham Horror, I knew the games well enough to know what was an illegal entry so that I could manually delete it. All I know this time is that you can't win by final mystery against Azathoth.
  11. Hi guys. It looks like since the forums changed, my email notifications got deactivated. I'll add the new stuff ASAP. Edit: form should now be updated. Thanks again, Runko.
  12. Hi everyone. Dam nudged me out of my long sleep and informed me that Omens of the Deep is on shelves, so I've added it (and Omens of Ice) to the stats form. Happy gaming!
  13. Hey thanks Runko! The input form's been updated. I'm going to add the components to the site right now. Have at it, folks.
  14. I have: I've begun PhD thesis work. I haven't played EH in over two years, and haven't used any expansions beyond the very first one (although i have purchased the two that followed). I still have some number of expansions yet to collect :-/
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