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  1. First, thank you to everyone for their input. It’s the dedication of this community that will continue to help make Call of Cthulhu a fun and engaging card game. But while we encourage a spirited exchange of ideas on our forums, it’s important to remember that in the end, we all want the same thing: a strong game enjoyed by a vibrant community. Please review our forum guidelines, and remember to keep things civil. Regarding rules disputes for any of our games, please use our rules question form to submit your issues. A “Rules Questions” link can be found in the footer of every page of our website. Using this process will ensure that your questions will be considered for inclusion in the next official FAQ. With regards to the specific issues raised involving Unspeakable Resurrection, a formal ruling will appear in the next FAQ. Some of you have also had questions regarding Marius’ relationship with FFG, and specifically his status as a rules authority for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game. To clarify, Marius is an avid Call of Cthulhu player, just like most of you. He generously volunteers his time to engender conversation every week through the “Card of the Week” spotlight. While Marius should not be considered an official authority on the game’s rules, his weekly articles are edited for accuracy. If mistakes occasionally occur, retractions will be posted in a timely manner. We stand behind Marius and appreciate his contributions, although it should be noted that his presence here on the forums is no different than anyone else’s. FFG does not necessarily endorse his opinions. We hope that clears things up. Again, thanks to everyone for their insights. James Hata
  2. Hello Call of Cthulhu fans! I am currently working on an FAQ update for CoC. If you have any specific rules clarified or questions answered, please add them to this thread. Best, James Hata
  3. Hello Warhammer: Invasion fans! I am currently working on an update to the FAQ. If you have any rules questions that you feel aren't answered by the current FAQ, please add them to this thread. Best, James Hata
  4. Hello all! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is James Hata, and I am the newest addition to the Call of Cthulhu design team here at FFG. We at FFG do understand the concerns regarding the quality control of our cards for the CoC LCG, and going forward, hope to resolve these issues. A first step towards this goal is going to be the upcoming FAQ for the LCG, which should be up very soon. This document is designed to clear up any confusion regarding card errata and provide rules clarifications. It is a "living document" which will be updated as necessary. However, it is important to realize that cards are printed in groups (ie. all of the Summons of the Deep Asylum Packs are printed at the same time) and therefore these changes to quality control will not take effect until after the Dreamlands set has been completed. We hope you understand, and will be patient as we try to improve quality going forward. I look forward to working with you all to make the CoC LCG an awesome experience for everybody to enjoy.
  5. Best of luck to all attending!
  6. Hey guys! For those of you interested in participating in the Redemption Program, Esdevium will be handling the European community. Below is their contact information: Esdevium Games Ltd. 6 Waterbrook Road. Alton GU34 2UD United Kingdom I hope you all enjoy set 12! Best, James Hata