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  1. The Priest cannot use any Weapon in battle, period.
  2. The Dwarf lands on the Amazon and declares he is attacking her in battle. Before the Dwarf engages the Amazon in battle, he decides to use the Wand of Dragonfire against her. He is successful and forces the Amazon to lose a life. The Dwarf then casts Psionic Blast on himself and the Amazon casts Energize on herself & she also uses the Runesword. They both roll the die for their attack rolls. The result is a standoff, so the Amazon declares that she will immediately fight the battle again. Both Spells and the Runesword remain in effect for the second battle, as per the special ability. They both roll the die for their attack rolls. This time the Amazon wins and forces the Dwarf to lose a life, she then gains a life due to the Runesword. The turn then ends. The Wand of Dragonfire cannot be used a second time, as the battle is immediately fought again (attack rolls are remade}.
  3. You don't have to stop first. Otherwise it would stipulate it in the relevant rulebook!
  4. Soul Shatter takes effect at phase 2 of psychic combat. The player is killed before phase 4 of psychic combat occurs, therefore Fiery Retribution cannot be cast!
  5. Yes you encounter the new space as normal, unless you had a standoff or were defeated by the Lord of Darkness, in which case your turn ends immediately once you are moved.
  6. I would recommend allowing the Alchemist Follower to be used up to and including when a character declares they are going to encounter you. I would not allow its use after that.
  7. Let me remind you for exemples 2 and 3 that page 18 of the rulebook say : "None of the creatures in the Inner Region can be affected by any Spell, nor may they be evaded." For me, it's clearly a creature affected by a spell ! So it can't work. Agreed!
  8. Can't cast a Spell if it has no effect Psionic Blast could not be cast, nor could you use a weapon...
  9. If you have no gold at the time that you rolled, you do not have to give a gold.
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