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  1. The problem with this forum (and all the FFG forums) is that you can not go back and edit a previous posting.Not even the original author. That's why some of the links go nowhere and some of the links go to pre-revision sites and files. @ Rogue1 Are you refering to Classic or Revised Rule Book ? There is not much official FFG material for the Revised Rules. The Classic Rules has a whole lot more - look for the link on the official support page. It's via "Classic Edition Support Page" hope this helps
  2. just a couple of updates to make to the list. Firstly the official ToY site is no more - it has ceased to exist - a shame really but not unexpected. Lets hope FFG can pick up where that site left off. So just to repeat the link www.tannhauser-thegame.com in my original posting is now defunct - it only takes you to a 403 error message page. And now for the good news - Miah999 has come out of hiding and started his own blog site. Great news as far as I'm concerned his scenario "Book Ends" was superb and his original Vatican faction from the old FFG forum was very good as well. The link to his blog site is below miah000.blogspot.com/ He can also be found on this forum making updates to his great home brew material.
  3. @ Miah999 - I for one prefer the Star Wars version of your Vatican/Swiss Guard team but I do remember it was not to everyones taste.
  4. I'm sure I've got a copy of the Novgorod layout from the the now defunct ToY site. It'll be on my old machines hard drive ( I really should copy over all the files from my old machine ) . If I've got it I'll post it as soon as possible
  5. Of course we missed you Miah999. Your characters and the scenario. I remember that scenario it was very good - did you release a pdf of the final version ? - if you did I'm sure it'll be on my old hard drive. Where would be the best place be to post it so everybody has access to it assuming I've got a copy of the final version ?
  6. @ Dolomit23 and darknight Well I found the images. I can't remember who the original author was and from the cards it wasn't a Templar faction but a Vatican based faction. Here are the images : If anyone can remember who the original author was I would like to give them credit for their creation. My only involvement was bringing up the subject of a Warrior Nun based on the comic character Warrior Nun Areala which is where the nun image on the card came from. well that wasn't a complete sucess (first time using photobucket so I'm a bit confused on what I'm meant to be doing) here's the links for the full size images I hope (just copy and paste the following into your address bar as I've had enough now of trying to create a direct link 5 edits is my limit before i get completely hacked off) templar http://i798.photobucket.com/albums/yy266/tomodachi6874/cardtemp-1.jpg nun http://i798.photobucket.com/albums/yy266/tomodachi6874/nun.jpg cardinal http://i798.photobucket.com/albums/yy266/tomodachi6874/cardnial-1.jpg
  7. Back on the old FFG Tannhauser forum someone started doing a Knights Templar faction using Snow Trooper figures from the Stars Wars Miniatures game as well as a Warrior Nun and a priest type character who was portrayed with an Red Imperial Guard. If anyone wants I can check on my old computer to see if I've still got the images for the character cards on the hard drive. I don't think they got as far as working out the different equipment packs and the like.
  8. Black Sheep Noir site run by Plageman has got a few maps including the Zeppelin. try this link blacksheep.eclipsenoire.net/main.php @ SunDance - what about your Christmas map - did you ever finish it or was that project abandoned ?
  9. @Sundance If you really want copies of the French scenarios off the now defunct official site I'm sure they are on my computer at home. I'm at work at the moment so you'll have to give me three or four hours to check things out. There were two different lots some they used in the JPC league and a bunch of others, both sets were pretty large files even when zipped , so unless you've got broadband I'd not recommend emailing them but if you want them I'm sure we could sort something out. Could be lot of work translating them all - calling Scottie methinks ? - I think a couple of them might already up on the FFG site (those scenarios that have been hanging around on this forever and a day) but I could be wrong ??
