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  1. On Sunday 29th October, Talisman Digital Edition Cup 8 starts. The Cup will take 16 weeks to complete in total; there are 10 weeks of Group Games followed by 3 Knockout rounds (of 2 weeks each); all matches will be contested by 3 players. We will be using the Firelands & Dragon DLC packs for the very first time, as well as using all of the other existing DLC packs. The winner of Talisman Cup 8, plus the two runner ups, will receive various prizes from Nomad Games. Please click the link below to participate in Talisman Cup 8! Player Registration There are 54 spots available plus several reserve spots. Many reserves get to play in Talisman Cups, so don't worry if you do not make the first 54 players to register!
  2. I want the fate mechanic to remain. It works brilliantly!
  3. Alarin, add me on steam if you wish: ToothlessNightFury
  4. I disagree. Cursed is about ditching, not discard. I can discard what I want: it's not stated by the rules. The only time you actually discard anything is when you are instructed to discard something. If you choose to drop something, it is solely considered as ditching!
  5. The Living Doll prohibits you from having any other Objects; it is an instruction that must be followed. It is not a Magic Object that a character uses! Therefore you cannot take any Objects while on the Cursed Glade.
  6. What do you mean? We already know you cheat!
  7. Bludgeon & Joker seriously? How about you're both completely wrong on this matter! Give me strength......
  8. If you have Talisman: Digital Edition on Steam, why not come and join the latest cup tournament which starts this Sunday 9th October! Talisman: Digital Edition Cup 7 Regsitration
  9. The Reaper Expansion came way before the City Expansion, so it cannot be claimed that the Reaper may stop without moving his full movement. The normal move mentioned in the Reaper Rulesheet refers to standard character movement according to the core Rulebook - you roll the die and must move the full movement as indicated by the die roll. Movement in the City is NOT normal movement according to the core Rulebook and is special movement given by the City Rulebook. Therefore the Reaper must still roll the die and move the full distance as indicated by the die roll. The Jail cannot be voluntarily entered by characters, but the Reaper can because the Jailers could not refuse entry to the Reaper.
  10. There will be anotherTalisman Cup in October.
  11. Hopper needs banning in the Inner Region, end of!
  12. Look at it this way: You can prep for the battle all you want (e.g., casting spells, equipping armor and weapons, drinking potions, etc.). But once the fight happens, you can't prep anymore. And the fight happening is the die roll. That's the two sides coming together and duking it out. Once that happens you can't go back and affect your opponent's ability to fight. Yes, Weakness can be cast, but it no longer affects the fight. The fight is over. Your opponent walks away with strength -3, but that has no bearing on a fight that happened in the past--albeit in the immediate past. Your friends are wrong. Weakness cannot be cast in such a way as to affect the outcome of a die that has already been cast. You absolutely nailed it on the head!
  13. The Priest can carry any weapon as long as it is not prohibited by his alignment (Having and Using Cards - p16). Restrictions take precedence over orders (Can vs. Cannot - p15), therefore in your example the Priest may not use the Flail in battle, as it is a Weapon!
  14. And what does the wording of the card answer give you on the order of the rolls? It doesn't, but using the clockwise rule is best (just like DE does).
  15. Sorry but his ability does work with Aegis etc. Ask the question over on the Board Game Geek Talisman forums, Sam will most likely confirm this for you!
  16. I would say this is wrong. She can choose not to be affected by an event but not to skip the encounter entirely. So the card goes to the discard pile. This also means she that if she draws events like blizzard and storm she's unaffected but other potential targets aren't. But if she draws closeup shops or Armageddon (or Ragnarok...? Can't remember which - the event when all cards disappear...) she can do nothing about it as they affect the board and not her. I'm just going off of my recollection of what the D.E. does, which I never found to be inconsistent. (To be fair, I haven't played the Gypsy in a while, so I can't confirm if it still does this--or even if my memory is incorrect of what the D.E. does.) On events that affect other players, the event still happens, but it doesn't affect the Gypsy. On events that don't affect the characters, the event still happens. But I thought that if the event could affect the Gypsy and only the Gypsy and she chose not to let it affect her that the event stayed on the board until it did affect someone. I'm open to correction on this one. Again, I don't remember 100%. Choosing to be unaffected by an Event, doesn't stop the Event from occurring; it is discarded once encountered (not all Events - Blizzard remains). I have asked Nomad Games to correct this, including players with the Astrolabe.
  17. The Dwarf lands on the Amazon and declares he is attacking her in battle. Before the Dwarf engages the Amazon in battle, he decides to use the Wand of Dragonfire against her. He is successful and forces the Amazon to lose a life. Battle then takes place. The Dwarf casts Psionic Blast on himself and the Amazon casts Energize on herself & also uses the Runesword. They both roll the die for their attack rolls. The result is a standoff, so the Amazon declares that she will IMMEDIATELY fight the battle again. Both Spells and the Runesword remain in effect for the second battle, as per the special ability. They both roll the die for their attack rolls. This time the Amazon wins and forces the Dwarf to lose a life, she then gains a life due to the Runesword. The turn then ends. The Wand of Dragonfire cannot be used a second time for two reasons: 1) The second battle immediately takes place after the first battle. 2) The Wand of Dragonfire was not used during the first battle, as per the special ability; it was used before the first battle. This is the correct way to handle the Wand of Dragonfire & Amazon!
  18. Totally disagree. The Amazon is just ignoring the result of the first battle and fighting it again. The pre-battle phase ended before the first battle took place and the Wand cannot be used again.
  19. Someone explain it to him...
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