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  1. Since the word faction is used is it possible that it could be a faction based on something other than Westeros. I mean like something from the other side of the Narrow Sea. It has been a bit since I read the books but it is just a thought.
  2. I was a HUGE player of the CCG. When the LCG came out I was laid off and not able to get in. Was out in the world for a while. Now I am looking to get back into GoT:LCG but the v1.0 is daunting. SOOOOOO excited for GoT:LCGv2 (or GoT2)!!!! When can I order? Pat
  3. As a huge player of the CCG and then drifted away and looking to come back the GoT:LCGv2 is really exciting to me. I would be ok with 2x but fear they will do what they did with Star Wars. You really got the CORE and then the first Deluxe which was truly the second half of the CORE and then you needed 2x for each which is more akin to 4x the original or at $40 a pop quite a chunk of change. Either way, I am in. When can I order
  4. Ok, so I am back. Life kind of batted me around a bit and I was not able to start like I wanted too. The good news is that my wife is interested in playing with me as well in a casual fun setting. And my birthday is next week and I told everyone I want GOT LCG Core set plus whatever else they want. So I am thinking I will be able to start next week and am really excited. WOOHOO! So are there any players around?
  5. I have seen a lot of this as well. I think the game suffers from two problems. The first is that it came out as a two player game and the sense becomes more like competitive dueling than theming and casual play. The second is the way the force packs are coming out. By this I mean, if you don't have the latest and greatest pack out, your deck doesn't stand a chance. As an example, when EoD came out I could not get it right away. Played against a player who had it and was pummelled five games to zero. Couple that with the organized play and it seems like this game is going to be cutthroat competitive. And if that be the case, I wonder if like chess, the game is dead. The concept originally put forth by I think Bobby Fischer is that if you are an outsider and know just a little bit about each opponent (like are they aggressive or whatnot) and know their opening move, the game end can be predicted within a high degree of accuracy (something like 85%). Applied to this game, if you know that player A is using SITH CONTROL and player B is using SPEEDERS, then the game end can be predicted with a high degree of accuracy. I have not seen enough to predict that number but I guess that this can be applied and that it would turn out to be at least 75% of the time that the end could be predicted. I love the concept of the game and love Star Wars, but I must admit I was hoping for less of the "Kill them in two turns" (which I have seen many times) style of play. PRA
  6. I originally thought the next would be Bespin (Cloud City). But lately, I am half thinking it could actually be a Tatooine set which would be interesting. But if I was going to put money down, I would go with Endor. Although Coruscant would be cooler especially with all the expanded universe (and the prequel trilogy) stuff. PRA
  7. Wow. Cool. Because what I am reading online is that it seems to be down to like two decks (A SITH and a SCUM) that are ruling the roost. I like the idea that a theme deck "could" win. I don't need to win every time. But if you don't even have a chance it gets discouraging. Back on the Creatures, I like the idea just because. I would hope in the future that a viable creature deck would be possible. But I think that depends on what we call a creature. Technically we could call wookies creatures from a certain point of view. I get the feel they are going for creatures that seem more animalistic in nature and not exhibiting a form of sentience. Which makes sense. PRA
  8. Yes, this deck was just for fun for the sack of fun. It is definitely not a tourney deck nor was it meant to be. You raise a lot of good points and if I was trying to make a competitive tourney deck this would never work. And I did mention that it probably won't work as a deck either. That said, I can say I am not a tourney deck builder or really a player. I don't like the concept of finding the ideal combinations of OS to lock your opponent out of the game no matter the affiliation or theme or anything just pummel your opponent as quick as possible into the ground and personally don't like playing that way either. I think it makes the game boring. Especially since then everyone will basically have the same OS in their decks with probably 1 or 2 at most that might flip in and out. Then it is just a matter of who draws better on the first turn and statistically then like Bobby Fischer said of chess the game is dead. I think especially in a setting as rich as this it breaks the game. But that is just me and I realize that I am unique in my thoughts on this but as Popeye says "I am what I am". Personally, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of building theme decks that are around a concept (like Creatures for example) not fastest to win concepts and I think the concept of this game and the setting feeds into that on principle although I would agree that it does not yet fully on cards that are out. And I will also admit that building decks like this in the current setting of the game would almost certain seal your doom in play. I have some hope that when the game goes multi-player that will change and decks would come out more around themes but my initial readings of the multi-player makes me think that will not be the case. Anyway, I am rambling ...
