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  1. "Juicy expansion-bait" That's something you don't hear everyday. Wait. Unless you're here. lol
  2. forgot to add under offense: if you lose the offensive, your ships still go to the warp. Also, in defense, your ships have to be physically seen to count against offense. you can still lose your power as usual.
  3. Let's create some home brew powers, or pre-existing home brews that you want to share. Power: Child You have the ability to imagine At the start of the game you place your five planets but reserve your tokens(ships) off-world. You still have an eight card hand. As an offense, you do NOT place tokens(ships) into the gateway, but "imagine" them there. Stating how many ships you've brought, up to four. for example: "I imagine three ships." You have to be honest. Continue encounter as usual. As defense, after cards have been revealed, you have the right to invoke your "invisible friend" once per game only. Your invisible friend always counts as four extra ships. If you invoke "invisible friend" you CANNOT use reinforcements. wild flare- Run to mother- when not invited as an ally, you may take a token of your color from the warp Super flare- Run to father- whenever you are not an ally, you may send one token of any color involved in an encounter to the warp. Feel free to change up or give suggestions on this. It sounds foolish enough to be fun, without being too Sniveler like. Add some of your own.
  4. I had an interesting thing happen while playing in a game with Mutant and Mite. Mite was offense and demanded a colony; it would have given them a win. So Mutant said no to the colony, was taken down from nine cards to three. BUT Mutant maintains an eight card hand and preceded to draw five more cards from the deck, obviously giving her an advantage over Mite. Needless to say, Mutant whooped Mite's booty and therefore kept Mite from winning the game. It was a tense moment. Did we play that right?
  5. Hey, Fido-- Great idea on the card holders. Might have to do that myself. Thanks for the tip.
  6. Isn't that the truth. I've had wonderful games that I took great pains to keep together, i.e. Magic Realm, and one day I went to play it and pieces....gone! I did a moratorium for it that day and just put the game back in the bookshelf.
  7. LOL. Yeah, it's a bit OCD--but then. . .
  8. How many ol' school players here placed everything in a ziploc bag, gingerly placed it in the box after removing the bulky cardboard insert? Ain't too proud to say, "I did" Some might find that blasphemus, I say it is organization. All ships and planets have their own little cozy bag. No mixed up and searching for anything.
  9. I just got my CE yesterday and I just want to say seeing it in person, right in front of you, it is the most beautiful thing I ever saw. The graphics, the ships, the power art, and everything with it. I haven't played it yet, will do on vacation, but I'm sure game play is awesome to match the level of detail. Kudos to everyone involved in making a true translation of a wonderful game.
  10. If I'm to understand your question, the person to your left becomes the defense if there is: A. Players have no outside colonies (i.e. multiple colonies established on planets) B. OR, if there are outside colonies and their totals equal to the same total, then the person to your left becomes the defense. I hope this helped.
  11. Well, then. My question is...I've looked all over my two towns(Anderson and Muncie) that I live in and work in, respectively, and no one has it in yet either. Does anyone who might live around Indianapolis, IN. know of a store?
  12. That is my thinking as well. If it doesn't ship tomorrow, I'm canceling and going to the mall.
  13. Also add-- 37. Miser 38. violen aka Hacker 39. Shadow aka Assassin
  14. Why has amazon.com still not shipped my game????? It is still saying estimated delivery of Dec. 22nd. Getting frustrated and I hate to cancel it because the price is awesome for the pre-order. Any news I'm not aware of?
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