  10. The three heros and the minotaur pack were due for a June release in France and the troops were due for a release sometime later in 2009 as a single pack as I understood it - but the troop pack was on the cards for a late 2008 release accoring to a couple of reports but they never turned up then. I'm not holding my breath in anticipation of these being released in 2009 since FFG has already announced Daedalus and Wolf for release Oct/Nov/Dec ? I would guess four character packs and the trooper pack will now be released sometime in 2010. Preferably sooner rather than later. There were available only in France ( I've never seen them on a UK /US website/shop) two sets of unpainted figures from the base game and the Novgorod expansion. D'ont know if they are still available but if would be nice to see a release. FFG did mention in one their releases that they were waiting a load of material from ToY. There is a load of scenarios and tokens that were on the French site that has still to be officially translated which could keep FFG busy for quite a while. It just leaves a few more characters , a new faction or two and a set or two of new maps and this game would be sorted. not much then , eh
  11. You're right all those figures - Heroclix , Heroscape , Star Wars and D&D are the right scale. As are both AT-43 and Confrontation from Rackham. You could also add Horrorclix to your list of suitable figures - though some of the Hero & Horror Clix figures are a little on the big side. The old forums had a far bit of custom / home brew stuff on it but that disappeared into the ether never to be seen again about this time last year. The best home brew / custom material can be found at Doc Savage's blog site - he's not been very active of late what with him becoming a published authour and everything but if you dig into the archives there's Hellboy/BPRD and his own faction that can be found with this link docsavagetales.blogspot.com/ There are a couple of other sources which has some custom stuff you could try tannbunker.myfastforum.org/index.php and blacksheep.eclipsenoire.net/main.php I think there were some custom suggestions on this forum but you'll have to root about in the older discussions - theres not been much activity of late.
  12. The Daedalus Expansion is out in French ( you can get hold of an excellent English translation over at tannbunker) Here's the link : tannbunker.myfastforum.org/about97.html Don't hold your breath waiting for an official English release ( tannbunker is running a competition as to when it is going to be released ) We're waiting on an announcement about the next four figures to be released in France - hopefully sometime this summer but it's gone very quiet over at the official French site - worryingly so Hope this helps ( a little I know but it's all I've got )
  13. Down Malechi !! NO NO AND NO AGAIN !! Behave yourself !! Get down and stay down you know what happened the last time !!!!!!!
  14. How I missed this one in my original posting and why no one else has picked me up on it I don't know but below is a link to the Headless Hollow site which has got a superb summary sheets file for Tannhauser (and loads of other games). How this guy from down under has had time to do any real paid work is anyones guess cause he keeps the updates flowing. www.headlesshollow.com/freebies_games.html Scroll down the page don't just take the short cut on the side menu. Just see what else is on offer.
  15. Again Mal is right about you options for Wolf. option 1 - If a mate is going to Gen-Con get it that way but as for why FFG won't sell Wolf online don't go there we've been having these discussions about FFG and Wolf availability for ages option 2 - ToY do not sell outside France ( probably due to contractual obligations ) but these two French based shops do and their sites are in English. So take a look -- links take you straight to the ToY or Tannhauser stuff unfortunately as I write this Wolf is not avaiable but he does come up on these listings every so often so patienece is the order of the day. I've used the second of these links with no problems and I know some others have used the first link. www.ludibay.net/take-on-you-m-257.html or www.ludikbazar.com/advanced_search_result.php option 3 - eBay is not the way to go unless you are really really desperate. The last time Wolf came up here in the UK he went for £51 - $75 and that was for a French version heaven only knows what an English version would go for. There is a delay of 12 to 18 months between ToY releasing material in French and FFG releasing in English hence Tannbunker's efforts in the translation department are essential. FFG has not released any online material for over 6 months with the exception of the Novgorod rules. The tokens have not been touched for over a year. ??? As for links they are in the blue/green letters all over this thread. The Official web site www.tannhauser-thegame.com/ readily translates to English with Google's translation page (but the transaltion can be a bit wooley with French colloquialisms). The thread on the index page here new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp will take you to all the best stuff out there. Happy hunting
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