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  1. There's a group of us looking to start up some Organized Play in my area (Indianapolis) soon and I'm fairly worried about this as well. I've been a part of a few different card game communities over the years and there's always at least one person (sometimes even a group of them) who take it too seriously and ruin it for everyone else. Competition just does that to people I suppose but it's what tends to keep me from really getting involved as much as I would like. I'm wondering if working closely with the shop owner and laying down some rules would be fair or if that's too much? No derogatory comments about deckbuilds, style of play or lack of rules knowledge, good sportsmanship, etc. I know we can't force people to be friendly but maybe we could encourage the bad apples to allow others to have the fun they want to have without fear of being made fun of or treated like idiots.
  2. KnobDoctor said: Been wondering this myself. Should be some at a local gathering this Saturday (http://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/156504/game-on-game-day-may-4th-request-list), I'm a n00b too and I'm planning on being there. Had a great time playing on Saturday! I know there's at least four of us who play: with you guys, myself and my friend Ethan. If we can find a good place that would host us I think we could get a regular gaming night going, hold some tournaments, have a good time, etc. Maybe eventually get them to order some prize support things and whatnot. What do you guys think?
  3. RanisTheSlayer said: I'm sure it sees play, but not by people who will win a tournament to get the alternate art version. Your critiques of Crypsis have been addressed sufficiently by others in this thread, but I wanted to call this statement out for a couple reasons. 1. For a Tournament Organizer, such as yourself, this is not the way you should be referring to potential players who are coming to your events. I know I won't be attending one now because I like to have fun and enjoy myself without being judged and/or mocked for my card choices. While I'm sure you couldn't care less about this, the fact is you're encouraging what you're crying out against. The kind of prize support isn't deterring me from a Netrunner tournament, the TO is. 2. Speaking in an absoulte such as this, seems to show some shortsighted-ness and lack of understanding of the game. From my experience, Netrunner is just as much about gameplay skill as it is about deck building skill. Maybe I'm wrong here, but considering this card has been argued for and against in this very thread seems to support my argument here. Either way, to say that having this one card in your deck means not winning a tournament is the worst kind of conjecture and hyperbole. RanisTheSlayer said: It's not a worthwhile prize. To you. I'll bet someone who likes Crypsis and runs it and *GASP* wins with it, loves this. Could FFG have chosen a "better" card? Possibly. In my opinion, we should be happy with prize support at all. Look, if you don't use it in your deck then it's just another trophy like any other (deckbox, playmat, giant sword) prize.
  4. stormwolf27 said: Now, when are they releasing the gate keeper? ;-) I really hope that's a thing at some point. I think it would be an awesome piece of ICE. 90Z.3r Gate Keeper
  5. Weekend tournaments would be fantastic! I've got a couple friends who also play and the weekend would be better for them as well. I'll see what I can do about coming out after work every once in awhile. When is the first one?
  6. Aww, ****, that sucks! I work nights Monday through Friday till 9pm every week. I was going to see about starting some OP myself so it looks like I'll have to start up something a bit more fitting to my schedule.
  7. ^ Some saintly sorcerers said something seriously saucy so subjects sat solemnly silent, sharp swords swinging swiftly. < Definitely can't say that five times fast v Riddle Me This!
  8. I would enjoy having these translations!
  9. ^ Oh god…I'm covered in equations…so gross < Needs a towel to wipe off all the intergers v Quick! Create an anti-math cannon!
  10. Let's see them pics! Shiny new Way to the Dawn and everything!
  11. ^ I usually put quotation marks…the grammar rules for such things escape me at the moment < Enjoys English quite a lot but despises Math and all of its evil numbers v Remembers Truffles' Math Cannon.
  12. Trothael said: WoW TCG. 40k More WoW TCG And WoW TCG I like the WoW TCG. I don't think I follow…so you like the WoW TCG? I ALSO play in a weekly DnD game as well as numerous board games and Card Against Humanity.