  9. Yeah I realized that after I posted this and fixed it. The tenth objective set added one Jawa OS.
  10. Just toying with idea as I don't have all the sets to make this yet: Deck Created with CardGameDB.com Star Wars Deck Builder Affiliation: Scum and Villainy (Core) Total Objective Sets: (10) 2x Shadows of Dathomir (Core) Nightsister (Core) Nightsister (Core) Rancor (Core) The Hand's Blessing (Core) A Disturbance In the Force (Core) 2x The Killing Cold (The Desolation of Hoth) Icetromper (The Desolation of Hoth) Icetromper (The Desolation of Hoth) Fear (The Desolation of Hoth) The Desolation of Hoth (The Desolation of Hoth) Twist of Fate (The Desolation of Hoth) 1x Shadows on the Ice (The Desolation of Hoth) Wampa (The Desolation of Hoth) Wampa (The Desolation of Hoth) Succumb to the Cold! (The Desolation of Hoth) Succumb to the Cold! (The Desolation of Hoth) Battle of Hoth (The Desolation of Hoth) 1x The Tatooine Crash (Edge of Darkness) Jawa Scavenger (Edge of Darkness) Jawa Scavenger (Edge of Darkness) Sandcrawler (Edge of Darkness) Utinni! (Edge of Darkness) Twist of Fate (Edge of Darkness) 2x Feeding the Pit (Edge of Darkness) Bib Fortuna (Edge of Darkness) Krayt Dragon (Edge of Darkness) Gamorrean Guard (Edge of Darkness) Spice Visions (Edge of Darkness) The Almighty Sarlacc (Edge of Darkness) 2x Across the Jundland Wastes (Edge of Darkness) Bantha (Edge of Darkness) Tusken Raider (Edge of Darkness) Tusken Raider (Edge of Darkness) Tusken Raider (Edge of Darkness) Gaffi Stick (Edge of Darkness) Idea was to build around the creatures that are available. Probably won't work but it might be fun to play. I made it Scum at this point because the "Shadows in the Ice" objective was limit one per deck and I had to toss a tenth objective in. What I picked was not necessarily the best but was something. Someone have any other thoughts for the tenth OS? For the creatures affiliation does not matter as they are all neutral (as creatures should be). Anyway, thought I would toss the idea out there. PRA
  11. I am looking at coming out. Just had my car go out and $500 later I am a bit short on things. But I will be out as soon as I can. Probably another couple weeks as next week I have my daughter move in for college. Thanks!!
  12. Ok, I am interested but I can not figure out how to PM on the new forums. What am I missing? Click on MasterJediAdam's username then, on the page that appears, click "send me a message." That is what I would have thought but where is this link? I don't see it but I could be missing it. I took a screenshot but no matter what I save it as or upload it as, it keeps telling me that the image extension is not allowed. ARGH!! So I just tried PMing you as well. My email is LDSADAM at GM@IL dot C0m - normalized of course. "R2D2 it is you it is you!!" So it is me. I can't PM. I wonder why??? I sent you an email. I am at both jesterhawk and praquilone {at} GM@IL as well. Thanks JH
  13. I am his friend. I am even listed under his friends list. ARGH!!
  14. Ok, I am interested but I can not figure out how to PM on the new forums. What am I missing? Click on MasterJediAdam's username then, on the page that appears, click "send me a message." That is what I would have thought but where is this link? I don't see it but I could be missing it. I took a screenshot but no matter what I save it as or upload it as, it keeps telling me that the image extension is not allowed. ARGH!!
  15. Great job. I did a version for my 10 year old who as Dyslexia and reading is not easy (see http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/85309-kids-rules-working-out-playing-with-my-son/ or our very short Youtube video at BELOW). But this is much more detailed than we went into. And I am working with him to upscale as he can grasp the concepts. Moved this link down since the forums post a thumbnail (which is cool): JH
  16. Ok, I am interested but I can not figure out how to PM on the new forums. What am I missing?
  17. We could all just be caught in a temporal vortex that would allow for any combination of characters and/or units to occur. JH
  18. Thanks. On the SWLCG, I knew about EoD but didn't about BotF. Thanks! JH
  19. Hello, I am looking to start again (as mentioned in another thread). When I get paid on Friday, I am looking at buying some cards. Not sure how much I can afford yet. But I wanted to know, how many core sets and how many of each chapter pack should I buy? I ask because I started off with the Star Wars LCG which is fun and they say you need two of the core sets, one of each force pack and two of each deluxe expansion. I was wondering if that was the same with Game of Thrones LCG, Thanks JH
  20. So are there still active groups in the DFW area going? Looking more close to Hurst where I am at? JH
  21. I can't use OCTGN as I am on a MAC. I appreciate the offer. I spoke with my wife today and she actually wants to play this game again. I am pysched. Now, if I could find some other players in the area. JH
  22. I am on a MAC and OCTGN does not work on it. I know I can use stuff to force but I prefer not too. I have tried LackyCCG at one point but really didn't like it. JH
  23. Hello, So, eons ago when the Game of Thrones card game was a collectible card game, I had a friend in the area and we played the game like crazy. Loved it. My friend moved away and then I got money strapped and sold my old cards. Which wouldn't amount to much anyway now that the game is an LCG. So I have two questions. If I was to play again, how would I even get started with so much out and would I even have a chance given the amount of cards I would not be able to purchase right off the bat? Second, I am in the DFW area (close to the DFW Airport), is there players out here to play with? Are they not teenagers (sorry but I tried to stay in the game when my friend left and the local store had a couple of teenagers and being then in my thirties, now forties, it was not a good experience)? What would be ideal was if there was a couple who played where then I could get my wife to play again (she played before but prefered multiplayer games with her, me and my friend). Anyway, I thought I would throw this out there and see what is what. Thanks in advance, JH
  24. Well that answered my question. I have Lackey and was going to try OCTGN but I am on a MAC. And I have WINE and CROSSOVER and PARALLELS but really it is better just to use a MAC program instead. JH
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