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  1. Brando2

    Painting Minis

    For a while now I have really wanted to get my minitures painted so that they would really come to life. Unfortunatly I don't have the materials or the artistic skill to do this without huge fear of completely messing them up. That said, I am wondering if there is anyone out there (or knows of anyone) that does thing as a hobby and would be willing to paint some up for me or others for a small fee? Any insight would be appreciated.
  2. Maybe I am mistaken but shouldn't the Danse Macbre ending have one of those stars in the corner to indicate that it cannot be a hidden ending? I supose you could use it as a hidden ending, but would miss out on the -1 effect for reaper rolls the entire game until someone reached the COC.
  3. Brando2

    talisman luck

    I would have to say Monopoly is way more skill than you give it credit. Would I be better off auctioning this property rather than buying it to cause others to overprice (or so I can buy low)? Is this trade worth it? What trade can I come up with that will put me in the best possible position? Can I get the orange properties somehow (most landed on in the game)? Should I buy houses now and risk having to sell them back later for 1/2 price? Should I upgrade to hotels or should I put 4 houses on and try to force housing shortage for others? I would venture that Talisman is pretty similar in the luck/skill category
  4. Personally I think I will house rule this and play with the ability to use this spell in the inner region. It seems like it would be a great way to give players one last chance at the end of the game to turn things around. Helps offset the watered down Raiders card I suppose. At any rate playing with this allowed in the inner region someone who is smart will try to hold a counter spell just for this purpose.
  5. The Warlocks quest has never been a secret in the past so I can't imagine it would be with the new cards either. In fact if it was kept a secret it would be all to easy for you to "forget" you were on a given quest without others reminding you that you need to complete it as soon as possible.
  6. Brando2

    The Reaper

    alboy said: Does the Reaper have a starting space or does he just appear the first time a dice roll of 1 is thrown? Does anything happen if you land on a space the reaper already occupies? Can you use a fate to stop him from appearing? Ah, the power of a teaser!
  7. Brando2

    Fate Rule Post II

    Regardless of why we cannot reply in the old Fate Rule discussion I am glad this one has been made because I had something I wanted to add. With fate although this sounds wrong you can't really think of the possibility of getting toaded or loosing something as a 1 in 36 chance but really need to look at it as STILL a 1 in 6 chance IF you use fate. This is how people will be looking at it when they are making the decision of whether or not to use fate. If I am at the enchantress and I rolled a 2 to loose a craft (or whatever it is) I have a very tough decision to make. I either take the hit or decide to use fate (which I have to think could be more useful later on) and roll again. If I roll again I not only have the 1 in 6 chance of rolling a 2 again I also have ANOTHER chance to roll a 1 and ANOTHER chance to roll a 3 which means that even on my reroll my odds of rolling something bad is 50%. This is what should be going through the roller's head and for this reason I believe people will be reluctant to use up their fate at every given bad roll and in turn the effect fate will have on the game will not be as great as we perceive it to be.
  8. It is true! Twice in the Big Bang Theory that I know of they were playing Talisman in the background. We talked about this in the old forums and it was posted on talismanisland.com so if it is still up there that is where I would reccomend to go to check out more.
  9. There may only be 4 new characters but there is a whole new expansion along with a new set of never before seen rules (Fate). With that said I think we should all have plenty of things to experience before more characters are born in future expansions.
  10. I just finished reading the article about the new Warlock's cave cards and I think they will be a good addition to the game. Granted some of the new quests seem ridiculously easy (visit the Cursed Glade) and others surely are harder, but I guess we had that with the old quests as well. The suggestion to speed up the game (The Warlock Quest Cards can also be used to speed the game along: at the start of the game, each player draws one card at random.) is pretty intreging to me...but maybe could use a little wrinkle. If you decided to go on the random choosing route at the end of the game maybe you could only be able to select from the 4-6 "hardest" quests. Anyway, thoughts?
  11. akuma508 said: Geoff I also like less Gold. 10% of the BI desk was gold. Way to much. More Craft's are good. but only a 2 and a 1? Surely they could have been a 3 and 4? Maybe they felt bad for the poor Troll! In seriousness though my guess is it was more about being able to level up on craft with the correct change and hence not waste as much from the few craft creatures available.
  12. SubElement said: Cidervampire said: Hi, The figures are pretty good and on the same scale as the 2nd edition minis. Checked the adventure deck and it is different! There are only 8 bag of golds rather than 13 There is an extra Wraith There are 2 new cards! (2 of each) Shadow Craft 2 and Lemure Craft 1. Neither have any special rules I guess we needed more Craft beasties but not sure on the reduction in Gold Geoff Excellent! So there are new cards, and yes we did need a few more craft cards in the deck in my honest opinion. Also, what do you mean by only 8 bags of gold? I can only assume he means 8 bag of gold cards as opposed to 13
  13. If anyone has the Revised edition come Friday evening I think it would be fun to try a World Game so that the rest of us who are still waiting can try it out!!
  14. Awesome and Congrats! Let is know how it goes.
  15. Brando2

    The new fate rule

    Fate will turn out fine. Consider 5 years down the road when there are many expansions to the game. Think about how many rolls one will make in a game with all of these expansions...getting 2-5 extra rolls will NOT be a game changer but certainly could at least give someone a chance to experience a game ruining loss.
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