  13. Trothael said: Welcome to the Keyblade Card Graveyard, where so many card-chasers puts their hearts and souls into a battle for the legendary x-Set. x is a most ancient letter. You could almost pronounce it as "5th". I see what you did there… So who wants to post a kickstarter to get this game back up and running? lol
  14. brayn21 said: get back to the confusing world of heartless, nobody's and really shiny cards portraying love-able disney characters in fun battle scenarios. They should have used this as their marketing slogan…
  15. ^ Oh, but I wish I was! < Is really hungry V FEED ME!
  16. Trothael said: This. This feels right. I'm home. Mmmm…yes… Home sweet home.
  17. ^ Only if there's cinnamon or Apple Butter on it! < FINALLY! Mr. Dawn…HAS COME BACK…to Kingdom Hearts! V Has also returned.
  18. I has Japanese cards! You cannot have them, though. I deeply apologize.
  19. These forums…they're still here… I really did end up being one of the final players standing… Alpha and Omega you guyz…
  20. I'm a new player who recently joined a playgroup with a few other people...we've been looking for a group to get regular tournaments going with. We live around the Indianapolis area...mainly the South/SouthWest side... Anyone ever work out a place to get together?
  21. robson12 said: Ahh, this feels nice... - Lost dvd is one of the most amazaing shows i have got it to, its a cross among Ally Mcbeal dvd,NCIS dvd and one tree hill dvd . Trust me if you watch one of them you will be hooked. WTF?
  22. Hey Kids! You need a promo but can't find it? Well I've got plenty right here! Set 1 Halloween Town Sora Foil Only: $5 Riku Level 2: Foil $5, Non-Foil: $2 Simba Level 1: Foil $6, Non-Foil $3 Tinkerbell Level 1: Foil $4, Non-Foil $2 Set 2 MerSora Level 1: Foil $3, Non-Foil $4 Cid Level 1: Foil $4, Non-Foil $2 Tigger Level 1: Foil $2, Non-Foil $1 Set 3 (This set came and went so fast, not many people had a chance to acquire the promos) Flag Sora Level 2: Foil $6, Non Foil, $5 Kairi Level 0: Foil $7, Non-Foil, $6 Daisy Duck Level 0: Foil $3, Non-Foil $20 (Non-Foil Daisys were only handed out at the Origins Convention 2 years ago, since then they've been THE hardest Promo to track down...I believe I got lucky enough to have the last ones.) Set 4 (The game died soon after this set's release, so some of these promos weren't even released officially and could only be acquired through a mail in promotion) Event 1: Foil $2, Non-Foil $6 (Foils of this card came with each box of boosters, so non-foils were much more rare) Snow White: Foil $5, Non-Foil $4 (Snow White was handed out at the National Championship at last year's GenCon, so she's not as rare as the other Princesses. Cinderella: Foil $10, non-Foil $5 Aurora (Sleeping Beauty): Foil $10, Non-Foil $5 Belle: Foil $10, Non-Foil $5 Prices are also always negotiable as well, will be more than willing to cut a big discount on bulk purchases. SPECIAL SALE!: An Uncut Sheet of Cards from Set 1! Only available to tournament winners. - $100 or best offer. Feel free to email me at Straight_Edger2021@hotmail.com with any offers! Thanks and Happy Shopping!
  23. Thanks for the input sir! Tigger - Don't feel like making a fool of myself for an extra four power, call me a stick in the mud, just not my thing. I have felt like this deck needs more power though. Cid - Not a bad idea...honestly kind of forgot about him. Ice Titan - Big Heartless with high levels suck, end of story...by the time you can get them out, you should be winning or stalling them enough already..I learned this lesson around Set 2, they just aren't worth it. Stealth Sneak - I never understood why people liked this card so much, there's better Control Dark Cards and most good WR decks are running Herc to bounce it. Wil Turner - My Riku starts with WTTD equipped, so by the time I were to lose it (if I did even lose it to begin with it) I'd probably draw into my second one.
  24. Yes, there was a lot of ball dropping a few months back amongst the website team and the only website dedicated to the remaining scans and translations was taken down for a number of reasons. I do plan to get it up and running again in the next few months though, I'm just not sure exactly when. So, all I can say is keep checking back and hopefully we can work something out.
  25. Turns out CamMan was correct...I just read the translation wrong... Also corrected mistakes like The Duck Brothers being the correct level and their spelling...this is what I get for typing too fast, lol So....UPDATED!
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